Katherine Berkery; Personal Life, Career & Illegitimate Child


Katherine Berkery is a former United Sates model. Her career peaked for her in the 1980’s due to her controversy with singer Tom Jones. She stayed in limelight for a little time and then she had to face difficulties in getting offers, however, she worked hard and moonlighted to make a living and eventually became a real estate agent.

She was featured on magazine covers multiple times but struggled to make it to the runways. Even as of today, she is better known as the short-lived love affair of Tom Jones than the model she used to be.

Katherine Berkery Biological Parents Abandoned Her

Katherine Berkery always had a hard-luck in aspect of getting commitments from her loved ones. Katherine was abandoned by her biological Korean parents when Katherine was just eight. She was born in Korea but fate had her life planned in the United States; she relocated in the United States when a well-off financier and his wife from New Jersey adopted her. She spent rest of her life in the United States and never reunited with her biological parents.

Katherine Berkery and Tom Jones Controversy

Katherine came into limelight after the news of her being romantically involved with Tom Jones was leaked. Tom Jones was already married at that time and also had a son named Mark Woodward, when they had their love affair but Katherine was unaware of it.

Tom Jones is a Welsh singer; Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe. Tom had a successful career with huge accolades; however, he was a playboy. He publicly claimed that he had intimate relations with more than 250 people in a single year. Based on his public image, it was not a big of a deal for him to have an affair with model Katherine, until she got pregnant and eventually gave birth to their illegitimate son.

It was a messy incident as Tom tried to deny that he is the biological father of the baby Katherine delivered. The controversy fired up and a case was filed by Katherine, the judge told them to take a DNA test and eventually it confirmed that Tom was indeed the father of the son. Moreover, Tom was legally ordered to pay an amount of £1,700 a month for his son’s upkeep until the son turns eighteen.

Additionally, Tom had to give Katherine £50,000 as the court settlement. Tom agreed to the order to pay the money but wished no connections with his son and the mother. Tom tried to accuse Katherine of being a prostitute but it ended up being a baseless allegation.

Furthermore, he gave a statement that he was not ready for this and it was not planned so he would not make any commitments over his relation to his biological son and Tom sticking by his words, still is not in touch with his son named Jonathan.

Katherine Berkery Son Jonathan Berkery

Jonathan had a really tough childhood as he never received father’s love. He grew up with his mother Katherine and was told that his father is too busy entertaining his audience and does not have time for family. The void of his father got him into drugs later on in his life. Due to his drug addiction, he became homeless several times. He had spent his days and nights in his car because he lost his house.

Jonathan grew up listening his father’s music and deeply loved it so much that he himself became a musician. Jonathan still has the will to contact his father and he has made multiple attempts but met with cold response each time. Katherine Berkery today.

Katherine’s Appearance in Short Film named Picture Perfect

In the year 2006, model Katherine tried acting and appeared as one of the club girls in Picture Perfect, a short film about unachievable expectations placed on women in American society. The film was released in May and it was written and directed by Brett Meyer.

Katherine Today

Many wants to know what happened to her, how life treated her after she disappeared from the industry, and where is Katherine Berkery today.

After the tragic defamation incident, Katherine suffered a lot in her career as well as in her personal life. She had to raise her son all on her own and professional wise she was not flourishing. However, later in her life, she managed to beat the odds and finally get over this.

She settled with another partner and today she has been living a normal life with her spouse. Reportedly, she and her husband previously settled in Charlotte, North California and recently relocated to Arizona.  We wish all the best to the couple for their upcoming days.


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