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The Terrible Fate of Joseph Bradehoft at Dahmer’s Hands


In the cruel narrative of Jeffrey Dahmer, the name Joseph Bradehoft stands out as one of his unfortunate victims. The world continues to reel from Dahmer’s horrifying killing spree that claimed 17 male lives, with Bradehoft’s passing hardly causing a ripple in Dahmer’s monstrous existence.

Bradehoft holds the grim distinction of being Dahmer’s seventeenth and ultimate victim. In exchange for posing nude, he was paid, then drugged, strangled, and ultimately decapitated. Dahmer chillingly preserved his skull and torso in his freezer.

The reign of terror propagated by the notorious “Milwaukee Monster” was finally halted with his arrest in 1991, followed by his conviction for 15 murders, resulting in multiple life sentences. Dahmer’s victims, who were predominantly young men aged between 14 and 32 and largely from LGBT minority groups, were ruthlessly murdered between 1978 and 1991.

His heinous modus operandi often involved cannibalism and dissection, with some of his victims even being turned into horrific meals. The recently released Netflix series, a 10-episode drama, delves into the gruesome tale of this infamous serial killer. The series, titled “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Account,” gives prominence to Dahmer’s victims’ perspectives and features Evan Peters in the role of Dahmer.

Overview Of Joseph Bradehoft Life

In Minnesota, United States, Joseph Bradehoft was born on January 24, 1966. He was born to his parents, Fern Louise Hintz Bradehoft and William Frederick Bradehoft.

He was married to Cheryl.

Mr. Bradehoft moved to Milwaukee from Illinois to visit his brother and look for a job to support his family.

He was married with three kids, but he and his wife had split up. He passed away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on July 19, 1991.

A Glimpse into His Journey

Born on the wintry day of January 24, 1966, in the heartland of Minnesota, United States, Joseph Bradehoft came into the world. His parents, Fern Louise Hintz Bradehoft and William Frederick Bradehoft, welcomed him with love.

He found his life partner in Cheryl, and together they started a family.

Joseph, in his quest for a better life, relocated from Illinois to Milwaukee. His purpose was twofold: to visit his sibling and to seek employment opportunities to cater for the needs of his family.

Life had its ups and downs for him; he was a father to three beautiful children, but his marital life hit a rocky patch, resulting in separation from his wife. Tragically, he breathed his last in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on the unfortunate day of July 19, 1991.

The Fateful Meeting of Joseph Bradehoft and Dahmer

On the morning of July 19, 1991, Joseph Bradehoft found himself alone at a bus stop, casually holding a six-pack of beer, when Dahmer walked into his life.

At that time, Dahmer was battling insomnia, recently laid off from his job at a chocolate factory, and obsessively watching “Exorcist III” on a loop. His life was undeniably in a downward spiral.

In the midst of this, Dahmer reached out to Joseph, inviting him over to his place, and offered $50 in exchange for some nude photos. Joseph, unfazed by the stranger’s proposition, willingly agreed.

Once in Dahmer’s apartment, Joseph was served a spiked drink. Little did he know, this would be his last.

The Tragic Death of Joseph

Days after murdering Lacy, Dahmer was fired from his job, pushing him even further into the abyss. It was during this time of personal crisis that he lured Joseph Bradehoft back to his apartment and strangled him. Joseph was a mere 25 years old at the time of his death.

The scene after the murder was chilling. Dahmer left Joseph’s lifeless body on his bed for two full days before he decided to behead him. A few days later, Joseph’s severed head was found, cold and lifeless, in Dahmer’s freezer.

The Ripple Effect of Joseph’s Demise

Joseph Bradehoft’s untimely demise was a devastating blow to many, not least his brother, who bore witness to the trial proceedings. The pain was palpable as Donald Bradehoft, Joseph’s brother, had to retreat from the stand mid-way through his heart-wrenching victim impact statement, overcome by his emotions.

The Grim Conclusion

Joseph Bradehoft name is unfortunately listed amongst the seventeen victims of the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer’s brutal act in 1991 led to Joseph’s death, and his body was discovered two days following the murder, thanks to a report from Tracy Edwards. Dahmer met his fate in prison, and his terrifying deeds are graphically portrayed in the Netflix series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

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