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Jeff Bezos Yacht Y721: Everything About It


Jeff Bezos Yacht – the billionaire founder of Amazon, is no stranger to extravagance. His newly commissioned superyacht is a testament to his wealth and luxury lifestyle.

Known as Project Y721, the yacht has become infamous for its size and grandeur – requiring an historic bridge in Rotterdam to be taken apart for it to pass through!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Jeff Bezos’ Y721 superyacht so remarkable.

Who Built Jeff Bezos Yacht?

Jeff Bezos’ Y721 yacht is quite a sight to behold; its sheer size and beauty must make for quite an impressive ride. It was designed and built by Oceanco, the Dutch superyacht makers responsible for many of today’s finest vessels.

Once owned by Omani billionaire, this company has been creating custom yachts since 1987.

On water sports fans have come to recognize Ocenco as one of the top luxury boat builders in the world. Clearly they did not disappoint with Jeff’s impressive yacht; when seen out on the open seas, it no doubt lives up to its name and catches eyes like a beacon of Aquatic grandeur!

The Interior of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht

Jeff Bezos is famously private, and this aspect extends to the inside of his ultra-luxurious yacht as well.

Not much has been made public about its interior, though many speculate that it was inspired by the Black Pearl, a legendary yacht which some say is the world’s largest sailing vessel.

This statement is subject to debate: while the Pearl might have impressive length, the Sea Cloud actually exceeds it in size, despite being partially motorized.

Either way, if one were lucky enough to be granted access to this opulent cruiser, they would no doubt be wowed by its grandeur and comfort.

Yacht Y721 Features and the Black Pearl Connection

The Y721 features many of the same revolutionary design elements and amenities as the world famous Black Pearl.

One of the most impressive of these is her ability to cross oceans with no fuel whatsoever, thanks to three incredibly advanced carbon masts that can unfurl and set over 31,000 square feet of sails automatically at the touch of a button.

It is believed that under sail, this vessel can reach up to 20 knots in speed, powered only by wind and its innovative energy conversion system which allows it to remain self-sustaining without the need for generators.

Additionally, six cabins allow for the crew and passengers comfortable rest. All these features make the Y721 an attractive choice for those who seek a luxurious sailing experience without leaving a large environmental footprint behind.

Does Bezos Own the Flying Fox?

For a time it seemed like Jeff Bezos did, indeed, own the flying fox given several reports that accused him of doing so.

But in reality, he was simply close to purchasing the 136-meter superyacht Y721, while rumors of the Flying Fox being his had been greatly exaggerated.

It’s understandable why: not only is the Flying Fox built with two large masts measuring 230 feet each – making it impossible to pass through Rotterdam’s De Hef bridge – but Bezos’ offer to take the bridge apart and then reassemble it again didn’t bode over well with those who lived there.

Ultimately, it was clear that the Flying Fox was not in fact owned by Bezos after all; rather it was another high end yacht entirely that he was looking to purchase instead.

What’s the Size of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht?

Jeff Bezos stars as one of the richest people in the world and plans to invest much of his fortune into space travel, but when you’re worth a lot of money, you can also finance other toys.

We’ve recently heard rumors circulating that Jeff Bezos has purchased himself a yacht — so what size is it?

Astonishingly enough, it certainly isn’t the largest out there since multibillionaires often own monstrous yachts taller than most modern skyscrapers – but it is pretty big nonetheless.

What was the Price of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht?

Despite the limited information, sources say that Jeff Bezos shelled out around $500 million for his luxurious yacht.

Although quite a hefty sum, this figure pales in comparison to his approximate net worth of $137 billion, making the expense much more reasonable.

It has also been revealed that Bezos can expect a yearly cost of around $25 million in order to operate the vessel; a sum which is still substantial but much less than motor yachts like the Eclipse, which have estimated yearly maintenance costs upwards of $60 million.

It’s no surprise why the billionaire opted for a sail boat instead – it’s simply more economical.

The Bottom Line

While the cost for Y721, a 127-meter sailing yacht built in 2022 by Oceanco for billionaire Jeff Bezos, may be the stuff of legends at over $500 million, what’s even more remarkable is how it was designed.

With three masts that tower 70 meters high, the yacht is virtually half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza and boasts highly advanced and sustainable technologies. Every aspect of its operation can be managed by a single individual with ease due to its cutting-edge features.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Y721 even comes complete with its own shadow yacht — boasting a wealth of luxurious amenities such as a helipad and jet skis — that’s approximately half its size.

As simplistic yet impressive as its design may be, it certainly appears like Jeff Bezos got his money’s worth.

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Aiman Aamir
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