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IShowSpeed Net Worth – How much money does he make?


IShowSpeed is an American gaming YouTuber also known as Speedy by his stans. He is also a soccer athlete, musician, businessman and live streamer. He is a full-time YouTubers, uploading content daily. Although he started off as a YouTuber but the most defining thing that made him known to larger number of people is when his fans started posting his reaction clips on TikTok. 

 IShowSpeed is famous for his spontaneous, unfiltered and hot-headed reactions that might be a misapprehension to some but enjoyed but those who has been the following his content throughout and by those who have an easy-going nature. 

IShowSpeed Real Name

IShowSpeed is the stage name of Darren Watkins Jr. And he currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. IShowSpeed is the stage name he chose for his gaming YouTube channel. He was born in the year 2005 in January. His age is seventeen years old as of 2022. 

IShowSpeed Personal Life

As any seventeen-year-old would be expected to be studying in high school, for making a good future, Darren has already decided what is going to be the reason for his good future. He is currently enrolled in high school but has no plans on attending college. He believes the school system is very time demanding and he is not up for dedicating is time earning a degree. Although, it should not be the message a public figure should give to their audience but if he has found meaningful passion in his journey with YouTuber, we are sure that it is going to open many other doors of opportunities.    

Darren has some working experience in odd jobs, he has worked in a nursing home and delivering food, before he officially became a YouTuber

IShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed lives a lavish lifestyle as he conventionally makes tons of money from YouTube by gaining millions on views and merchandizing. He has a top-notch gadget collection for shooting purposes and has a lot of luxurious possessions. IShowSpeed estimated net worth is $4 million. His estimated monthly earnings, according to SocialBlade is $30,333.

IShowSpeed YouTube Journey

IShowSpeed started devotedly making content for YouTube in the year 2016 and is among one of the most active YouTubers but success was not served to him easily, it required a lot of consistency and setting up the bar as par to some of his most enjoyed content by people. He mentioned that it was a random advice from his friend to start up a YouTube channel, he acted upon it and he is here now. He currently has 11.9 million subscribers on YouTube and his channel is proliferating as he gains more and more subscribers every day. 

His videos have millions of views and some of them were viewed by millions of people in a matter of hours. Darren aka IShowSpeed has made more than 1.1K videos till 2022. 

He plays NBA 2K gameplays, WWE 2K, and Fortnite and commentates contemporaneously. His facial expressions while commentating are loved by people and often made as memes over the internet.

IShowSpeed Music

IShowSpeed has made music and he has gained tremendous fame from that as well.  His music video named Shake has 140 million views on YouTube and he made part two of it as well and it has 19 million views. Some of his songs are; ‘Ronalda’ with 21 million views, ‘God is Good’ with 16 million views, ‘Bounce that a$$’ with 20 million views, and the list goes on. People not only enjoy his personality in front of the camera, but they seem to enjoy his art also. 

IShowSpeed Ex-Girlfriend

IShowSpeed was in a relationship with Ermony Renee, and they shared some pictures of them together on the social media as well. They did not openly talk about their relationship rather dropped hints for fans to know that they are seeing each other. Eventually they broke up for unknown reasons and Ermony and Darren are no longer dating each other.

In one of his videos, he stated that his fiancée cheated on him, and it left him devastated and heart broken.  This was prior to dating Ermony Renee. 

IShowSpeed Being Disrespectful to a Female YouTuber

Being furious is a part of what he does at YouTube, however being disrespectful is totally uncool. While gaming and livestreaming concurrently with a female YouTuber, IShowSpeed got furious on his defeat and started disrespecting the fellow gamer by saying sarcastically, “Am I talking to a female?” His fans got upset by his behavior and later he apologized to his audience after getting backlash for his words.   

IShowSpeed Got Arrested

While streaming on August 8, in the year 2022, IShowSpeed’s house was swatted by a group of police officials from Cincinnati after an anonymous report that labelled him as a threat was received by the police. For the unversed, the Oxford meaning of swatting is “the action or practice of making a hoax call to the emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.”

the YouTuber, who did not have any idea about what was happening said in disbelief:

“Oh my god, bro! I swear I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do s**t. Oh my god!”

The whole act was captured by the person behind the camera and the whole ordeal was recorded till he was asked to stop. After this surfaced online, the young YouTuber received a lot of support from his younger audience who hoped that the YouTuber is doing fine.

IShowSpeed Social Media Accounts

YouTube channel, IShowSpeed, with a number of 11.9 million subscribers. 

Instagram handle; ishowspeed, with a number of 4.8 million followers. 

Twitter account, ishowspeedsui, with a number of 1 million followers.

TikTok handle, TikTok,  with a number of 4.8 million followers.

His own space on Discord, Discord Server

His merchandised shirts at Merchandise

His Apple Music, Apple Music.

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