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Ivy Jane Kane: Star Kid Personal life, Future Plans, Parents, Net Worth and More


Ivy Jane Kane is a kid of the celebrity cum sportsman cum public figure Harry Kane. She is the first born in the family. The star kid was born in the year 2017 on 8th of January and currently, she is aged five years old and soon to be six in almost two months. She was born in Chingford, England and is British.

Ivy Jane’s Zodiac Sign is Aquarius and by her star, we can predict that the star kid has tendencies of being super skillful and creative as well as sensible, and only time will tell if the predictions are right as she is too young to be judged by her Zodiac sign potential traits, however, the kid is super cuter, immensely delicate and heart-warmingly adorable.

Ivy was a very anticipated kid as the couple announced their pregnancy way before the birth. The adorable kid has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Keeping scrolling to get to know more about the famous football player’s kid.

Ivy Jane Kane Father Harry Kane

Harry Kane is a renowned British football player and also the captain of the England National Team. Harry is known as the best of his domain and he has played as a striker as well. He officially plays for Tottenham Hotspur.

Harry started following his passion for football from a young age and performed well with consistency and eventually made a big name for himself. He has a long list of accolades and it includes his achievement as win for Premier League Golden Boot, Premier League Player of the Month, FIFA World Cup Golden Boot and Premier League Team of the year. 

Harry Kane has millions of people to make happy by his performance but when it comes to family, he is equally sensible and feels responsible in making his family proud and safe. He makes the perfect balance between personal and professional life. He has utmost love for his kids and value his family as the most precious gift of his life. He is super cool dad and a very decent husband. We wish the family all the good things.

Ivy Jane Kane’s Siblings

Ivy Jane Kane has two younger siblings and she is a big sister of two wonderful souls. They share a playful bong and the sibling’s trio is so adorable. Her younger sister is named Vivienne Jane Kane and her younger brother is named Louis Harry Kane. 

Ivy Jane Kane Grandparents

Ivy Jane Kane is super lucky to grow up under the shade of her grandparents. She has immense love of her parents and her grandparents. Grandfather is named Pat Kame and grandmother is named Kim Kane.

How Did Ivy Jane Kane Parents meet

Father Harry Kane and Mother Katie Goodland have a very interesting love story and it restores our trust in long term relationships. They knew each other from childhood and in a way, they grew up together. Their bond was so profound that in their teenage, they felt more like friends for each other and started dating each other.

Katie Goodland

Being a decent man, Harry proposed to Katie in the year 2016 at venue of the Bahamas and Katie said yes to get married. The couple had a marriage ceremony in a private arena and had a super intimate ceremony. They decided to have a kid soon after getting married. Currently the couple have 3 children, two daughters and a son. 

Ivy Jane Kane Net Worth

It will be too early to expect any exact figure as the star kid’s net worth but nonetheless, her parents are super rich and baby Ivy Jane Kane is living a luxurious life with her siblings and parents. It is reported that her father Harry earns about $12 million. 

Ivy Jane Kane Career Plan

Ivy Jane is not ventured into any career yet, but being a daughter to a well-celebrated athlete, it can be predicted that she might also choose to play a sport professionally when she grows up. But life is full of surprises and there are endless options when it comes to profession, we never know what path will she make and how is she going to do it. 

Ivy Jane Kane Public Appearances

There are many people who wants to see more about the happy family of Harry and therefore, a lot of paparazzi has been following them around all the time. Although, they have made several public appearances as a family and millions of fans love it to see them together as a family.

Ivy Jane Kane Social Media Accounts

Ivy Jane has no social media accounts yet as she is too young to handle it. However, in future, we might get to see her on social media. 

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