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Jamie Linden Net Worth – Hollywood Famous Screenwriter


When any Hollywood movie attains the massive amount of the success, fame and earnings, we often credit the success to the performance portrayed by actors and actresses in the film. However other than acting done by the cast, they are other definite features that determine the success of the movie which are:

1) An engaging storyline
2) The script
3) Visual and sound effects
4) The theme of the movie
5) The direction of the movie

The list can go on but according to professionals and film critics, these are the key features that decide the success rate of the movie. Now among these five, the script of the movie plays a significant role; without the good script any movie no matter how good the actors were or how much budget was allocated, is bound to go for loss.

Hence hiring a creative and professional screenwriter can make a huge difference if that screenwriter is hired for re-writing the script during the middle of project. Most people have a false presumption that writing large number of scripts for films is what makes the successful screenwriter.

Not necessarily, as there are some notable screenwriters who have written less than five screenplays and nevertheless are recognized for their work for example Jamie Linden. Jamie Linden is American national screenwriter who is famous for two screenplays, Dear John and We are The Marshall. Without waiting any further let’s move on ahead to the following article which contains the details about Jamie Linden net worth, his personal life and his career.

Background of Jamie Linden

Jamie Linden was born on 3rd September 1980 in Winter Park, Florida. He finished his high school from the Lake Howell High School. Later on, he went to Florida State University’ College of Communication where he did his majors in media production and marketing.

After completing the university on 2001, Jamie along with three friends went for the tour in Hollywood California where they were invited to compete in game show called “The Price is Right”.

Upon reaching there, Jamie was selected to play the game in which he ended up winning cash prize of five thousand dollars and Tuscan wine server cart. He took his gifts as calling to stay in Hollywood and without any second thought; he made a final decision to work as screenwriter.

Jamie Linden’ career as Hollywood Screenwriter

Before working as screenwriter, Jamie Linden was working as assistant for two directors namely Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack. Just like any ordinary day, Jamie Linden was reading the FSView & Florida Flambeau which is Florida State University’ newspaper that reports the trends, on-campus events within the premises of university; while reading it he came across a article which was the about the disastrous plane crash of Southern Airways Flight 932 that took the lives of Marshall University Thundering Herd football team thirty years ago on 1970. 

Jamie become fixated with story and decided to write the script based on the adaption of Southern Airways Plane Crash. Regardless of the fact that Jamie was fired from several assistant jobs, this further prompted him to stick to the idea.

After losing his job, Jamie Linden proceeded to compose his very first script which he named it “Things to Do Before I Die” with the help of Cory Helms who was the alumni of University of Florida. Upon the completion of the script, Jamie Linden handed the script to the Warner Bros.

After buying the script, Jamie Linden and entire film crew had a meeting with those family members who were the victims of the plane crash. The purpose behind this meeting was to re-write and incorporate the authenticity of the event.

On 2006, the film “We are Marshall” was released which portrayed the repercussions of the 1970 plane crash and how the community went through process of healing from tragedy. Although the film received mixed reviews from film critics but was saved from harsh criticism due the exceptional acting done by Matthew McConaughey.

Many film critics shared the common opinion that it was the acting performance of Matthew that saved the movie from becoming work of failure.

Dear John (2010) was the second screenplay composed by Jamie Linden. This screenplay was based on the adaption from the Nicholas Sparks novel also known with the exact title “Dear John” which is the romantic war story about the soldier who exchanges love letters to lady he fell in love after being deployed for the impending conflict

Unlike his first script, Jamie at first was quite hesitant to take this project as he informed that he doesn’t usually watch romantic films or read love stories either. However he changed his mind when he thought over to re-write the script in a certain way that was appealing to wider audience, specifically to the males who watch romantic movies.

With that resolve, Jamie agreed to take this project under the direction of Lasse Hallstrom. Again this film received the mixed reviews, with some of them praising the performance done by the cast of the film including Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, while some of them dismaying the film with comments that the plot of the film appeared to be clichéd. However the film got nominated for several well-known accolades such as MTV Movie Awards and People Choice Awards.

Then on next year without taking any hiatus which he took between his first and second screenplay, Jamie started working towards his third screenplay which he named it “10 years”.

Unlike his first two scripts, Jamie not only took responsibility for composing the script but he himself took the responsibility of directing the film. In other words, this film was the first time experience of Jamie working as a director.

However it was the risky gamble for two reasons which were firstly Jamie didn’t have any former knowledge about the directing the film due to this he was using same approach he applied when he wrote the scripts. Secondly there were increased chances that the film was going to be costly as it had a handful of famous actors and actresses including Channing Tatum, Oscar Isaac, Chris Pratt, Lynn Collins and Jenna Dewan. Nevertheless the issues were tackled during the filmmaking.

Since the main plot of the story revolved around the school reunion where the alumni reconnect with their old school days love interests, major proportion of filming was done on Mexico with some parts of films done in New York and California as well.

Jamie informed that he originally got inspiration of doing the school reunion idea when he working for Dear John script. During that time Channing Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin were looking for opportunity to produce the film; hence the idea of “10 years” film was created.  The film received generally good reviews with 60% of approval rewarded by movie and film review website Rotten Tomatoes.

Jamie Linden Net Worth

If you are curious to know what Jamie linden net worth is, based on his profession of scriptwriting it is estimated to around $1-$1.5 million. But in year 2021, Jamie Linden net worth soared from $1.5 to $3 million.

Jamie Linden’ personal relationship

Jamie Linden is committed to Canadian actress Rachel Adams. The couple was spotted together sometime during spring of 2016. They haven’t walked on Red Carpet together as both of them prioritize privacy. At present the couple is proud parents of two boys with two years age gap.

Some random facts about the Jamie Linden

1.Jamie Linden was only 24 years when he sold his first script to Warner Bros.

2. His zodiac sign is Virgo

3. Before he got committed to Rachel Adams, Jamie Linden was in close relationship with New Girl’s leading actress Zoey Deschanel on 2012. However the relationship lasted for two years only.

4. He is best friend of American Actor Scott Porter. He and Scott used to study in same high school, Lake Howell High School. In fact Jamie was groomsman at Scott & Kelsey Wedding which took place in April 2003.

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