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J Alphonse Nicholson – Age, Net Worth, Wife & Biography


There are many notable and well-renowned black male actors who have made their name in Hollywood through strength of their hard work and natural talent.

Though it is admirable to see that these people are living their dreams, but what makes it more exciting is when you come to know that the said people reached for their dreams by starting from scratch.

You will be surprised when I reveal the name of the actor who has recently got popular for his role in Starz-breakout series “P-Valley”. If you guessed it correctly, then you are right, it’s none other than J Alphonse Nicholson.

J Alphonse Nicholson is an African-American actor and Percussionist. Before he took the lead role in P-Valley, J Alphonse was already making his career by performing in theater plays and playing the musical instruments.

Before indulging in his acting career further, let’s go back to his history; that how did an ordinary African-American black man became an exceptional actor.

J Alphonse Nicholson Date of Birth

J Alphonse was born in 6th July in 1985 in North Carolina, America. Because of keeping a low-profile of his family, the details of his parents aren’t known. However, we do have the confirmation that he is an African-American national, automatically making him a part of black ethnicity. J Alphonse has two siblings: one brother and one sister name Sade.

J Alphonse Nicholson Background

He is about 38 years as of July 2022 and is successful in life and doing good with his family.

J Alphonse did his primary schooling from the local elementary school when he was just three

years old. After finishing high school at year 2008, he got enrolled in theater program at the North Carolina Central University.

When he was just a child, J Alphonse’s parents directed their efforts on developing their son music skills by making him play a variety of musical instruments consisting of drums, piano and guitar.

As the years passed, J Alphonse continued playing with drums during his middle and high schooling. He played it in church as well. After completing his majors in theater from a university, J worked for Durham and Chapel Hill. He worked there for a while before finally moving to New York permanently.

J Alphonse Nicholson Age

J Alphonse is 36 years old. He is 173cm or 1.73 m tall, which is 5ft and 10 inches. He currently weighs at 80 kg. His zodiac sign is Cancer.       

As a Street Drummer

When there are many obstacles in a path, its’ a sign that the goal is worth fighting for. This quote perfectly sums up J Alphonse’s acting career. After he shifted to New York, J Alphonse had a hard time establishing his career in acting sphere.

While trying to land a role in the entertainment world, J was struggling to make his ends meet. To combat with this issue, J Alphonse started working three to four hours as a street drummer. In his free time, he applied for acting auditions.

As a Professional Actor

J Alphonse finally got his major breakthrough when he played a lead role for a show “Caleb Calypso and the Midnight Marauders” by Howard L. Craft in 2009. Because of his amazing acting performance, J Alphonse got casted in a few notably films and hit TV shows.

Among these, his recent role in a Famous TV show called P-Valley earned him a great fame. P-Valley is an American Drama series created by Katori Hills, whose main story revolves around a group of people who are hired as strippers/dancers for strips clubs in Mississippi, Delta.

J Alphonse plays the main character, Lil Murda who challenges the typical labels set by the society. He played the character flawlessly, inevitably creating a large fan base of his acting. Since then, he has starred in numerous Hollywood films and drama series.

Here is the list of films/TV shows J Alphonse has casted:

1. They Cloned Tyrone (2022)

2.Before/During/After (2020)

3.Mother’s Milk (2021)

4.Steve (2019)

5. Perfectly Single (2019)

6. Hit A Lick (2017)

7. A Burial Hymn (2015)

8. Southern Gospel

9. Wheels (2020)

10. Just Mercy (2019)

11. Don’t Know yet (2013)

J Nicholson American TV shows/Drama

1. P-Valley (2020-2022)

2. FBI: Most Wanted (2020)

3. Chicago P.D (2018)

4. The Blacklist (2018)

5. Blue Bloods (2015)

6. Shots Fired (2017)

7. Mr. Robot (2016)

8. Shots Fired (2017)

9. Luke Cage (2016)

10. Tales (2017-2019)

11. Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker (2020)

Since he had talent and experience in theater acting, J Alphonse Nicholson have many credits to himself in few of the theater plays which are:

1.  Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Greene (2017)

2. Days of Rage (2018)

3. A Soldier’s Play (2020)

4. Paradise Blue (2018)

J Alphonse Age & Personal Life

J Alphonse Nicholson is married to his long-time girlfriend, Nafeesha Kausar. The couple has only one son, Bryce Nicholson who was born in 2011. He is both a loving husband and a doting father as photos from his official social media are clear evidence of it.

J Alphonse Nicholson Wife

His wife, Nafeesha is very supportive of his career, as she often shares his current work in social media. In his free time, J Alphonse Nicholson wife is charming and beautiful and he also loves spending time with his son. Sometimes if he gets an opportunity, he brings him along in studios.

J Alphonse Nicholson Net Worth

The current net worth of J Alphonse Nicholson is approximately $900 thousand. His main source of current income is acting.

Some Fun Facts of J Alphonse Nicholson

1. The character “Hook” played by late Robin Williams inspired him to chase a career in professional acting.

2.  He has worked with some of award winners celebrities including Michael B. Jordan, Mike Colter and Octavia Spencer.

3. He is a street drummer. He played drums with pots and buckets to pay his bills while residing in New York.

4. He enjoys cooking and spending time with his family. He is an avid reader as well.

5. J Alphonse is an advocate for the use of Cannabis. He is the brand ambassador for Balls Family Farm, which is a social equity licensed premium Cannabis organization.

6. He owns a clothing brand known as Steady Grind.

7. J Alphonse has Official Social Media Accounts, both in Facebook and Instagram. He is not active in Facebook despite having a handle there. However, he frequently shares his personal life and work in Instagram. Currently, he has 334k followers in Instagram.

8. J Alphonse has his own YouTube Channel, with subscribers amounting to almost 4.26k.        

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