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Who is James Haven – Angelina Jolie’s Brother?


James Haven is the older brother of Angelina Jolie, two years his senior. They have had a close relationship over the years, even walking the red carpets together for their father’s events. Despite a tumultuous relationship between Angelina and her father Jon Voight, it didn’t stop the siblings from having a close relationship. James Haven is 6’2″ and is currently single, though he has been linked to multiple high-profile celebrities.

Who is James Haven

Oh boy, James Haven. The brother of Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has certainly made a name for himself…and not necessarily in a good way. Many Brangelina fans are up in arms about Haven and it’s not hard to see why. The negative impact he has had on his sister’s life has caused quite a stir in the media. But what’s the deal with him now? Well, it seems like Haven has laid low over the past decade and is shacking up with his partner of over 10 years. As for his relationship with Angelina…let’s just say it’s not exactly peachy. Meanwhile, Angelina and her ex-husband Brad Pitt are still making headlines, proving that even after all these years, love can still be a battlefield.

Are Angelina Jolie And James Haven Close?

Oh, snap! We’re talking about Angelina Jolie and James Haven’s relationship, and I’m feeling like the ultimate gossip girl. Okay, so let’s get into it. These two are the children of Hollywood royalty, but what’s the tea on their relationship? Well, despite all the drama with their dad, Jon Voight, Angelina and James were pretty close growing up. They were seen accompanying their father to red carpet events and even had nice things to say about each other in interviews. Some people even went as far as saying they were Hollywood’s power siblings! But as Angeline’s career took off and she started dating Jonny Lee Miller, things began to change. So, are they still close? I don’t know, but I’m hooked on this Jolie-Voight family drama.

What Is James Haven Doing Now?

Oh, James Haven. The forgotten sibling in the famous bloodline of actors. Sure, he had a few roles, including the thriller mystery film Breaking Dawn. But after that, he disappeared into the background while his sister Angelina continued to dominate Hollywood. James supposedly found religion, thanks to Ms. Jolie’s encouragement, and has been living a low-key life in Los Angeles ever since. It’s a shame he didn’t stick to acting, though. Who knows, maybe he could have been the next big thing. Guess we’ll never know.

Were Angelina Jolie And James Ever Partners?

Ooh, juicy gossip alert! So, were Angelina Jolie and James Haven ever a couple? Rumors spread like wildfire among fans, but the answer is a big, fat no. Despite their incredibly close relationship, they’re just siblings showing familial love and affection. Sure, they’ve been each other’s plus ones on the red carpet, with James even becoming the nanny for his four nieces and nephews for a year. But sorry, folks, there’s no scandal here. Let’s just appreciate their bond as siblings, shall we?

Angelina Jolie And James Haven Kissed In The Oscars

Oh, the kiss seen around the world. Angelina Jolie and James Haven really knew how to steal the show at the 2000 Oscars. While most siblings would have just given a supportive pat on the back or an encouraging word, these two went above and beyond. They showed up in matching outfits and surprised everyone with a kiss on the lips. And let’s not forget Angelina’s acceptance speech where she declared her love for her brother. It was a moment that made headlines for weeks and even seven years later, people were still talking about it. But hey, when you’re that talented, gorgeous, and confident, why not go all out and make a statement? Bravo, Angelina and James. Bravo.

Is James Closer To The Jolie-Pitt Children Than Brad Pitt?

Oh, James Haven, you sneaky little nanny, trying to edge your way into Brad Pitt’s role as the father figure to the Jolie-Pitt children. But let’s be real here, James, you may have been on diaper duty for a year, but that doesn’t make you closer to those kids than Brad. The man may have some custody restrictions, but he’s still managed to be a big part of his children’s lives and growth. Sorry James, but in the words of Destiny’s Child, “You can’t get no love from me.”

Did James Haven Cause Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s Divorce?

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: James Haven did NOT make Brad and Angie split up. Sure, he may have caused some drama in the past and maybe even gotten a little too close for comfort, but let’s not jump to conclusions here. In fact, we don’t even know if the rumors about him seeking Angelina’s advice on how to navigate his own divorce are true. And even if they were, who cares? It’s not like James was the only person in the world going through a divorce. As for Brad not being a fan of James, well, who knows? Maybe he’s just jealous of his sister’s close bond with someone else. Either way, let’s not blame the poor guy for Brangelina’s problems.


Angelina Jolie and James Haven have had a close relationship for years, despite the tumultuous relationship between Angelina and their father, Jon Voight. Over the years, they have been seen walking the red carpets together and have had nice things to say about each other in interviews. James is 6’2″ and is currently single, though he has been linked to multiple high-profile celebrities. Though there were rumors of a romantic relationship between the two, they are just siblings showing familial love. Now, James has taken a backseat to the Hollywood scene, living a low-key life in LA with his partner of over 10 years. However, their close bond is still evident, especially when they kissed on the 2000 Oscars stage. Despite Brad Pitt’s involvement in his children’s lives, James has also been a big figure in their family. At the end of the day, even though James and Angelina have had their ups and downs, they still remain close and will always be siblings.

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