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Jelly Roll Wife – Getting to Know Bunnie XO


Who is Jelly Roll Wife? Well, Jelly Roll’s soulful lyrics often revolve around his wife, Bunnie XO, the woman who has stood by him through thick and thin. Their love story publicly commenced in Las Vegas during a live concert in 2016. Jelly Roll popped the question to Bunnie XO on stage, and the pair sealed their vows later that evening in a surprise courthouse wedding. Bunnie XO not only became Jelly Roll’s wife but also a loving stepmother to his daughter, Bailee.

While supporting her husband’s musical journey, Bunnie XO pursued her own dream – launching a podcast. In 2019, her podcast, ‘Dumb Blonde,’ came to life, attracting over 165,000 followers on Instagram. As the 6th season of ‘Dumb Blonde’ aired in 2023, Jelly Roll took to Instagram to celebrate Bunnie XO’s success and the significant role it played in her decision to leave the sex industry.

Bunnie XO’s desire to create her own identity and not be seen merely as ‘Jelly Roll’s wife’ led her to construct her podcast empire from scratch. Jelly Roll mentioned in his Instagram tribute how proud he was of Bunnie XO for empowering women and inspiring them with her life story.

Bunnie XO is not just an accomplished podcast creator, but she is also her husband’s biggest fan. A memorable moment was noted in July 2023 when Jelly Roll dedicated a song to his wife during a live concert in Alpharetta, Georgia. This touching moment was later shared on YouTube by a fan.

Bunnie XO has shared the limelight with Jelly Roll at several prestigious events, such as the 2023 CMT Awards where he received three accolades.

So, who really is Bunnie XO? Here is a closer look into her life and her relationship with the popular country music singer.

Jelly Roll Wife do Podcasting is her passion

Bunnie XO debuted her podcast, ‘Dumb Blonde,’ in 2019. She hosts a variety of guests, including country music artists, authors, and social media influencers. Her eminent guest list includes country stars like Brantley Gilbert and Priscilla Block. New episodes are released weekly.

Jelly Roll Wife love story started in 2015

Bunnie XO first met Jelly Roll in 2015 at one of his concerts in Las Vegas’ Country Saloon. During an episode of the comedy podcast, ‘King and the Sting and the Wing Clips,’ Jelly Roll shared that they had a conversation backstage, but Bunnie XO was in a relationship then. However, they remained in touch through common friends, and when Bunnie XO found herself single, their bond took a romantic turn.

“I didn’t really make the first move. Instead, she did,” confessed Jelly Roll on the podcast.

Upon hearing about Bunnie XO’s breakup and her interest in him, Jelly Roll shared his upcoming trip to Las Vegas for a music video shoot. The ‘Save Me’ singer revealed that Bunnie XO graciously offered her place for his stay, and that was the beginning of their love story.

Describing their love story as a “white trash love story,” Jelly Roll humorously stated that he was “broke” and residing in his van during that period. “When I embraced her, I could sense her authenticity. I knew she wasn’t pretending,” he said.

The spontaneous Vegas wedding of Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll, after a year of dating Bunnie XO in 2016, took the bold step of popping the question onstage at a concert featuring Yelawolf and Deftones in Las Vegas. The couple seized the moment, choosing to tie the knot immediately at a nearby courthouse.

On the ‘King and the Sting and the Wing Clips’ podcast, Jelly Roll recounted their spontaneous decision. The couple, he explained, decided to seize the opportunity since the courthouse was about to close. He also revealed that despite the skepticism they faced, they managed to forge a strong bond. He fondly described Bunnie XO as his best friend.

Bunnie XO’s role as a stepmother

Upon marrying Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO embraced the role of a stepmother to Jelly Roll’s daughter, Bailee, from a previous relationship. During an episode of the Dumb Blonde podcast, she discussed her relationship with her stepdaughter and Bailee’s biological mother, Felicia. She helped her husband gain custody of Bailee in 2017.

Jelly Roll has not held back in expressing his appreciation for Bunnie XO’s role in his daughter’s life. In a Facebook post in May 2020, he extolled the bond between Bunnie XO and Bailee, praising his wife’s dedication to raising a child that was not biologically hers. He expressed deep gratitude for his wife’s willingness to step up to this challenge.

Their Red Carpet debut in 2022

In 2022, the couple made their first-ever appearance on the red carpet during the 56th Annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Bunnie XO made a statement with a pink sheer lace dress with matching gloves, a high ponytail, and a coordinating bow. Jelly Roll, contrastingly, went for an all-black ensemble, accentuated with layered silver and gold chain necklaces.

Bunnie XO: The bedrock in Jelly Roll’s life

Jelly Roll, the laureate of CMT Music Award, is forthright about the pivotal role his wife, Bunnie XO, has played in his success. In a candid Instagram post, he paid a heartfelt tribute to her, acknowledging the profound impact she has on his life. He emphasized that his inspirational journey pales in comparison to the resilience and dedication Bunnie has demonstrated.

“Often, people are engrossed in my story, but honestly, her story moves me the most,” Jelly Roll wrote alongside a picture of them. “Witnessing her overcome obstacles and her relentless pursuit of becoming better has been my biggest inspiration since the day I met her. She was my beacon during some of my bleakest moments, always standing by my side.”

Open communication: The cornerstone of their marital bliss

Jelly Roll is a firm believer in the power of communication when it comes to nurturing a strong bond with your partner. The lead vocalist of “Son of a Sinner” revealed that he and Bunnie XO put great emphasis on open communication and do not shy away from engaging in difficult conversations.

“When someone asked me recently about the secret to our happy marriage, the answer was straightforward – we don’t hesitate to have tough conversations,” he disclosed in a 2020 Instagram post. “We’ve learned to brush off minor issues, and above all, we never let seriousness overshadow our relationship.”

Speaking of his wife, Jelly Roll further added, “She is the solid foundation of my life, an amazing blend of beauty, intelligence, and wit. In addition, her playful side is something one could never

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