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Kim Carton Wiki, Age, Bio – Wife of Craig Carton


Usually people tend to label an individual with a certain name, for example; their ex-spouse surname, even though their marriage doesn’t exist anymore. We have seen this trend especially if the person happens to be a spouse of famous television personality like in case of Kim Carton who is still recognized as ex-wife of Craig Carton, an American radio sports star in New York. But we won’t be talking about him, but rather this time, we will talk about his ex-wife starting from her background.

Kim Carton Early Life

Kim Carton was born in 1975 in Huntington Valley, located in Pennsylvania, America. There is not much information available about her family nor her education as Kim Carton has chosen to maintain her privacy when it comes to personal life. Yet on the other hand, all we know is this she is an American national and belongs to mixed Caucasian ethnicity. At present, she practices Christianity.

Craig Carton Wife

Kim Carton met Craig Carton through her mutual friends. After meeting frequently, Kim and Craig fell in love with each other, got involved in romantic relationship. Later on, the couple got married in a private wedding ceremony, away from public eyes; only a handful of friends and close family members were invited to witness the sacred union of two soul mates.

At present, the couple has four healthy children, three sons Anthony, Sonny and Mickey and one daughter named Lucky.

Her Personal Measurements

Kim Carton is 173 cm tall which is 5 ft 6inches. Her current body weight is 56 kg. Since there is no data available about her month of birth, we don’t know what her zodiac sign is.

Kim Carton’s career and other social projects

Kim Carton is both professional businesswomen and television personality as well. But before becoming an entrepreneur, Kim was busy working in other ventures which involved setting up charity organizations. In fact in year 2013, Kim and her husband Craig established a charity organization known as “Tic Toc Stop Foundation” in which children and adults who were diagnosed with Tourette syndrome were provided support.

The reason that why couple decided to build this certain foundation was that Craig himself had suffered from this said syndrome in his early childhood days but eventually with proper treatment, he succeeded in overcoming it. Thus another motive behind this charity was to help people combat this syndrome so that they can lead normal healthy lives.

In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit several areas of Northern America and Canada, approximately up to 233 lives were lost and more than two million people lost their homes. Among those displaced people was the close friend of Kim Carton name Jackie Brookstein. In those troubled days, Jackie went to Kim and asked for place to stay to which Kim agreed. It was during this stay, that both friends came up with an idea to start a clothing business.

After one year later, Kim Carton and Jackie established their own clothing boutique known as “Valley” in New York Tribe. The name Valley was given as a gesture to pay homage to their old hometown, the Huntington Valley: and the inspiration to open the clothing store originated from their dream which was to wear outfits of their own preference or choice.

With establishment of the store, the career of the Kim Carton as a businesswoman started to manifest into reality. The clothing business was flourishing, hence resulting into Kim making hefty sums of revenue from it. With the passage of the time, the tribe area become more developed as more malls and restaurants were built, nearby the Valley Clothing Store.

Kim Carton Net Worth

Kim Carton net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her main source of income is from controlling and managing the Boutique venture. From this we can derive that she is leading a comfortable lifestyle with her family.

Craig Carton’s arrest on Ponzi Scheme and Divorce

The lives of the Cartons were running smoothly and normally until the year 2017 when Craig Carton was arrested from his home in New York. He was guilty of committing financial frauds in the form of Ponzi scheme and fake financial certificates i.e. securities.

Craig along with his two accomplices, Joseph Meli and Michael Wright scammed the investors by selling the fake concert and arena tickets at a high price and telling them they can later be resold for profit on secondary market. It turned out be a colossal lie as accusers didn’t have any collaboration with any music promotion organization nor with arena as they claimed to fooled investors.

In addition to this scam, Craig also borrowed $ 10 million loan from hedge fund with the purpose of fulfilling the expenses of gambling that Craig owed and also to pay back the first initial victims of their alleged Ponzi scheme.

The Financial forgery committed by her husband did put Kim’s name on spotlight, but it didn’t affect her business adversely however it did created a rift in their marriage as two year after in 2019, the couple got separated.

Some random facts about Kim Carton

1) Kim Carton is currently 47 years old.

2) She is not active in Social media platforms as she doesn’t have any official social media accounts.

3) Her favorite colors are grey and black.

4) Her favorite actor and actress is Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie


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