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Jill Marie DeGroff – Who Is She Married To?


Jill Marie DeGroff is an actor and the wife of Bug Hall, she started her career when she was just a little child and had no idea that she was acting on the set, the little kid only knew she was having fun on the sets.

Jill Marie DeGroff’s fame started when she appeared in a light-hearted movie “The Little Rascals” where she played the role of an adorable, delicate girl who has a group of female friends who collectively dislike men, and eventually her falling in love with a member of the women haters club. The character’s name is Darla. The movie was released in the year 1994.

Jill Marie DeGroff is suspected of being a little lowkey when it comes to providing personal information. She has not disclosed her birth year, her parents’ information, or much more.

Keep going through the article to learn about Jill Marie DeGroff’s filmography, love life, net worth, and much more.

Jill Marie DeGroff Filmography

Jill Marie DeGroff is a decent actor, rather than a loud one. She has been acting in movies and shows since her formative years, and her roles have been legendary. There is not a long list of movies that she appeared in, but she never put herself behind the curtain. She started as the main lead in The Little Rascals in 1994, then seemed to take a long break until she made her comeback in the industry with Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007, then Castle and The Book of Love in 2009, Marie in 2012, and Masters of Sex in 2013.

Jill Marie DeGroff Husband Bug Hall

Jill Marie DeGroff married her co-star from her debut film, The Little Rascals. They both started their careers as child artists and kept on appearing in movies. The character named Alfafa in the movie, officially named Brandon Hall and married to Jill Marie DeGroff. Jill Marie and Bug Hall, aka Darla and Alfafa, dated each other for a while before marrying. The on-screen couple had many fans until today, and they rooted for them to end up together, and the cute couple made this dream a reality and tied the knot in the year 2017. The co-stars of Little Rascals attended the couple’s intimate wedding ceremony.

There is a story behind the moniker Bug Hall. Hall was lovingly called Bug by her mother when he was a kid and later, he adopted his nickname as his stage name. Now more people know him as Bug Hall than Brandon Hall.

The acting career of Bug Hall was not very consistent, but he made a name for himself.

Bug Hall Appreciating Jill Marie Presence

Hall and Marie love each other immeasurably, as they have been together for a long time and know each other so well. Three weeks before their wedding, Hall spoke words of gratitude for Marie, “I have never felt so much good in my life as when I’m with this woman, who is soon to be my bride, and that is the lesser good of love, because I have also never been a better man than the one, I am with. THAT is true love. I will never cease to grow each day to be the man that she deserves.”

These words made a heart-warming impact on the fans and the adorable gesture of appreciating your spouse is the purest form of respect and love.

Bug Hall revealed the news of their wedding in the most adorable way by posting a picture on Valentine’s Day. A collage with two separate pictures was posted with the caption “I will.”

Jill Marie DeGroff, Bug Hall Kids

Jill Marie and Bug Hall have three adorable kids. All three of them are female. Despite the fact that the couple has made a lot of money from acting in movies, their lives are fairly simple, with no loud statements or extravagant possessions. They live in a simple yet beautiful house with their daughters.

The daughters’ names are not yet revealed. However, Bug Hall keeps posting their pictures on his Instagram.

Bug Hall is active on Instagram, and his wife Jill Marie is active on Twitter. However, there are not a lot of personal details revealed. And the admirers respect the couple’s right to keep their lives private.

Jill Marie DeGroff Net Worth

Jill Marie is not a blockbuster actor but has played several characters. She is not a diva and gives more of a comfortable-in-her-own-life vibe. She embraces what she has and values family over money and work. Since her marriage, she has been a housewife. There is not much to estimate about her net worth.

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