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Laura Char Carson Is Sofia Carson’s Mother and the Actress’s ‘Entire World’


Sofia Carson has been killing it in Hollywood, and guess who she credits for it all? Her mom, Laura Char Carson! She calls her mom her “partner” in crime throughout her career journey.

Sofia Carson, the talented actress we all know from “Purple Hearts,” has had a journey to stardom that’s been years in the making, thanks to the love and support of her mom, Laura Char Carson. Laura Char Carson played a big role in making her daughter’s acting dreams come true. Sofia hasn’t held back in singing her mom’s praises, revealing she owes everything to her.

Laura Char Carson Raised Her Daughter in a Multi-Cultural Home

Laura comes from Irish and Columbian backgrounds, making sure Sophia and her sister Paulina got to experience the best of both worlds while growing up. Sofia even shared on Instagram how Paulina isn’t just her sister but also her best friend, the other half of her heart.

Every single day, Laura has taught her daughter that nothing is impossible and sets an example by never taking ‘no’ as an answer “in the best way.”

Laura’s daughter shared how her diverse background led to spending Christmases in Colombia, her father’s birthplace. She used to sing in both English and Spanish as a little girl. “We grew up embracing two cultures. It’s been a pretty cool journey,” Laura’s actress-daughter said.

Laura Char Carson Helped Build Her Daughter’s Career

Earlier this year, Laura’s daughter shared how her mom introduced her to many talented women in entertainment when she was young, shaping her career. Sofia mentioned about her mom:

“We worked together on my career. I call her my head of management. She is my partner. She is my everything.”

Sofia mentioned that during the making of “Purple Hearts,” she was involved in everything – like helping with the script, picking the cast, and even writing the soundtrack all in one week. And all through it, she kept hearing Laura’s words of encouragement.

When Laura’s daughter was growing up, she wasn’t as vocal or fearless in using her voice as Laura and her other daughter. But Laura made sure to pass on the importance of speaking up, which eventually led her to the starring role in “Purple Hearts,” alongside Nicholas Galitzine.

Sofia Carson on Her Mother’s Influence and Impact

Laura isn’t just influential in her daughter’s career; she’s a shining example of the kind-hearted person the actress aspires to be. “My mom is all about love, kindness, and empathy in everything she does, and I’m just trying to follow in her footsteps,” Laura’s daughter shared.

For Mother’s Day this year, Sofia Carson posted a sweet throwback photo with Laura and her sister, saying, “Happy Mother’s Day to my Whole Entire World. Everything I am, I owe to you. I adore you, my Ma.”

Laura shows her daughter every day that nothing’s impossible and leads by example by never taking ‘no’ as the final answer, in the most inspiring way.

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