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Life of Kevin Samuels & Why Is He So Popular These Days


Looking for dating advice? Go watch Kevin Samuels’s Videos on YouTube, and you’ll find all your answers. Kevin Samuels is an American YouTuber famous for giving the best dating and relationship advice. 

But that’s not all he does, he is a motivational speaker, he makes content on every aspect of human life. His speeches make people and also companies get back on track. 

Not only Americans, but people around the world love his content, and well, the advice that he gives, you can not find from any other motivational speaker! 

Now let’s get into the details of the life of the influencer that teaches how to live one; 

Kevin Samuels Wife 

If you have seen his videos, you must know that he’s a very handsome and stylish man, and is the crush of many girls all around the world. 

Well, it might be the looks or might be the dating advice he gives, because that’s the relationship everyone wants. But you will be shocked to know that in spite of being a dating guru, Kevin does not have a stable love life. 

He has been married, but it didn’t work out. And because Kevin has kept his own personal life very private, there’s no information available on his ex-wife and the reason for the divorce. 

However, we have heard that he is currently involved with someone, and we hope to get more information soon on Kevin Samuels wife.

Kevin Samuels Age 

Even though many people judge by his looks that he is a very young man, well, that’s not true. He does look younger than his age because he has maintained himself well. 

In reality, Kevin is a 56-year old man as of 2021, and soon to be 57 as his date of birth is March 13th, 1965, so now you know Kevin Samuels age. 

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin Samuels is a world-famous influencer and only by his words he has made up a fortune for himself. As of 2022, Kevin Samuels’s net worth is estimated at five to six million dollars. 

That’s a pretty great amount for being an influencer and a dating guru. Well, he’s also a life coach. Moreover, along with this Net worth, Kevin has also a wide variety of luxurious vehicles. 

If you know him you must have known that he loves getting new cars, and well, he does have quite a collection. The highlights of his car collection are the Bentley and Rolls Royce he owns and that’s about Kevin Samuels net worth.

A few fun facts about Kevin Samuels

Well things we told you were just the basics of who Kevin Samuels is, but if you want to know him a little more, we have a few facts about him that you will find interesting; 

  • Kevin Samuels has around 1.3 Million subscribers on his YouTube channels and each of his videos gets more than a million views. Seems like many people follow him! 
  • The most interesting thing about him is that no matter what the topic is or what the question is, Kevin Samuels will have something to say on it. And sometimes, this habit of his does cause him some trouble especially when he comments on black men and women. 
  • Even though most of his content is very helpful and motivating, sometimes he does go out of context and say things that cause controversies, and apparently, he loves to get involved in these controversies. He believes that these controversies bring him fame. 
  • Recently in 2021, Kevin Samuels was caught really badly when a young girl came up on the internet and started claiming that she’s his daughter. Well, at first, people believed her but while asking about her and Kevin, the girl made some blunders and did not know the right answers to some of the questions. Kevin was saved! 
  • Kevin Samuels does have a daughter but she’s as hidden as his ex-wife and dating life. 

The Bottom Line 

Kevin Samuels is a great influencer and his fans love him for the advice he gives out. Whether you are having issues in dating, or even with your professional career, you can find the motivation from Kevin Samuels videos. 

He has a powerful voice and many people look up to him but only if he stays away from all the controversies and everything, he might be one of the best influencers in the world. He really needs to work on that! 

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