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Laurie Urlacher – Brian Urlacher’s Ex Wife


Brian Urlacher is perhaps best known as the former linebacker of the Chicago Bears in the NFL, but he has also had a tumultuous love life. His wife, Laurie Urlacher, was a supportive partner who put up with her husband’s scandals for years before finally calling it quits and filing for divorce.

In this blog post we will take an in-depth look at Brian Urlacher’s ex-wife Laurie and learn more about their relationship.

We’ll examine how she supported him throughout his career, why they ended up divorcing after so many years together, and what her life looks like now without Brian by her side. So if you’re curious to know more about Laurie Urlacher then read on!

Introducing Laurie Urlacher

Laurie Urlacher is an American actress born in the United States of America. Despite her social media obscurity when it comes to her birthday, Laurie has a white ethnic background earning her US citizenship.

Laurie is seemingly the only child in her family as she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, though there has been no word of Laurie’s parents’ facts or jobs either.

But growing up with two so doting and loving parents gave Laurie such a wonderful childhood that she was lavished with love, care, and education enough to help her reach success in the future. Laurie is a proud holder of several degrees and qualifications but hasn’t opened up about them yet – interesting!

Laurie Urlacher was Brian Urlacher’s wife and the supportive partner who put up with his scandals for years. The former NFL linebacker had a tumultuous love life, but Laurie stood by him through it all.

How Laurie Urlacher Supported Brian Throughout His Career

Laurie Urlacher had a huge hand in supporting Brian Urlacher throughout his football career. She was a constant presence on the sidelines of each home game and was one of the few people who believed in her husband’s abilities from the very start.

Laurie even traveled with him when he was away for away games, attending practices and meeting with other NFL wives to give her husband moral support.

Laurie was also a major part of Brian’s pre-game preparations. She would wake up earlier than everyone else and prepare healthy meals for him before games to ensure that he had all the energy and nutrients necessary to perform at his peak.

Additionally, she would often attend team meetings and provide additional input when asked as well as offer any advice or words of encouragement her husband may need.

On top of all this, Laurie was always on hand to tend to Brian’s medical needs after a long game filled with bumps and bruises. She often took care of administering ice packs or massages that would help soothe muscles aches that many NFL players suffer from after strenuous physical activity.

Furthermore, she would be there to console him if they lost an important game or celebrate with him after a big win. The support that Laurie provided during Brian’s football career is undeniable and it is no wonder why their relationship lasted until 2018 when they finally decided to go their separate ways for reasons still unknown today.

Although their marriage has ended, it is clear that even through tumultuous times, Laurie was always there for her husband during his time playing football for the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

Actual Reason Behind Laurie Urlacher Divorce After So Many Years Together?

Brian and Laurie Urlacher had been married for over 16 years and had two daughters together, but their relationship ultimately ended in a divorce.

It was reported that the primary reason behind their split was Brian’s infidelities throughout the marriage; according to reports, he had multiple affairs with various women. This caused Laurie to become disenchanted with the marriage, especially since she had been such a supportive wife to her husband during his career as an NFL player.

The couple’s relationship also seemed to suffer due to Brian’s reckless lifestyle; he was often seen out late at night partying and engaging in other activities that were frowned upon by his family and friends.

Additionally, the couple fought often over financial matters, leading to further strain on their marriage. Despite attempts at counseling, Brian and Laurie still weren’t able to repair their failing relationship and eventually chose to go their separate ways.

The final straw between them was when Laurie discovered emails between Brian and one of his many mistresses; this sent her into a fit of rage that could not be quelled, leading her to finally file for divorce in April 2012.

Although there have been no reports about how much time has passed since then, it seems safe to assume that both parties have moved on from the failed union and are now living happier lives apart from each other.

He Got Remarried

After Laurie Urlacher, Brian Urlacher went through a series of romantic escapades. First was Tyna Robertson, but the relationship didn’t last too long and fizzled out after one year.

Of course, people loved to gossip about a tryst between Brian and Paris Hilton that allegedly ended his marriage, although it never became anything more than speculation due to their refusal to talk publicly about it.

Next thing you know, he’s seen in public with Jennifer McCarthy! His dating life was the stuff of legends! But now he has finally settled down with Jennipher Forst.

The 35-year-old Jennipher gained fame years ago when she participated in a reality show, so it looks like these two lovebirds have been living happily ever after since they tied the knot in 2016.

His Scandal

When former NFL player Brian Urlacher and Tyna Robertson started dating, little did he know he was paving the way for a decade’s long legal journey. Unbeknownst to him, Robertson would accuse party dancer Michael Flatley of rape and demand compensation.

Unfortunately for Robertson she was unsuccessful in her pursuit in court and was worriedly ordered to pay $11 million in damages on account of falsely accusing Flatley. Despite being hesitant of Robertson’s claims, Urlacher decided to take the DNA test and surprised with the outcome that indeed Kennedy is his son.

With a possible happy ending for a tumultuous affair between the two, Urlacher found solace marrying another woman with whom he’s had three kids from previous relationships. Who knew love could cause so much drama?

Final Thoughts on Laurie Urlacher Relationship

The relationship between Laurie and Brian Urlacher was a roller coaster ride of emotions that ultimately ended in divorce. Despite their 16-year marriage, the couple could not overcome the challenges they faced due to Brian’s infidelities and reckless behavior.

Ultimately, it seems both parties have moved on from this failed union; while Brian has found love again with his current wife Jennipher Forst, Laurie is still single but appears content with her life without him by her side.

Although we may never know exactly what happened between them during their time together, one thing remains certain – relationships can be complicated affairs no matter how much you try to make them work for the better.

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