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Keiko Fujimoto – Biography and Financial Status


Famous as the former spouse of the notorious businessperson Ramesh Balwani, Japanese-American artist Keiko Fujimoto enjoyed a period of fame. She is well known for her marital ties to Ramesh, who once held the positions of president and COO of Theranos.

There was a time when Keiko herself was the CEO and president of the same company her ex-husband was part of. The company and her ex-husband are now mired in controversy over outlandish and contentious claims, with multiple stakeholders, including government entities, healthcare organizations, patients, and others impacted by their actions, taking legal recourse against him.

A Closer Look at Keiko Fujimoto

Before she was known as Ramesh (Sunny) Balwani’s wife, Keiko Fujimoto was a renowned artist. Her marriage catapulted her into fame and a fan following. She was a well-respected figure in the Japanese television industry. Until their separation in December 2022, the couple lived a prosperous and content life in San Francisco.

With her ex-husband becoming increasingly embroiled in legal problems, Keiko chose to step out of the spotlight and maintain a low-profile life, far from the media’s scrutiny. As a result, no recent information is available regarding her current lifestyle or whereabouts.

What is known with certainty is that following her separation from her husband, Keiko relocated to Japan. However, no further up-to-date information can be verified.

Keiko, who began her career in television, made appearances in the Japanese TV series “Takajin Mune Ippai” in 1994. Her LinkedIn profile has been inactive, with the last update posted five years ago.

Digging Deeper into Keiko Fujimoto Life

Keiko Fujimoto transitioned from acting to becoming an announcer, where she excelled due to her eloquent speech and outstanding performance. Her last documented appearance was as an announcer for the mini-series ‘Unfair’.

Born and brought up in Japan, Keiko moved to the US after marrying Ramesh Balwani, where she continued to reside in San Francisco even after their divorce. Eventually, she returned to her native country, choosing to lead a private life away from public attention.


The Theranos scandal reached another milestone on July 7, 2022. Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, the company’s president, faced charges of fraud and conspiracy in a San Jose courtroom. As reported by The New York Times, he was found guilty on all 12 counts. Even a single charge could result in a 20-year prison sentence.

While Balwani did not hold the public’s attention like Theranos’ CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, his role within the company was pivotal. Holmes was the visible symbol of the fraudulent medical tech company, but behind the scenes, Balwani played a crucial role. Their relationship extended beyond professionalism; they were clandestine lovers, as revealed by The Cut, New York Magazine’s profile.


The relationship was not a pleasant one. During Holmes’ trial, she testified about Balwani’s manipulative and abusive behavior. As per the 2021 report by Reuters, Holmes accused Balwani of coercing her into sexual acts and controlling her life. Despite the allegations, questions arose due to Holmes’ legal strategy of portraying Balwani as the mastermind behind the fraud, attributing him with some of her own culpability.

Their relationship began when Holmes was a young entrepreneur of 18, and Balwani was a successful 38-year-old tech mogul. When they met, Balwani was already wealthy, driving a Lamborghini and worth $40 million from a recent deal, as reported by The Cut. He was also married at the time.


The last unknown in Balwani’s story is Keiko Fujimoto. She is described as a “Japanese artist,” but there is very little information available about her. A small profile on Artspan connects her to a now-defunct website and displays a minor selection of her artwork. She doesn’t have a public social media presence. References to her can be found sporadically online; a picture in a Flickr gallery, a mention of her participation in a San Francisco art exhibit, and having worked on two films in the early 2000s (as per IMDb). By journalistic standards, she is virtually invisible.

However, according to San Francisco County court records (referenced via UniCourt), we know that Fujimoto and Balwani were married and divorced in February 2002 — coincidentally, around the same time when Balwani first encountered Holmes. Fujimoto initiated the divorce proceedings.

A Look at Keiko Fujimoto Life

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Keiko Fujimoto first saw the world on 23rd June 1977. As of 2023, she has graced the earth for 45 years, and her astrological sign is Cancer. She moved to the United States for her education, earning her Information Science degree and following it up with a Master of Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Details about Keiko Ex-Husband

Keiko was once married to Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani, a Pakistani entrepreneur based in America whose reputation was tarnished by scandal. Their marriage, which ended with a divorce filed in February 2002 and finalized in December the same year, produced no children. The couple resided in San Francisco, California during their time together.

Keiko Fujimoto’s Professional Journey

Keiko’s career spans various fields, from acting to arts. She was featured in the 1994 Japanese TV show “Takajin Mune Ippai” and had a role in the “Unfair” mini-series in 2006. As an artist, her work has been showcased at various exhibitions, including one at SOMA Artist Studios in San Francisco in 2013. After moving to Los Angeles in 2009, Keiko took up a job as a technical publications manager at a manufacturing firm.

Keiko Fujimoto’s Financial Status

In 2023, Keiko’s estimated net worth is $6 million, with an annual salary of roughly $150,000. Her ex-husband Sunny, before his downfall, had an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Sunny Balwani’s Romantic Endeavors

Post-divorce with Keiko, Sunny did not remarry. However, he got into a relationship with Elizabeth Holmes, whom he met in Beijing in 2002. Despite being Theranos’ founder and CEO, Holmes managed to keep her romantic relationship with Sunny, who was also the company’s president and COO, a secret from employees and investors. The relationship ended in 2016 amid investigations into fraud at Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes’s Current Spouse

Elizabeth Holmes found love again with William ‘Billy’ Evans, who works for Luminar Technologies and is the heir to the Evans Hotel Group. The pair met in 2017 and tied the knot two years later in a private ceremony. They are parents to two children, born in 2021 and 2023 respectively.

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