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Jessica Osbourne


Jessica Osbourne, an English actor who is a member of the Osbourne family and is well known for her roles in Manhattan and The Messengers, among other things, her mother is a teacher by trade, in contrast to her father who is a well-known singer, composer, and actor.

Jessica has managed to maintain a modest profile despite coming from a well-known family. She has actually given the media very little information about herself. What about her love life, then? She is single or married.

Who Is Jessica Osbourne?

English actor Jessica Osbourne was born in Grimsby, England, on November 20, 1972. Jessica Marie Osbourne is her legal name at birth. She is the oldest child of her parents, Thelma Riley and Oozy Osbourne.

She came from a wealthy household and had a respectable childhood. She shared a home with her mother, siblings Elliot and Louis, and her parents following their divorce. Speaking of her education, Jessica has always had a passion for performing. She then enrolled at London, England’s Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Ltd. Jessica will be 49 years old in 2021. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall as well.

Jessica Star shine Osbourne’s Siblings

Jessica is the oldest of the family’s five children, which also includes Louis, Elliot, Aimee, Jack, and Kelly Osbourne. Louis Osbourne, her only biological sibling, is about 3 years her junior. Elliot Kingsley, a child of her mother Thelma’s previous marriage, is also her half-brother.

Aimee, Jack, and Kelly are her half-siblings who were also the product of her father Ozzy’s marriage to his second wife Sharon Osbourne. Jessica gets along well with all of her siblings and brothers.

As Jessica said, “I don’t remember my dad giving me a bath or putting me to bed. I would not say he was present for us because he was never there for us on sports day, school trips, or parents’ nights. He certainly wasn’t like that.”

In addition, Jessica has four half-siblings. Elliott is not well known, despite the fact that he allegedly started acting. Jessica is other half-siblings, meanwhile, are the result of Ozzy’s union with Sharon Osbourne.

She Is a Successful Actress

Jessica Osbourne is a popular actor like her father. She made her acting debut in the 2004 short film Yellow Ville. She later made appearances in a number of other short films, including anyone who is Anyone, Phone Friends, between, and Immersion.

She played a significant role in Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead in 2009. She portrayed a Pompous Zombie in the film, and it turned out to be one of her most lucrative roles.

She portrayed the role of Giselle Dubois in the 2011 television film Sin Temer la Noche in which she made an appearance. She also played Alex Sparx in the 2012 movie and TV show The Man-App.

Jessica is additionally well known for her part in the 2015 television series Better Call Saul. Other well-known actors from the series include Kerry Condon and Rhea Seehorn.

She recently appeared in The Messengers and Manhattan, respectively, in which she played ER Nurse 2 and Constance.

Other Works of Jessica

Osbourne has worked as a writer and producer in addition to acting. She wrote the scripts for the 2007 releases Anyone Who’s anyone, and The End.

She also served as the director of British Andy, a documentary, and the 2012 movie trekking for God. Jessica has recently been acting as the production accountant for a number of film and television productions. For eight episodes of the 2019 television series The Unsettling, she served as the production assistant.

She worked as the production accountant for The Au Pair Nightmare in 2019 and the payroll accountant for the film running with the Devil. She is currently employed as a production accountant on The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre.

Jessica Children and Husband, Ben Hobbs

Jessica Star shine Osbourne was married, as we already mentioned. She was married to Ben Hobbs, but she has kept the most of her love life out of the spotlight. In fact, neither the couple’s wedding date nor the cause of their divorce were ever made public. However, in spite of everything, she seems to be doing well right now.

Isabelle Hobbs, Kitty Hobbs, and Harry Hobbs are Jessica’s three children from her marriage. She has wonderful relationships with all of her grown children, who are all now, adults.

Did She Marry After Her Divorce?

Apparently, despite divorcing her ex-husband Ben, Jessica Osbourne never got married. Although she has kept her decision to be single a secret, she looks to be content with her life right now.

Additionally, since her divorce, there have been no rumors of her being involved in a romantic relationship. Her social media is generally tidy and has no hints of her relationships.

Jessica Osbourne’s Parents Marriage & Divorce

As you are already aware, Ozzy and Thelma, Jessica’s parents, are no longer married. In 1971, they got married and had a great relationship. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the couple’s relationship could not last for very long. The pair decided to call it quits almost eleven years into their marriage and was divorced in 1982.

Later, her father Ozzy called his union “a catastrophic mistake” and “a gigantic mirage.” Thelma, on the other hand, added that the musician’s drug and alcohol addiction was the reason her relationship with him terminated.

Ozzy is currently wed to Sharon Osbourne, his second wife. In 1982, the year he divorced Thelma, he wed her.

How Much Is Jessica Osbourne’s Net Worth?

She makes a significant salary as an actor, producer, and production accountant. She reportedly has a net worth of about $1 million, according to sources. On the other side, according to Celebrity Net Worth, her father Ozzy is worth over $220 million.

Jessica Osbourne Net Worth and Earnings

The Osbourne family only has one member who is never seen: Jessica. She leads a secluded life and has not discussed her career. Jessica Osbourne’s net worth may still include her salary from her employment. She has not disclosed her income to the public, though.

Many have assumed the media personality to be Jessica Marie Osbourne because there is a dearth of information about her. There are additional misunderstandings because the actor was also born in England. However, neither party had come forward to provide proof of their identity. Jessica Osbourne might have amassed a large fortune from her career if she had worked in the entertainment sector.

Ozzy Osbourne, Jessica Osbourne’s father, has accumulated a fortune through his musical carer. Both as a solo performer and as Black Sabbath’s main vocalist, he achieved popularity. 

Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth is $220 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth. 

The first heavy metal artist to make $50 million from merchandise sales was also him.

Jessica Osborne Teaches Singing

Since 1999, Jessica has been instructing beginners and intermediate-level pupils in the art of singing. Her final appearance was in 2015, but she thereafter pursued an acting career and made appearances in “Better Call Saul,” “The Messengers,” and “Manhattan.”

Jessica held a variety of positions in the business, including that of an acting coach, assistant director, producer, writer, and more. She directed both the movies “British Andy” and “Trekking for God in 2012” as well.

In 2018, the actor advertised “Jessica Osbourne’s Christmas Sing-Along,” a musical event that also featured other performers.

In addition to her abilities in the entertainment industry, Jessica is fluent in German, French, and English.

Ozzy Osbourne’s oldest child is Jessica Osbourne. She is a member of the Osbourne family who is never seen but is mentioned. Apart from the fact that she was the first of Ozzy Osbourne’s offspring to have children, not much is known about his oldest daughter.

Trivia and Facts

Jessica Osbourne does not get along well with her stepmother or half-siblings, and she did not make an appearance in any of her father Ozzy Osbourne’s reality TV shows.

Role in the Osbournes

The only time Jessica is referenced in the entire series is in Smells like Teen Spirits from Series 2. Ozzy is shocked and delighted to learn that Jessica has given birth to a girl in this episode because it means he is now a grandfather for the first time in his life.

• Aimee makes a few cameos, although she is the only Osbourne to never physically participate on the episode.

• The commentary claims that Jessica detests the Osbournes, particularly Sharon and the children she had with Ozzy.

What is the name of Ozzy Osbourne’s first child? Aimee Rachel Osbourne is an English actor and singer who was born on September 2, 1983. She is Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s oldest child. In addition, her father Ozzy had three elder children from a prior eleven-year union with Thelma Riley.

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