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Who is Jason Hawes First Wife? Kristen Cornell?


Who is Jason Hawes Wife? Is it Kristen Cornell? Well, despite the public persona Jason Hawes has crafted through his professional career, the paranormal investigator has skillfully maintained a shield around his private life. Known as the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and a co-producer and star of Syfy’s Ghost Hunter, Hawes has left an undeniable imprint on the world of supernatural investigations. When the series returned for its 12th season under A&E, Hawes was notably absent and the reins were handed to former lead investigator Grant Wilson. Hawes, however, didn’t withdraw from the limelight entirely and now spearheads a fresh series, Ghost Nation, with Ghost Hunters veterans Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves. While the trajectory of Hawes’s professional journey is well-documented, there is a marked paucity of details about his wife, Kristen Cornell, and their children. This article aims to shed light on what is known about the enigmatic Kristen Cornell.

The Story Behind The Couple: Kristen and Jason

Kristen Cornell is a notably private figure, preferring to stay out of the camera’s glare and rarely making public appearances. The couple formed an attachment during Jason’s earlier years, culminating in their wedding on May 20, 1998. After more than two decades of marriage, the duo has become parents to six wonderful children. Their family consists of four daughters, Haily, Satori, Samantha, and Ellie Hawes, and twin sons, Austin and Logan Hawes. Interestingly, the twins, due to their birth timings of 11:55 PM and 12:19 AM, celebrate their birthdays on separate dates. Samantha is the oldest sibling, and Ellie the youngest.

Jason and Kristen share a common belief in the supernatural, creating a strong bond between them. Jason, in a candid interview with Geek Mom, talked about the parallels he sees between raising children and paranormal investigations – the key being observing and communicating with them regularly. He also disclosed that being with Kristen during her ultrasound for their twins was one of the most frightening moments for him.

Rumors and Reality: Kristen’s Near-Death Experience

A few years ago, rumors about the tragic death of Jason Hawes Wife, Kristen Cornell spread like wildfire, bringing an outpouring of emotions for the Hawes family. However, amidst the condolences and occasional hateful comments, it was revealed that the whole incident was based on a misunderstanding. The rumors stemmed from a post in which Jason shared about Kristen’s near-death experience.

During the 2013 Christmas season, Kristen had to be swiftly taken to the hospital due to a brain infection. After spending some days in the ICU, her condition gradually improved, and she was able to recover by the end of the year. Jason expressed his gratitude to his followers for their support by sharing a photo.

Kristen’s Stance on Television Appearances:

Kristen has been a restrained presence on television, making only sporadic appearances. Even when Jason launched the new show Ghost Nation, Kristen chose to stay in the background. Despite being a believer in the paranormal, she prefers to leave the investigations to her husband.

Jason Hawes: Paranormal Investigator, Author, and Television Personality

Jason Hawes is a prominent figure in America’s paranormal investigation scene, having authored several books on the topic and appearing in over 220 episodes of the popular paranormal investigation television series “Ghost Hunters” from 2004 to 2022. Besides founding The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and acting as its lead investigator, Hawes has also lectured and conducted workshops on paranormal investigation.


In conclusion, the story of Jason Hawes Wife , Kristen Cornell is a testament to their love, shared beliefs, and resilience. While Jason continues to fascinate audiences with his paranormal investigations and his media engagements, Kristen provides unwavering support from behind the scenes. Together, they form a team that not only navigates the perils and mysteries of the supernatural world but also the challenges and joys of raising a large family. Despite their brushes with the paranormal, they remain grounded in their love for each other and their family, serving as a real-life example of a couple thriving amidst the extraordinary.

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