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Lexi Weinbaum Friend Tried To Kill Her in a TikTok Video


Lexi Weinbaum is a 24-year-old American woman whose shocking revelations on Tiktok in March 2023 about an attempt on her life by her friends in 2015 became an internet sensation. She admitted that this traumatic experience led to severe depression, eating disorders, OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), and even attempted suicide. Today, she uses her experiences to advocate for mental health and has penned several books chronicling her life journey.

Lexi Weinbaum

Born Alexa R. Weinbaum in 1999, Lexi Weinbaum is of American nationality. She hails from a family of six, born to entrepreneur Thomas Weinbaum and drama enthusiast Michele Weinbaum nee Artymowski. She has two sisters – Marisa and Amanda, and a brother named Mitchell.

Educational Background

Lexi is a talented student-athlete at Sacred Heart University. Despite being homeschooled, she was able to join the university. Although the specifics of her degree are unclear, her athleticism, particularly in track and field, is undeniable. She holds a passion for running and commonly competes in long-distance races. She has participated in numerous competitions, earning significant placements, including the Angry Birds Challenge race, DeSchriver Invitational, Rider Way challenge, and the Merrimack Alumni Classic.

The Incident That Made Her Famous

Lexi’s path to widespread recognition began with a video she uploaded on Tiktok in March 2023, explaining a traumatic event from her past. Despite being on Tiktok since 2020, she had never discussed this incident until 2023. In the video, she recalls a terrifying encounter from December 2015 during her high school years.

The Incident That Changed Everything

At a social gathering with her friends, Lexi was given a drink laced with an unknown substance. After consuming the drink, she began feeling faint and eventually passed out. She sought her friends’ assistance, but they ignored her pleas. One friend even attempted to belittle Lexi by belittling her, while another pushed her down a flight of stairs, insisting it was all in good fun.

Lexi refused to return to the party and instead ran onto the street, pleading for someone to call 911. Her friend dismissed her cries for help by telling onlookers that Lexi suffered from schizophrenia. Eventually, a bystander intervened, calling 911 and rushing Lexi to the hospital.

The Aftermath of a Traumatic Incident 

Lexi Weinbaum’s life took a dramatic turn after a post she made went viral, leading her to share more about her harrowing ordeal. She recounted slipping into unconsciousness after consuming a spiked drink and the gap in her memory that followed. She openly discussed her subsequent struggles, including a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and various mental health issues. She struggled with feelings of worthlessness and a crippling fear of rejection that made even the routine activities, like looking at her reflection, a challenge. Recurring panic attacks and nightmares served as grim reminders of the incident. Lexi initially found a way to move on but was soon haunted by her past fears. Disturbing opinions led her to develop an eating illness and Compulsive Disorder. In her videos, she delved into the details of her disorders and how they further isolated her.

Lexi Weinbaum: Cyberbullying Victim

Lexi revealed that she was a victim of cyberbullying even before the incident. In 2015, an individual threatened to distribute inappropriate pictures of her online and to her family. This harrowing situation drove her to a breaking point, and it was reported to the police. The perpetrator, who had hacked her iCloud account, remained untraceable, as Lexi had blocked him. This affected her passion for running, as her harasser was aware of her fitness prowess and was determined to destroy her potential in the field.

Chronicling Her Experiences through Writing

Lexi’s candid videos garnered a mixed response, with a following of 30,000 and a fair share of trolls. However, choosing to focus on the positive, she penned down her experiences to enlighten others about her ordeal. In addition to being a public speaker, she also advocated for health and survivors of crime. Deciding to prioritize her healing, she severed all ties with her friends, none of whom faced any repercussions for their actions towards her.

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