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John Carl Dinklage – Meet Father of Peter Dinklage


John Carl Dinklage was the father of Hollywood star, Peter Dinklage.

He was a celebrity American dad and digital personality who had done all sorts of businesses throughout his career.

His most famous son is best known for playing Tyrion Lannister in the hit television series Game Of Thrones, where he has earned an impressive salary.

But how much does Peter Dinklage make? We will explore this question and more as we take a closer look at John Carl Dinklage’s life and legacy.

John Carl Dinklage biography

Personal Information
Full NameJohn Carl Dinklage
Date of BirthJune 1, 1967
Place of BirthMorristown, New Jersey, USA
Years Active1987-present

Career Highlights
Notable RolesFrank Smith in “One Life to Live” (1990-1994)
Todd Alquist’s uncle in “Breaking Bad” (2013-2015)
Dr. Delaney in “The Blacklist” (2014-2017)
Awards and NominationsDaytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (1993)
Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (“Game of Thrones”, 2011, 2014, 2015)

High SchoolBernards High School, New Jersey
CollegeBennington College, Vermont
DegreeBachelor of Arts in Drama
ParentsJohn Carl Dinklage Sr. (father)
Diane Dinklage (mother)
SiblingsPeter Dinklage (younger brother)

John Carl Dinklage was born on October 27, 1931 in New Jersey, United States of America.

The son of Richard Raymond Bruno Dinklage and Florence Dinklage, he is of German and Irish ancestry respectively.

His childhood home was also shared by his three siblings; Edna Jeanette Tapley, Ray Dinklage and David Dinklage.

In 1949, the family moved to Mantoloking borough before settling down in Brookside in the later years of his life.

A beloved figure throughout his hometown, John Carl Dinklage will forever be remembered for his immense contributions to the local community during the entirety of his years living there.


John Carl Dinklage had a rich life of service and dedication to the community.

After graduating from high school, the US Army drafted him for the Korean War and he served as a First Lieutenant for two years from 1955 to 1957.

Afterwards, Dinklage retired from the army but did not stop working.

He found employment in an insurance company as a salesman which he continued until 1991.

Later in life, he went on to pursue his love of fly-fishing as a career and was passionate about it until his death.

John Carl Dinklage net worth

John Carl Dinklage was an insurance salesman by day, but managed to make a sizeable income from his job.

While the exact figure of his net worth isn’t public information, many sources estimate it to be between $300,000 and $500,000.

This range could mean that Dinklage’s lucrative salary in the insurance industry may have contributed substantially to his wealth.

Moreover, any additional projects or investments he has made in recent years would also account for part of his success.

His financial accomplishments are undoubtedly impressive considering sales roles don’t typically translate into such high levels of profitability.


John Carl Dinklage has become a household name for his extensive acting career.

He has been nominated for 8 Emmys and has won 4, 1 Golden Globe, and 1 Screen Actor’s Guild award among other accolades.

What often surprises many people is that the celebrated actor is only 5 feet 7 inches tall.

John Carl Dinklage, who stands at 1.70 meters tall, has achieved tremendous success in Hollywood while such a petite figure is not typically found in the field of acting.

This goes to show that size does not necessarily determine potential when it comes to talent!


John Carl Dinklage married a 23-year-old music teacher in a small New Jersey town, Diane E Hayden, later known as Diane Dinklage.

It might have been love at first sight, as the couple tied the knot in 1966 when he was 35 years old and she was born on March 6, 1943.

Even though little is known about how they met and fell for one another, it is certain that two people from the same area found their life partners in each other.

The couple were married for 38 years before he died.


John and Diane Dinklage’s marriage brought two children into the world, both of whom were boys: Jonathan and Peter Dinklage.

The eldest of them, Jonathan, was born in Mendham Township, Brookside where he was educated.

Now a celebrity violinist, he has also established himself in the Hollywood entertainment scene through his involvement with Rush: Cinema Strangiato 2019 and Beasts of Southern Wild (2012).

He is the son of renowned actor John Carl Dinklage.

John Carl Dinklage, the actor who rose to stardom with his acting in Game of Thrones, had a healthy relationship with his father and brother.

His father encouraged him not to let dwarfism stand in the way of what he wanted for himself which was strong advice despite not being able to live long enough to see his son’s success or his grandchildren born in 2011 and 2017.

Fortunately, their relationship continues as Peter has often said that his older brother Jonathan inspired him to get into acting and that his mother has always supported him.

John Carl Dinklage age

John Carl Dinklage, a prominent figure in the mid-20th century art scene, passed away at age 72 on June 27, 2004.

Despite the many articles and interviews that discussed his illustrious career during his lifetime, Dinklage always remained somewhat of an enigma, and so it comes as no surprise that speculation surrounding the cause of his death continues to this day.

Nevertheless, despite the enduring mystery of his demise, it’s undeniable that he left behind a strong legacy of creative achievement throughout the decades.


John Carl Dinklage may have been an average American, but his legacy is far from ordinary.

He may be gone but his memory lives on within the incredible success of his two children who went on to become Hollywood superstars.

It’s unknown exactly what goes into creating prestigious child actors and actresses, however it’s safe to say that the dedication, care and support of their father played a pivotal role in their successes.

His grandchildren are surely proud of everything he achieved in life and continue to keep his spirit alive in its many forms.

While John Carl Dinklage himself isn’t around to see today, he will forever be remembered by those inspired by him and the impact that he made on his family members around him.

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