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What Jack Matfin Bell Can Teach Us About Being A Successful Star Kid


There’s no doubt that Jack Matfin Bell is a popular star kid. He is the only biological son of Hollywood stars Jamie Bell and his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood. His father Jami is an English actor who rose to fame for his role in the coming-of-age comedy-drama movie Billy Elliot. So what can Jack teach us about being a successful star kid? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

When Was Jack Matfin Bell Born?

Jack Matfin Bell was born on July 28, 2013 – the firstborn child of famous Hollywood stars, Jamie Bell and his then-wife, Evan Rachel Wood. Fans of their work were ecstatic when the couple announced Jack’s arrival into the world. Now seven years old, Jack’s nationality is American due to both parents being natives of the country.

When Jack Matfin Bell was about to be born, his mother took 6 months of maternity leave from her work to take good care of her child and joined after his birth, in the movie 10 things I hate about life [2014].

Being a superstar kid, throughout his young life, he has had many unique opportunities to travel and explore adventures no doubt made available by his superstar parents!

Are Jack Matfin Bell’s Parents Still Together?

Fans of the star kid Jack Matfin Bell have long been wondering about his celebrity parents’ relationship. Did Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood stay together for the long haul, or did their two-year union fizzle out? Unfortunately, the answer cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no”.

What we know is that the couple got married in 2012 and welcomed their firstborn son in July of 2013 but have since led separate lives. While details on what may have happened between the two remain unknown, one thing is certain — they are both focused on giving their son Jack the best possible upbringing despite knowing that he comes from a divorced household.

Jack Maftin Half-Sister From His Father’s Second Marriage

Jack Matfin Bell is no ordinary man – not only does he come from a celebrated Hollywood family, but he also has a younger half-sister from his father’s second marriage to actress Kate Mara. From counting Reese Witherspoon and Molly Shannon among his A-list relatives to having an amazing step-sibling like Kate Mara for company, Jack certainly has quite a unique story.

With such blessings, it isn’t hard to understand why this young man holds himself in high regard! His place in an ever-expanding circle of extended family members shows just how far he has come already, and with the guidance and opportunity that comes with such privilege, Jack can be sure that the best of his endeavors will be realized.

How Rich Is The Star-Kid Jack Matfin Bell?

Now and then, we encounter stars who reach new heights of fame, and Jack Matfin Bell is no exception. The young Hollywood star is a jack-of-all-trades, having accomplished amazing feats as a voice actor, co-star in several films, and even an up-and-coming author.

But what truly sets him apart from other celebrities is his immense wealth. From lucrative endorsement deals to large royalties from his book sales and film appearances.

Both the superstar parents hold whooping net worths. As of 2022, his father Jamie Bell holds $11 million and his mother Evan Rachel is at $8 million. That’s impressive. Isn’t it? According to Celebrity Net Worth, her salary in Westworld (2016) was $250,000 per episode in Season 3. With that kind of money in the bank and an impressive set of skills, the sky’s the limit for this talented rising star.

Jamie Bell & Evan Rachel Wood Stardom

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell are two powerhouse actors who have been inspiring audiences around the world for years. Wood first made her mark on the silver screen with Thirteen and was in the popular television series Westworld, while Bell gained recognition for dancing pirouettes off-stage and onto the box office with Billy Elliot.

His debut role in the film Billy Elliot made him famous overnight. The couple’s reign of stardom has taken them to new heights, so much so that they even married in 2012 and are raising their son together. Not only do they continue to dazzle us on the big screen, but their passion for creativity is contagious, motivating people everywhere to follow their dreams.

Who is the father of Evan Rachel Woods Son

If you’ve heard the news about Evan Rachel Wood’s son and are wondering who his father is, keep reading. Jamie Bell can say that he is the proud father of Evan Rachel Woods’ son! Jack and Evan have been together since 2012 and split in 2014.

They reunited briefly in 2015 before separating permanently. Sources have reported that they remain on good terms and continue to co-parent their son. It’s great to see two parents coming together to prioritize their child!

Who holds the custody of Jack Matfin Bell and what is the future of this star kid

The custody of Jack Matfin Bell is held primarily by his mother, Evan Rachel Wood. She and Jack’s father, Jamie Bell, have reached amicable terms in an agreement to the benefit of the child’s well-being. Evan Rachel Wood will serve as the primary guardian while both parents share custody.

Jack Matfin Bell is guaranteed an upbringing rooted in love and emotional security as both Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell are committed to being active and present figures in their son’s life. Ultimately, the future of this star kid looks bright with two loving caretakers determined to see him grow up happy, safe, and healthy. The security of Jack Matfin Bell is ensured with a team of dedicated professionals on the case 24/7.

Final Thoughts

As the only biological child of Hollywood stars Jamie Bell and his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood, Jack Matfin Bell is a star kid with immense wealth and privilege. With an ever-growing circle of extended family members, Jack is sure to reach new heights in his endeavors with the guidance and opportunity that comes with such privilege.

Not only does he have powerhouse parents who reign as stardom icons in their own right, but they continue to support him wholeheartedly in all of his creative pursuits. As jack-of-all-trades talent blossoms into young adulthood, it will be exciting to see what other accomplishments this rising star achieves!

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