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Katy Perry Twin Sister – A 17-Year-Old ‘American Idol’ Contestant


Get ready for the newest country sensation, 17-year-old Hannah Everhart, introduced in an exclusive preview of the upcoming American Idol episode. Her uncanny resemblance to judge Katy Perry is evident, leading some to jest that they could be separated at birth. Her audition can be viewed below.

Hannah Everhart, Katy Perry’s Lookalike, Auditions for ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry Twin Sister, Hannah is a native of Canton, Mississippi, a small town where everyone is acquainted with each other. She defines it as a “modest country lifestyle.” Remarkably, her journey to audition for American Idol marks her first-ever airplane ride, and she amusingly notes the oddity of using an airplane restroom.

“I get a whiff of cow manure, but it’s a comforting smell, it takes me back home,” says Hannah prior to her audition, displaying her charming, grounded, and humorous nature. Performing in front of famous faces and appearing on national television was beyond her wildest dreams. Nevertheless, she is geared up for this thrilling new chapter.

Katy Perry Posts an Uncommon Picture with Her Sister – They Appear to be Quite Distinct

Katy Perry surprised her followers when she uploaded a snapshot with her elder sister, Angela Hudson, displaying two distinct appearances.

The pop star was expressing her joy associated with her work for the charity, Baby2Baby, and uploaded a series of snapshots on Instagram. One of these included her sister Angela. Interestingly, the two don’t resemble each other closely.

Katy concealed her icy blonde hair under a crocheted hat, whereas Angela let her stunning auburn hair flow in loose waves.

Although some of Katy’s followers mentioned they shared similar smiles and poses, many were taken aback to learn they were sisters.

Katy detailed their activities in the post’s caption, expressing her pride in being an Angel for Baby2Baby. She mentioned how motherhood made her aware of the everyday needs of children, and how Baby2Baby steps in to help when families struggle to meet these needs.

She revealed that she and Angela participated in Baby2Baby’s back-to-school event and assisted children in preparing for the upcoming academic year.

Even before becoming a mother to her own child, whom she shares with Orlando Bloom, Katy confessed that aiding Angela during childbirth calmed her own fears about labor.

She said, “I helped in conveying my sister’s two kids at her house – who are now three and six – in a bathtub on her bed, supporting her leg, and filming the whole process like Scorsese.”

Now that is what we call sibling affection.

Biography of Katy Perry

Katy Perry Twin Sister, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better recognized as Katy Perry, was born on October 25, in Santa Barbara, California. Descending from a line of English, Portuguese, German, Irish, and Scottish ancestors, she was raised under the watchful eyes of her parents – Mary Christine Hudson (nee Perry) and Maurice Keith Hudson. Katy was one of three children, having an older sister, Angela, and younger brother, David. Her familial ties extend to the film industry as well, with director Frank Perry being her mother’s half-brother.

A fervent religious upbringing led to Katy’s first performance experiences in church, sparking her enduring love for music. By the time she was 15, she began penning her own lyrics and recording sample tracks in Nashville. Despite signing with Red Hill, a Christian record label, and releasing an album under her birth name, Katy Hudson, she didn’t gain much traction.

At 17, she migrated to Los Angeles to collaborate with producer Glen Ballard, but a lasting record deal remained elusive. She did get an opportunity with Columbia Records in 2004, but this venture too fell through.

Her breakthrough came when a Columbia executive suggested her to Jason Flom, the chairman of Virgin Records. This recommendation led to her signing with Capitol Music Group. Katy’s second album, “One of the Boys”, featured the provocative lead single “I Kissed a Girl”, which became an international sensation. This album’s success paved the way for her ascendancy to pop stardom.

Her subsequent album, “Teenage Dreams”, delivered more chart-topping hits including “California Gurls” and “Firework”, solidifying her status in the music industry. She has received numerous accolades and has even ventured into film with her documentary, Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012).

In addition to her singing career, she has also launched her own record label, “Metamorphosis Music”. The first artist she signed was Ferras, who released an EP on the same day the label’s establishment was announced. The duo also recorded a duet for his EP, and they’re expected to tour together across North America from June 22 in Raleigh, North Carolina to October 11 in Houston, Texas.

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