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Isla Atkinson – Rowan Atkinson’s Daughter [Updated]


Looking for Isla Atkinson, well, A gen Z star kid, born in the year 2017. She is the daughter of a famous comedian Rowan Atkinson and actor Louise Ford.

The couple stared seeing each other after working together on a project and finally in after a long wait they decided to have their kid in the year 2017. Both of their fans are super excited and intrigued by the birth of the Isla and eager to see Rowan Atkinson daughter.

Her parents had only one child but Isla has two half-siblings. A half-brother named Benjamin and a half-sister named Lily. Benjamin and Lily’s mother is Sunetra Sastry who is now the half-mother to Isla.

Isla Atkinson Mother – Louise Ford

Louise Ford is a British actor and a comedian. This celebrity went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2007. She had a clear vision career wise of what she wants to be and what she enjoys doing the most. And so, she gained education in her desirable career field. 

Louise Ford has acted in some famous sketches as Horrible Histories, The Windsor’s and has worked on some other lesser-known projects. Her career highlights include performing at the Edinburgh Festival fringe.  

Afte working with the famous comedian Rowan Atkinson in a play, she fell in love with him and they both stared dating afterwards. The couple had their child in 2017. They named their adorable daughter as Isla.


Isla Atkinson Father; Rowan Atkinson

The enormously known celebrity, comedian and a writer Rowan Atkinson is the father of Isla Atkinson. He is British and has attended Newcastle University and Oxford University for his degrees in electrical engineering.

His comedy series Mr. Bean is his main cause of his recognition even globally. His journey of becoming the character named Mr. Beam also started at the Oxford University.

He started discovering his undiscovered love for acting but he struggled in gaining acceptance because of his speaking disorder. Gradually he realized that he naturally doesn’t stutter when playing characters other than himself.

In his early years, he was constantly teased by his classmates because of the way he looked and spoke. The judgments about the way he looked had not stopped throughout his time trying to find his spot in the acting world.

As a result of it, he, instead of being in front of camera, started doing radio comedy and he did it for 10 years until he actually got his shot in front of camera. Let’s dig more about Rowan Atkinson children.


He is so brilliant in what he does and just looking at his face can make you laugh. Mr. Bean’s first episode was released in 1990 and this man is making millions of people laugh ever since. The series have been telecasted in many countries around the world and people sheer enjoy the series till date. Let’s find more about daughter of Mr Bean in this article 

Isla Atkinson half-sister Lily Sastry

Mr Bean real daughter is Sunetra Sastry. When you have such brilliant actor as your parent, one can naturally get inspired by the idea of following into such career path under the mentorship of their parents.

Lily chose the acting career and she appeared on the big screen first time in the year 2004 in the movie called Tooth. She has also worked with her father Rowan. 

Isla Atkinson’s half-brother Benjamin Atkinson

Benjamin’s parents are Rowan and Sunetra Sastry. Despite the fact of being a son to a famous actor, Benjamin decided to take a career path of completely his own interest. He joined British Armed Forces.

He got himself enrolled at the Royal Military College in Sandhurst to join the British army. He got an opportunity to meet the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. This gives us an outward indication that he has been performing well in her respective field. 

His looks and smile are similar to his father and many say that he shares sheer resemblance to his father. 

Isla Atkinson in the public eye:

Mr Bean daughter is a star in the public eye. People who have been fan of her father’s work and admirers of the chemistry between Rowan and Louise have been keeping an eye on any updates coming out on how they are parenting their little girl and what decisions are being made for her future. People lovingly taking interest in the life of this little star kid.


Isla Atkinson Net Worth

The little kid obviously doesn’t have her own earning source from where her net worth can be quoted but her father’s Net Worth is $150 million.

Isla Atkinson’s formative year

The little kid is privileged in many ways as both her parents are successful actors and are well capable to provide a luxurious life to their kid Isla.

She currently lives in a multi-millionaire mansion in the village of Ipsen in Oxford Shire Besides, Isla holds British Nationality and is from a White ethnic background.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson net worth is $150 million.

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