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Kathy Ambush – Story of Clarence Thomas’ First Wife


Kathy Ambush is a well-known celebrity partner from the United States, best known for being the ex-wife of Clarence Thomas, an American judge, lawyer and government official.

She has managed to remain in public consciousness despite her divorce with Thomas due to her impressive career as a housewife and entrepreneur. In this blog post we tell you more about Kathy’s life before she met Thomas and how their relationship evolved over time.

We will also discuss her current occupation and what she is up to now that they are no longer together. So if you want to know more about Kathy Ambush then keep reading!

Introducing Kathy Ambush

Kathy Ambush is a native of Worcester, Massachusetts born on 6th June 1950. She is the eldest of six children from the union between Nelson Ambush and Shigao Gladys Sato.

After the passing away of Shigao in 1984, her father married Mary Estelle to whom he had two more kids – Sydney Schuyler and Valarie Wilson.

From this union Kathy Ambush has two step-siblings making it a total of four biological siblings and two step-siblings in her family- Benjamen Ambush, Reverend Stephen Ambush, June Ambush and Karen Thande.

Taylor had always been academically focused. From the very start, she was enrolled in Marian Central Catholic High School, determined to get the best out of her education.

With aspirations of furthering her studies and developing her talents, Taylor enrolled in an all-women’s college in Worcester for her higher education and achieved great success there.

Finally, using all the knowledge she acquired so far towards business administration, Taylor graduated from Lincoln University with flying colors and started a new adventure that gave her ultimate fulfillment.

Kathy Ambush Family

Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas’s relationship began when a mutual friend introduced them. The two hit it off, eventually leading to an intimate wedding at All Saints Episcopal Church.

After saying their vows, the couple moved to New Haven, Connecticut and five years after that in 1973 they welcomed their only child, Jamal Adeen Thomas.

A devoted wife and mother, Kathy Ambush has become the strong backbone that supports her husband’s distinguished career while caring for, providing guidance and raising an accomplished son.

It was a sad but inevitable ending to the marriage of Clarence and Kathy Ambush, who separated a decade after their union, resulting in a divorce settlement in 1984. In the process, Clarence gained custody of their teenage son, who eventually grew up to be a highly successful economist living in the United States.

Fortunately for the Ambush family, it appears that both parents have managed to move on positively from their divorce and have developed a relationship of mutual respect. With this example from his parents’ past, it’s no wonder why the Ambush’s son has become such a professional in adulthood.

What happened to Clarence Thomas’ first wife?

Kathy Ambush’s life has been mostly private since her divorce from Clarence Thomas, the current Supreme Court Justice. She found love again in Allen Smith, and they are now married and living in Richmond, Virginia.

Although it is yet to be confirmed if there are any kids in the relationship, they appear content with their lives away from public attention. On the other hand, her ex-husband has remarried Virginia Lamp, more commonly known as Ginny, who is an outspoken conservative activist and Republican.

One of the main differences between the two couples lies in their opinions on political matters; while Kathy actively keeps any views she might have out of the spotlight, Ginny actively engages in politics.

Kathy Ambush Net Worth

Anita Hill has undoubtedly seen great success as a company executive, working in multiple organizations throughout her career. Reports estimate her net worth to be $100,000 as of 2022, and while this may seem relatively low compared to her ex-husband Clarence Thomas’ estimated net worth of $1 million, she still fared quite well after the couple’s divorce.

Through the fairness of their legal agreement, Hill was granted monetary instalment and other possessions from her former spouse which have likely contributed at least partially to her wealth today.

Final Thoughts on Kathy Ambush

Kathy Ambush is an inspirational figure who has demonstrated tremendous resilience and grace in the face of difficult circumstances. She is a role model for many, having gone through a divorce from one of the most powerful men in the United States, Judge Clarence Thomas, yet she still managed to produce an accomplished son and re-establish her own life on her own terms.

Her story of resilience is an example for all who have gone through similar struggles and is an inspiring testament to the strength of women everywhere. It’s clear that Kathy has managed to build a successful life despite her past, and her life should be celebrated as a true success story.

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