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Jim Walton Net Worth, Biography, Professional Life & More


Jim Walton is a renowned figure in the world of business, who made his mark as the successor to the world’s largest retail company, ‘Walmart.’ Born in the quaint city of Newport, Arkansas, Jim came of age in Bentonville, as the third offspring of Sam Walton – the household name behind the inception of ‘Walmart.’ A former all-state football player and licensed pilot, Jim secured his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas.

Post-graduation, he served Walmart by handling the company’s real estate affairs until 1975, later assuming the role of president at ‘Walton Enterprises.’ In the aftermath of his elder Brother John’s death in September 2005, Jim joined the ‘Walmart’ Board of Directors. He has also held the chief executive position at ‘Arvest Bank,’ a family-owned institution, and today, he is counted among the wealthiest individuals globally.

Early Life & Upbringing

James Carr Walton, or Jim Walton, was born to Sam and Helen Walton on June 7, 1948, in Newport, Arkansas. He was raised in a prosperous business environment – his father Sam and uncle Bud Walton were the co-founders of ‘Walmart,’ the world’s largest retail company, established in 1962. Jim, the third of four children, shared his childhood with siblings – Rob, John, and Alice Walton.

He received his education in local Bentonville, Arkansas schools and proved his prowess not only in academics but also in athletics. An excellent football player at Bentonville High School, Jim also held the position of junior class president.

Despite his talent for football, he was always inclined to join the family business. To equip himself for this, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas. Unlike his siblings who pursued their studies elsewhere, Jim chose to stay local. He was also a part of the ‘Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity’ during his university tenure.

Post-graduation in 1971, Jim took a year off to explore the world and acquire flying skills. He then returned to Arkansas to assume his role in the family business.

Professional Journey

In 1972, Jim’s professional journey began in earnest at ‘Walmart,’ where he started in the company’s real estate department. After four years, his interest shifted towards ‘Walton Enterprises,’ his father’s company, where he assumed the role of president.

His interests soon veered towards banking, leading him to ‘Arvest Bank,’ his father’s banking establishment and the largest and oldest bank in Arkansas. He initially served as CEO of the bank before ascending to the chairman’s role. While ‘Arvest’ never made it to the national big league, it performed notably on the net interest margin scale given its limited operational area.

The Walton brothers – Jim, John, and Rob – each own 25.88% of the bank’s shares, with the remainder held by employees. Under Jim’s stewardship, the bank has seen considerable growth, acquiring several smaller banks like WestStar Bank, Caney Valley National Bank, and the Bank of Pea Ridge.

In the late 2010s, during the economic downturn, ‘Arvest’ managed to avoid needing assistance from the ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program’. A few years later, in 2013, ‘Arvest’ expanded its operations by acquiring 29 branches of the ‘Bank of America’ spread across Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Now, the bank boasts over 200 branches, mainly located in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, along with ownership of several mortgage and insurance companies.

Jim, the brain behind the bank’s remarkable growth, has successfully adopted the same business strategy that his father, Sam, used to expand ‘Walmart’. Moreover, Sam bought a local paper, ‘the Benton County Daily Record,’ which eventually evolved into ‘Community Publishers Inc.’ under Walton family’s ownership. Initially purchased for marketing and printing promotional materials, the paper later played a critical role in safeguarding Walton family’s image from negative press.

Jim’s involvement with ‘Walmart’ was minimal for a significant time until 2005, when his elder brother, John, passed away. John had been serving on the ‘Board of Directors’ of ‘Walmart’, a role, which Jim assumed after his brother’s demise.

Overview of Arvest Bank Group

Currently, the chairman and CEO of Arvest Bank Group, a regional banking institution owned by the Walton family, is Jim Walton. The bank has a substantial presence in over 100 communities across Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma with more than 260 bank branches. The foundation of the Arvest Bank Group was laid through acquisitions: Bank of Bentonville in 1961, Bank of Pea Ridge in 1963, and the First National Bank & Trust Company in 1975. The bank’s growth continued into 2013 when it bought 29 Bank of America branches within its operational region. As we step into 2022, Arvest Bank Group manages assets worth over $20 billion, making it the biggest bank in Arkansas based on deposits, and one of the largest in Oklahoma in terms of branch count.

Personal Life and Family

Jim Walton is happily married to Lynne McNabb Walton, and they share four children together. The family currently resides in Bentonville, Arkansas. Known for his preference for privacy, Jim tends to avoid being center stage. He does not engage directly in politics, but his support for certain political figures, Jason Rapert among them, is well-known.

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