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Lil Nas X Chest Surgery – The Rapper Turns Hilarious After Breast Implant


Prior we discuss Lil Nas X’s breast implants in detail! We first take a quick look at the life of Lil Nas X, who is an American rapper and singer.

For instance, where does he belong, what his lifestyle is, how did he become the rapper, And also acknowledge you about his personal and professional life or educational background? But the most important topic for which you are avidly searching, his chest surgery also be pointed out in this post. So lets the ride begin!

Who is Lil Nas X?

An American rapper and singer, Montero Lamar Hill came to this world on April 9, 1999. Lamar Hill is publicly known as Lil Nas X. Lil was born and raised in a small city outside Atlanta named, Lithia Springs, Georgia.

At the age of six, he moved into the Bankhead Courts (a public housing complex). He lived with his mother and grandmother after the separation of his parents. After spending three years with her mother, he moved to Austell, Georgia, to live with his father, a gospel singer.

At first, he was antipathetic to settling with his father but later, he considered this an important decision. According to him, Atlanta wasn’t a comfortable place for him to live. That is why he once mentioned;

” In Atlanta, there is so much shit revolving around. If I would spend more time there, I might have fallen in with the wrong environment.”  

When he was thirteen years old, he started using the Internet steadily at the time when memes began to initiate their way of entertainment. His early stage of life was mostly spent lonely and saw him struggling with his emerging out to himself as being gay.

That is why he kept himself alone during his teenage period. He then turned to the Internet, mostly for Twitter, making memes that showed his alluring sense and pop-culture shrewdness.

Although he just wanted to divert his mind from his struggling phase of being gay. He often prayed that it was just his misperception and wasn’t true. But later then at the age of around sixteen or seventeen, he accepted the reality.

How did Montero Lamar Hill Become Lil Nas X?

Montero Lamar Hill set the name Lil Nas X as his stage name at the time when he stepped into the musical world. As time passes, he get more fame and was finally known as an American rapper and singer.

His identity rose to prominence with the release of his country rap single Old Town Road. In early 2019, his country rap received viral popularity before climbing the music charts internationally, and by November became a diamond-certified in the same year.

What Do We Know About Old Town Road?

Old Town Road was Lil’s country rap, becoming the longest-running number-one song since the chart debuted in 1958. The rap song spent nineteen weeks atop the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Later many rappers make several remixes of the song and the most popular of which featured country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. At the time when Old Town Road was on the rock of the Hot 100, Lil Nas X came out as gay and became the only artist to do so while having a rank one record.

Other Success

After overwhelming the great success of Old Town Road, Lil Nas then delivered his debut extended play, giving the titled 7. That generated two more singles, with ‘Panini’ which ranked at number five, and the other one named ‘Rodeo’ featuring along with Cardio B, ranked at number twenty-two on the Hot 100. Another debut studio album by Nas with the name ‘Montero’ released in 2021, was supported by ‘Industry Baby’ (with Jack Harlow) and ‘Montero (Call Me by Your Name)’ which are the chart-topping singles, and “That’s What I Want” is the top-ten single.

Truth About Lil Nas X Chest Surgery

Lil Nas X uploaded a picture with heavy breasts on Twitter, and all his fans got shocked by his new look. Nas had several Twitter users, eagerly waiting to know if he had done any plastic chest surgery or got breast implants.

However, everyone was stunned by his weird look posted on Twitter, and we can relate to why the post can be confusing, but in reality, that wasn’t true! And that’s why we are here to explain it. Yes, that’s true, he did not get breast plant or chest surgery done.

Why Did the Rapper Go For a Wild Look?

However, it has ultimately revealed that the rapper didn’t do anything like that. It was all just jokes apart, he was just bored and wanted to grab public attention so he choose something unique to do. By observing the picture clearly, two shades of color have been shown on his chest. He used a prosthetic breast for the picture, so it’s crystal clear that he shared a fake post just to utilize his leisure time and get some attention. 

Public Reaction

We know that the entire situation is quite funny. Many people would share their views or ideas on how something like this would go. Others may consider that the rapper would be shamed for sharing this kind of joke, thinking there’s a lot of transphobia on social media. Some may be curious to know if there’s more to this.

Later the picture took off and became viral immediately. People then make numerous memes related to this. Most of them are jokes while others were very cooperative and supportive of this if the rapper was to consider it.

Does The Rapper Have Any Educational Background?

Lamar Hill had a great interest in music since his childhood. The time when Lil was in his fourth grade, he began playing the trumpet and achieved the first chair by his junior high years. But his insecurity and the fear of looking uncool allowed him to quit it.

Although he completed his early education at the academy named, Lithia Springs High School in the year 2017. After that, he attended the University of West Georgia for further studies, where he majored in computer science.

 But his passion and interest in music didn’t end yet so he decided to quit his studies and within a year he dropped out of the university and started pursuing a musical career.

When he was making a career in the musical industry, he settled with his sister and started doing work at different places at Zaxby’s restaurants and the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park to support himself.  He revisited his high school to perform a surprise concert in September 2019. 


His passion and love for music allowed him to achieve a lot of success in his career. At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Lil Nas X was the most nominated male artist and he eventually received awards for ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Best PopDuo/Group Performance’.

Apart from this, he earned two MTV Video Music Awards from Old Town Road, including Song of the Year and the American Music Award for Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Song.

In addition, Lil Nas also becomes the first openly LGBT Black artist to win a Country Music Association award. As time passes, his name comes among one of the twenty-five most influential people on the Internet in 2019. And by 2020, he was mentioned on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

His Twitter Account Is on Fire After the Picture Explored

After the picture got uploaded to his social media account, Twitter came into a frenzy. The actual reason behind this is to grab the public’s attention and let them know that his song will be released soon, having the title, “Call Me By Your Name”.

By sharing a small snippet of his song, Lil Nas signaled to the audience that his upcoming rap is indeed worth waiting for.

Apart from this, the American rapper also stated on his social media account to clear the confusion that;

 “I got bored, that is why I thought to bring titties. What do you guys think of it?”

However, the rapper snapped a selfie by hiding his modesty carefully to upload a picture on social media just for fun but the Twitter account quickly went insanity after the post dropped by Lil, and everyone got shocked.

Although it has been proven that the news was faked, we must say that it is quite commendable how realistic the prosthetics implant looks. Lil surely knew how to confuse his fans with a single picture.

Lil Nas X Consideration On Being Gay

Despite his uncertainty about whether his fans would stick by him or not, Lil Nas X came out publicly as gay on June 30, 2019, the last day of Pride Month.

In addition, he stated that at some point in his life, he prayed that being gay was just a temporary phase of his life.

He wanted to tell the people that this was okay, there was nothing wrong with it, and that even rappers or singers could be gay.

The post makes others worried if coming out as being charming and attracted to men was just the first step in his journey.

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