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Jeff Bezos Kids – Luxury Life Style And What Are They Doing Now


Jeff Bezos also known as Jeffery Preston Bezos, is an American entrepreneur who played an important role in the growth of E-Commerce in the world. He is the founder, CEO and head cheerleader of Amazon.

Other than this he is a media proprietor, investor, computer engineer and commercial astronaut. In this article we will reveal about himself along with the lifestyle of Jeff Bezos kids.

Jeff Bezos net worth is approximately $196 million according to the 2021 Forbes ‘World’s Billionaires List’. Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife, novelist Mackenzie Scott, share four kids – three sons and one daughter.

Early life of Jeff Bezos

He was born in Albuquerque and raised in Huston and Miami. He is a graduate of Princeton University, and holds up a degree in electrical and computer engineering.

His relentless love for achieving his goals was his father’s traits which he passed on to his son the multi billionaire, Jeff Bezos.

Mike Bezos always worked hard to pay for his son’s education at university.

After his education at The University of New Mexico Jeff became an engineer and moved to Texas taking his family with him.

After years of service there they moved to Florida due to another job transfer where he also attended a high school in Miami and was quite popular there.

The Birth of Amazon

After reading an article in 1994 which mentioned the staggering increase in the World Wide Web which was 2,300 percent per year.

This sparked the idea of building an online selling company in the Jeff Bezos’ mind. Following his idea, he researched on the top twenty mail-order products from the popular mail-order companies in his time.

Finally, he came up with the idea of selling books on his online store as it offered enormous amount of sales prediction.

Amazon.com was launched on the 6th of July 1995 with financial support from friends and family named after the South American river, Amazon.

According to Bezos he knew this new venture was to be great in the near future which he told the Times Magazine.

Jeff Bezos Success

Amazon had already expanded to selling music and videos offering 3.5 million sale orders and had become a multi-billion-dollar company by then.

He was proclaimed the king of cyber commerce in 1999 and his personal fortune alone was worth $10.5 billion.

He was also mentioned in the Times Magazine as the Person of the year 1999.

Jeff Bezos Kids and Family

Jeff Bezos married his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott in 1993. Jeff Bezos has 4 kids including 1 adopted daughter who was adopted from China.

She was her assistant at D.E. Shaw before the launch of Amazon. They dated for 3 months after which they got married.

And then in 2000, among Jeff Bezos kids, the eldest one was born, namely Preston Bezos. He is now 21 years of age. Preston also has enrolled in the Princeton University following the footsteps of his father.

An interesting fact to note down, Preston is also the middle name of Jeff Bezos himself, born as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen.

‘Presten Bezos’

The Lifestyle of Jeff Bezos Kids

Preston Bezos with his siblings are the future beneficiaries of Jeff Bezos fortune and they have been enjoying this privilege since their younger years. Jeff Bezos kids are known to enjoy travelling all over the world.

They love Mexican food and enjoy the lavish lifestyle all because of their exceedingly wealthy father, Mr. Bezos.

His kids are known to live the extremely fancy lifestyle while they all are young. Jeff Bezos early life has played a huge part in his success today.

Even though his mother was very young, at 16 years of age when she was pregnant with her son. And at the tender age of 17 Bezos was born.

But soon after his birth his parents got divorced and his mother married quite a penny less man named Mike Bezos, now the father of the richest man in the world.

He worked day and night to provide for his adopted son and educated him.

The hard work and success of his father Jeff Bezos was inspired to achieve more and more in his life.

This led him to build an early educational institute where the minors in our society can admitted to. This institute is known as the Bezos Academy.

Jeff Bezos, and his kids’ tough time, the divorce:

The successful person that he is, Jeff Bezos did work hard his entire life learning from his parents and studying at different universities and working in at several places in search of success.

Which he did find in the form a multi-billion-dollar company, Amazon.

As devoted and interested he is at his work Jeff Bezos loves to read and does so everyday even amidst his extremely hectic schedule.

In an interview he admitted to reading around 3 books per month.

He also wants the same for his own kids where he is reported to have said to his children to praise their choices instead of their talents.

Later on, in their lives, every property including the academy was split between Mackenzie and Jeff when their divorce took place after 25 years of marriage and Jeff Bezos four kids.

The share of Amazon’s stocks which was 25% was also given to Mackenzie which was worth $35.6 billion. And Jeff Bezos had 50/50 custody over his own kids after this.


Jeffery Preston Bezos, son of Mike Bezos and Jacklyn Bezos, is an American entrepreneur who performed a crucial position withinside the increase of E-Commerce.

Other than this he’s a media proprietor, investor, pc engineer and business astronaut. Born in Albuquerque raised in Miami, a graduate of Princeton University.

He got here up with the concept of promoting books on his on-line shop because it provided great quantities of income prediction.

And he launched up amazon.com on July 6 1995 with the financial aid provided by his family and friends.

Preston Bezos along with his brothers are the future beneficiaries of the Jeff Bezos fortune and have enjoyed this privilege since their youth.

The children of Jeff Bezos are said to love traveling the world.

They love Mexican food and enjoy the lavish lifestyle thanks to their extremely wealthy father, Mr. Bezos.

Her children are known to lead wildly imaginative lives while they are all young. Jeff Bezos’ early childhood played a huge role in his success today.

His kids have a very lowkey lifestyle. Although they are living in a lifestyle of a millionaire, but they have kept it really low, and not so faun of being a much of highlights of paparazzies and social media.

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