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Lauren Daigle Husband Biography, Relationship Status, and More


Lauren Daigle Husband, a prominent figure in the world of soulful and heartfelt music, has charmed audiences with her captivating songs. This accomplished singer-songwriter is revered for her harmonious tunes, with her most renowned albums, “How Can It Be” and “Look Up Child,” achieving top spots on the Christian Billboard Chart.

Let’s delve further into the life story of this extraordinary artist.

A Glimpse into Lauren Daigle Husband Life

Lauren Daigle, or Lauren Ashley Daigle, is one of the standout figures within the American contemporary music scene. Born on September 9, 1991, to Laura and Mark Daigle, she hails from Lafayette, a city in Louisiana. Lauren was drawn to music from a young age, developing an affinity for Gospel, Cajun, Blues, and zydeco music genres.

Her passion for singing was evident from her constant humming at home, leading her mother to fondly refer to their household as “The Music Box.” Despite her love for music, a serious illness at the age of 15 brought her life to a standstill. Diagnosed with “Glandular Fever,” Lauren was forced to leave her public school and homeschool for two years. However, she found solace in this time, dedicating herself more fervently to her music and songwriting.

Lauren pursued higher education at Louisiana State University, studying the Child and Family program. She had earlier completed a fast-track six-month mission in Charter School and Brazil, a program typically spanning one-and-a-half years. Lauren also auditioned for the American Idol show in 2010 and 2012 but didn’t make it through.

Musical Journey of Lauren Daigle

Lauren joined a local church choir in college, quickly rising to the position of lead singer. She further contributed to the album “Inside Out” from the North Point Church, delivering successful songs like “It is Well,” “You Alone,” and “Close.” The album garnered considerable sales, and Lauren’s talent caught the attention of Centricity Music, who invited her to their workshop.

She then stepped in as a replacement for Jason Gray for the song “Nothing Is Wasted” when he fell ill. Simultaneously, she signed with Centricity Music Label and released her first solo song, “Light of the World,” in 2013. This song featured in an album with multiple Centricity songs and artists, and it propelled Lauren to fame in the Christian music industry.

Lauren’s partnership with Centricity proved fruitful, catapulting her to prominence in the Christian music scene.

Approximately two years later, Lauren Daigle husband released her first album, “How Can It Be.” The album shot up the Christian music charts on Billboard shortly after its release, holding the number one spot for six consecutive weeks. It also found its place in the top twenty of the Billboard’s all-genre top albums. Other songs from the album, including “Come Alive (Dry Bones),” “Trust in You,” and “First,” also topped the Billboard Christian Charts.

Lauren Daigle’s “How Can It Be” garnered immense acclaim, clinching the “Worship Song of the Year” at the K-Love Awards in 2016. The accolades didn’t stop there, as it was also recognized as the “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album” at the Grammy Awards. Lauren’s talent shined through, earning her numerous awards including the Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, and Contemporary Song of the Year.

After the global success of her album, Lauren produced variants of her songs and included some new ones. In 2018, she released another hit, “You Say, Look Up Child,” which not only topped the Hot Christian Songs chart but also made waves in the mainstream Rolling Stone and hot 100.

Lauren Daigle’s Personal Life: Is She Married?

While there’s scant information about Lauren’s love life, it’s known that she is currently single, not married, and has no children. It’s clear that the gifted singer is taking her time to find the right person to share her life with. Whenever she embarks on a romantic relationship, she will surely share the news with her fans.

Controversy Surrounding Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle husband courted controversy in a recent interview when she shared her views on homosexuality. Boldly stating that it’s not a sin, she confessed that she is not in a position to judge anyone’s sexual orientation because she isn’t God. In a Domenick Nati show, when asked about public reactions to her performance on lesbian entertainer Ellen DeGeneres’s show, she was unequivocal in her response: being gay is a personal choice, and no one should judge others’ preferences. Homosexuality is neither sinful nor criminal in her eyes.

A Glimpse into Lauren Daigle’s Personal Life and Relationships

American contemporary Christian artist, Lauren Daigle, rocketed to fame with her debut album, “How Can It Be”, which not only received a Platinum certificate from the RIAA but also topped the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. Her third album, “Look Up Child” broke records, becoming the best-performing Christian album by a female artist in over 20 years, debuting at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Recognized with two Grammy awards, five Billboard Music Awards, and seven GMA Dove Awards, this 29-year-old Louisiana native has established quite an impressive career in just over half a decade since her debut. This article delves into Lauren’s family and her closely guarded personal life.

Lauren Daigle, the Family’s ‘Music Box’, Always had a Song in her Heart

Lauren Daigle was born to parents Laura and Mark Daigle on the 9th of September, 1991, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She has two siblings, a sister Madison and a brother Brandon. From an early age, Lauren’s love for singing was evident. Her mother once lovingly referred to her as the family’s ‘music box’ due to her constant singing.

Lauren’s family supported her decision to take up music as a career. In fact, her grandfather predicted her soaring success after hearing a preview of “Look Up Child”. Recalling that moment, Lauren shared a quote from her grandfather with The Advocate, “This one’s gonna get big. Get ready. I just know this one’s gonna be different. I can feel it.”

Her parents are continually amazed by the positive influence their daughter has had on so many people through her music. Laura admitted that Lauren’s successful journey sometimes feels surreal. “Her career is a wonderful thing,” added Mark. “What I’m most happy with is the stories we hear, in every part of the country, about how Lauren’s music has changed their lives.”

Lauren Daigle’s Dating Life Remains a Mystery

Lauren seems to prioritize her career over her personal life and has remained tight-lipped about any romantic relationships. She once hinted at revealing her boyfriend’s identity in 2019, only for it to turn out to be an April Fool’s joke when the supposed boyfriend was unveiled as Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story.

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