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Jarnette Olsen Wiki, Age, Bio & More


Jarnette Olsen is a legendary figure in the entertainment industry. She has been an integral part of molding the careers of her three famous daughters – Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, and Elizabeth Olsen, popularly known as Scarlet Witch from Marvel’s Avengers series.

Jarnette has had quite an eventful journey full of hard work and dedication that ultimately led to her daughters’ success. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Jarnette Olsen’s life story, age, bio and more!

Jarnette Olsen Early Life

Jarnette is a unique woman who has reached the amazing age of 68! She was born on February 22nd 1954 in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles. Culturally, Jarnette’s background is made up of a diverse ethnic mix and she stands to represent Christian nationality.

Her parents amazingly belonged to professional backgrounds; her mother Mary Jones an accountant and father David Jones a teacher.

As Jarnette grew, she relished taking part in several extracurricular activities throughout her school days in which were conducted in a local school close by. In 1972, this strong focused individual had achieved the remarkable milestone in completing her studies at school with successful graduation.

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Unknown to the Glamor World

Jarnette Olsen was not an unknown face to the glamor world, even before her daughters made it big.

A professional dancer and former actor, she was known for her incredible performances at several events. Her acting skills were visible from a young age and she made her comeback with WL Boy and Rick Friedberg’s 1993 short film ‘Our First Video’ which starred the famous Olsen twins.

She also made a few other notable appearances in shows like Celebrity Profile, Driven, and Biography. Arguably more than anyone else, Jarnette is responsible for making her daughters into the stars that they are today, with their good genes coming from this talented mother of theirs.

Jarnette Olsen Has A Son Too 

While the Olsen family is undoubtedly best known for their iconic identical twins, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, the eldest sibling Trent Olsen cannot be overlooked.

Trent has been by his sisters’ side since they were young children and was featured heavily in the documentaries surrounding their childhood stardom.

Despite having numerous on-screen opportunities with his sisters, Trent decided to pursue a career in music instead. He has released several albums and some popular singles, even touring with Pixies and Death Cab For Cutie.

His amusing yet passionate performances have earned him a loyal fanbase of his own over the years. It would seem that both Trent and his sisters are successful to a similar degree, though in different fields!

Jarnette Olsen Separated From Ex Husband

Jarnette’s road to settling down with a husband wasn’t as straightforward as most people assume. She avoided talking about it and kept the details of her wedding to David a secret, with only close friends and family members in attendance.

After 18 years of marriage, Jarnette separated from David in 1996. It must have been a difficult time for her to adjust to being apart from him, especially since he proceeded the same year to marry his secretary McKenzie Olsen.

Thankfully, she was able to re-establish her life again, although it likely took some time for closure after such an emotional break-up.

Their Divorce Deeply Affected Twins

The divorce of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s parents was a difficult moment in their young lives. Jarnette, their mother, had originally been hesitant to let the girls pursue an acting career on Full House, but decided to go with the flow considering they were having fun.

Little did anyone know that it would turn out to be a lucrative career for the sisters – but the ripple effect the divorce had on their lives wasn’t quite over. 

When Jarnette and David, the twins’ father, fought for custody of them, it posed a unique situation that potentially left Ashley and Mary-Kate divided and in disarray.

Family members reported that Mary-Kate preferred attending her dad’s second marriage while Ashley skipped it, which would support reports that Mary-Kate was more favored by their father while Ashley seemed more attached to her mom. 

Fortunately, as adults the Olsen twins have refuted these claims of family favoritism and maintain that they were close in ways no one could ever understand.

It is clear however, that their parent’s divorce deeply affected them – yet despite this early hardship they went on to build successful careers in an industry dominated by adults.

Jarnette Olsen Age

Jarnette Olsen is a remarkable woman who looks younger than her age in every sense. She has a well-maintained body and approachable smile.

Not much is known about her height and weight, however, she appears to be quite tall when she stands next to other people. Her light blonde hair frames her face perfectly and makes her black eyes stand out even more.

Moreover, Jarnette Olsen ages gracefully, with no wrinkles on her face and no grey hairs on the head!

Jarnette Olsen Net Worth

Jarnette Olsen’s personal net worth may be a mystery, but her two twin daughters Mary-Kate and Ashley have made substantial names for themselves with their massive $400 million combined total net worth. Once child actresses, the two moved on to become successful fashion designers.

Jarnette’s other daughter Elizabeth has seen no small success either and boasts a net worth of 5 million dollars.

Primary deriving her income from acting jobs in the United States, Elizabeth has acted in several films and television series which have contributed positively to her finances.

All three women prove that having strong family ties can ensure not one but multiple successes in different industries.


Jarnette Olsen has been an important force in the entertainment industry, raising three successful daughters who have all achieved success in their respective fields.

Although Jarnette’s net worth is unknown, her twin daughters Mary-Kate and Ashley have amassed a combined $400 million dollars while Elizabeth boasts a total of 5 million dollars. The family proves that with hard work and dedication, multiple successes can be achieved across different industries.

It’s no wonder why Jarnette looks younger than her age – she knows how to keep herself looking young from both inside and out! With such strong ties within the family it’s clear that Jarnette will continue to make waves for years to come.

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