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Linda Bazalaki Curtis Now


Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti are renowned for their fairytale-like engagement. Curtis outdid himself with an unforgettable proposal that Linda inevitably accepted. So, are they maintaining their relationship?

Recognized for their private yet intriguing romance, Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti became internet sensations following Curtis’s spectacular stadium proposal. Their life together has piqued the curiosity of fans, particularly their conjugal life.

Early Years of Linda Bazalaki

Factual details about Linda Bazalaki’s early years and family background are minimal. She was born in Greece on March 25, 1992, making her 31 as of 2023. Linda’s journey to prominence started in 1994 when she was crowned Miss Uganda. Since then, she has held several roles, such as a loan officer in Las Vegas and a registered nurse in Arizona.

Despite her public persona, Linda maintains a private personal life. She is married to Curtis Lahti, yet little is known about their relationship or their initial meeting. Married since 2008, the couple shares two children. Although Linda keeps details about her family life private, they are often spotted together at social events.

In addition to her nursing and loan officer roles, Linda is an entrepreneur and social media influencer, gaining a substantial following through her beauty and fashion content on Instagram.

Professional Journey of Linda Bazalaki

The 1994 Miss Uganda, Linda Bazalaki, has had a varied and prosperous career across different sectors. She has been a Las Vegas loan officer, is currently a healthcare professional, and is involved in entrepreneurship, fashion influencing, and Instagram blogging. Bazalaki, a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, displays her versatile background.

Physical Attributes of Linda

Linda Bazalaki boasts admirable physical dimensions. She stands tall at 1.80 meters or 5 feet 10 inches. Her weight is estimated around 65 kilograms. Her 44 A bra size matches her elegant physique, which is not surprising given her beauty queen background and her success as a fashion influencer on social media platforms, including Instagram.

Linda Bazalaki’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Linda has participated in charity work, particularly backing healthcare projects in Uganda. Despite her accomplishments, Linda Bazalaki remains modest and committed to her passions, serving as an inspiration to many.

Net Worth of Linda Bazalaki

Linda Bazalaki, a thriving Ugandan entrepreneur and the 1994 Miss Uganda, has gained fame for her entrancing beauty and fashion content across various social media platforms.

Linda Bazalaki’s Personal Life

The romantic journey of Linda Bazalaki, a former Miss Uganda from the 90s, has attracted considerable attention. Linda assumed the role of an airhostess for Captain Roy’s Alliance Air in the mid-90s, but now she is married to Curtis Lahti and they reside in Las Vegas, USA with their family.

Linda’s husband, Curtis, proposed to her at an Arizona Diamondbacks game against the Washington Nationals in May 2008. They tied the knot on December 20, 2008.

Linda Bazalaki’s Social Media Presence

Exact information about Linda Bazalaki’s age and Instagram profile remains uncertain. It is possible that she is not very active on social media platforms.

Linda Bazalaki’s Romantic Journey

Details of Linda Bazalaki’s initial encounter with Curtis Lahti remain undisclosed. However, their relationship caught the public’s attention when Curtis presented an extraordinary marriage proposal in 2008. Amidst the baseball match between Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals, Curtis took a knee and popped the much-anticipated question to Linda on the stadium’s giant screen.

Taken by surprise, a joyous Linda Bazalaki accepted the proposal in front of a sea of spectators. Their extravagant wedding took place on 20 December 2008 and was well attended.

Are Linda Bazalaki and Curtis still a couple? Does Linda Bazalaki continue her married life?

Reports suggest that Curtis Lahti and Linda Bazalaki are indeed continuing their marital journey. The couple has been sighted together on numerous occasions. However, they remain tight-lipped in matters of their family life and children.

Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti’s Life Today

Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti are living their marital bliss in Las Vegas with their two children, whose identities remain undisclosed. Linda is currently balancing her career as a registered nurse and a Bachelor in Commerce holder with her roles as an entrepreneur and influencer.

Final words of Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti’s

Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti continue to be happily married and prefer to keep their personal life, including their children, private. They reside in Las Vegas, where Linda works as a nurse. Meanwhile, Tuko.co.ke has published an article about Brittany Bell and Nick Cannon’s fluctuating relationship. The couple, who began dating in 2015, have been in an inconsistent relationship but have three children together.

Despite no longer being in a relationship, the public remains intrigued by their romantic history and parenting style. If you want to know more about Brittany Bell and Nick Cannon’s relationship and children, check out the article.


What is the status of Linda Bazalaki?

The erstwhile Miss Uganda, once a loan officer in Las Vegas, is currently navigating her roles as a health professional, influencer, and mother.

What is the age criteria for Miss Uganda?

The criteria for Miss Uganda require the participants to be aged between 18 to 26 years.

What is Linda Bazalaki’s estimated net worth?

Several sources estimate Linda Bazalaki’s net worth to be approximately $500,000.

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