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Laura Deibel – Tim Allen frist wife?


Laura Deibel is best known as the former wife of renowned actor and comedian Tim Allen.

The two were together for over a decade in the 80s and 90s, during which time they welcomed a daughter into the world.

Despite their seemingly strong union, Laura and Tim eventually went their separate ways due to various circumstances.

Today, many are curious about Laura’s life before meeting her famous ex-husband, including her age, net worth and other achievements.

In this article we will explore all that there is to know about Laura Deibel – from her past career endeavors to her current lifestyle.

Laura Deibel Is The Daughter Of A World War 2 Veteran

Laura Deibel, the daughter of Gilbert and Annette, was born in Omena, Michigan, on November 12, 1956.

Her dad, Gilbert, was a bona fide hero, having served in the US Army Air Force Corps during WW2.

He was a B24 Bomber Pilot with the 5th Army Air Force in the Western Pacific Theater, which means he was basically a flying ace!

It’s awesome to think that Laura’s dad was up there in the sky, bravely defending his country against all odds. It takes a special kind of person to be a military pilot, and Gilbert was undoubtedly one of the best.

Laura should be so proud to be the daughter of such a distinguished veteran.

Laura Deibel Met Her Now Ex-Husband, Tim Allen In College – Their Marriage And Separation

Picture it: college, young love, cheap beer and parties. That’s where Laura Deibel first laid eyes on Tim Allen.

Their love bloomed like a flower in spring and they eventually tied the knot in 1984. But as we all know, happily ever after isn’t always the reality.

The couple’s marriage lasted 15 years before they called it quits in 1999, with Laura being the one to file for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Talk about being in charge! And while their separation wasn’t easy, the former couple managed to finalize their divorce in 2003.

But before they went their separate ways for good, they welcomed their daughter Katherine into the world in 1989. We may not know the reason why they fell apart, but what we do know is that Laura showed us all that she’s got this.

The Reasons Behind Deibel And Allen’s Separation

Well well well, what do we have here? Rumors, rumors, and more rumors about the Deibel-Allen separation.

But one thing is for sure, Tim had his hands pretty full with work. This man was all about making it big in his career, but sadly, his family took a backseat.

As the man himself admitted, his workaholic tendencies led him to “let his family slide.” Ouch, that must have stung Laura, like receiving a paper cut straight to the heart.

In fact, Tim was so consumed with his career that even on the weekends, he would trade time with his family for happy hours with his friends.

But wait, that’s not all. While he was drowning his sorrows in alcohol, his marriage was sinking faster than the Titanic. And guess what? He even checked himself into rehab. It looks like the man just couldn’t have it all.

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Allen Allegedly Cheated On Laura Deibel

It seems that Allen, the supposed lovable comedian, was not quite the faithful spouse we thought he was. Rumors are flying that he not only cheated on Laura once, but multiple times.

Oof, that’s a tough pill to swallow. But it wasn’t just infidelity that tore this couple apart. It seems they couldn’t even agree on a simple vacation destination.

Laura wanted Europe, but good old Timmy boy was dead set on touring a Ferrari factory. Talk about a clash of interests. And that’s not all.

The couple even disagreed on whether or not to have kids. Allen wanted a little one running around, but it sounds like Laura wasn’t having it. Well, with all that fighting, it’s no surprise these two finally called it quits.

Laura Deibel And Tim Allen’s Divorce Shocked Many Of Their Friends And Family

The once-beloved couple of Laura Deibel and Tim Allen has recognized that sometimes, things just don’t work out. Fans of the pair are shooketh to the core, as the couple had seemed like they were meant to be.

Even the fact that Deibel stood by her man through a prison sentence couldn’t keep them together. If that isn’t a slap in the face to the power of love, what is?

It seems that a relationship just can’t hack it unless it’s built on more than just a shared love of acting and art.

Let’s hope that both Deibel and Allen can move on from this, and find someone who makes them happier – and doesn’t wind up in prison.

What Does Deibel Do Nowadays? 

What is Deibel up to these days? It’s a mystery! Although, if we take a trip down memory lane to 1982, we know that she used to be a sales manager for interior landscapes.

Meanwhile, her then-husband Allen was performing at Kutlenios’s club for a cool $50 per show. If that wasn’t enough, Deibel also helped him run a charitable foundation they founded together, and she even served as the CEO of Tim Allen Signature Tools.

So, while we may not know what Deibel is currently up to, we do know that she’s one heck of a multitasker!

The Life Of Tim Allen And Laura After The Divorce; Is Deibel Married Now?

If you’re still wondering whether or not Tim Allen’s second wife, Jane Hajduk, is still married to him, I have good news for you – they are! After his first marriage with Laura ended in divorce, Tim found love again in Jane and they said their “I do’s” in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

The couple even welcomed their first child together a few years later, and by the sound of it, Tim is more devoted to his current lady love than he was to his former flame.

It’s always heartwarming to see people find happiness again after a rough patch, and Tim Allen and Jane Hajduk are a living testament to that.

Laura Deibel Current Marital Life; Where Is She Now?  

Oh, Laura Deibel, the woman with an elusive presence. According to her Facebook account, which seems to have gone radio silent since November 2018, she’s living in sunny Sherman Oaks, California. But where is she now?

It seems like nobody can quite figure that one out. And let’s not even get started on her marital life. While her ex-husband Allen appears to be happily coupled up with Jane, the question remains: does Laura have a new hubby in tow?

We have no idea, but the mystery is certainly intriguing. Someone get Scooby Doo on the phone because we need some answers!

Laura Deibel’s Former Spouse, Allen Is Among The Super Rich Actors; Is Deibel Also Rich?

Looks like Laura Deibel sure knows how to pick ’em! Her former spouse, Tim Allen, is rolling in dough as one of the richest actors in Tinsel Town.

With a net worth of $100 million and counting, it’s safe to say he won’t be clipping any coupons or tightening his belt anytime soon.

From his iconic roles in hit TV shows to blockbuster films, Allen has proven himself to be a master of entertainment and money-making.

So, the real question is, does his former flame share the same level of wealth? You’ll have to keep guessing, folks!


Laura Deibel has had an interesting life, from being a sales manager and charity organization founder to the former wife of Tim Allen.

Although their marriage ended in divorce, both have since moved on with new partners and are seemingly happy.

Laura’s current whereabouts remain largely unknown though speculation suggests she is living in Sherman Oaks, California.

We may never know her net worth or if she shares the same level of wealth as her ex-husband who currently boasts a $100 million dollar fortune. But one thing is certain: it doesn’t take money to make someone special!

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