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Isaiah Tota – The Son Of Christina Milian And Matthieu Tota


To begin with, Isaiah Tota is the son of Christina Milian and Matthieu Tota. Christina whom the world knows as an American-Cuban actress, singer as well as a songwriter. While Matthieu on the other hand is a French singer and songwriter.

The following article will cover everything about Isaiah and his parents.

Isaiah Tota’s Parents

Isaiah’s Mother: Christina Milian

Christina Marie Flores was born on 26 September 1981 in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Don Flores and Carmen Flores. Her ethnicity is Afro-Cuban.

At the tender age of 4, Christian started showing interest in show business. She was often found watching television and listening to the radio. Then when she turned 9, she had already started auditioning with local agencies that were on a talent hunt.

Christina appeared in a few commercials such as Honeycomb and Wendy’s. And finally made her debut on the stage by playing the lead role in the musical play; Annie.

Christina was only 13 years old when her parents got separated. Her mother Carmen took her three daughters including Christina to Los Angeles and got settled there. Once settling down, Christina changed her surname, taking her mother’s one. The name ‘Milian’ was bound to help her in achieving acting roles, was her logic.

Christina not only dreamt of being an actress. She wanted to be in the record business too. Entering the record business was no easy feat. Despite writing her own songs and recording them, the producer would refuse to give her a demo.

Christina’s breakthrough came in by collaborating with Ja Rule’s song “Between Me and You”. The said song was at number 11 on the Billboard hot 100. Then she provided backing vocals for the track “Play” by Jennifer Lopez.

Milian’s collaboration with Ja rule led her to sign a recording deal with the company Def soul records.

On 9 October 2001, her self-titled album was released and it ranked at number 23 on the charts. Later on, her album’s first single “Dip It Low” became an instant huge hit despite the controversy tagging along with it.

Christina’s dream of being an actress came true when she was cast as a reporter in Movie Surfers. From time to time, she did minor roles for the shows such as Smart Guy, Get Real and American Pie.

Surprisingly Christina also participated in the TV competition ‘Dancing with the stars’, where she was paired with Mark Ballas. The duo however was eliminated in the fifth week, ending up in 9th place.

Isaiah’s father: M. Pokora

Matthieu did his schooling in Hohberg and college from Paul-Emile Victor.

Like his father, Matthieu wanted to become a footballer but that soon changed. His passion got replaced with music, hence pursuing to become a professional player was it now.

Before entering the world of showbiz, Matthieu picked his stage name, in case he succeeds. It was ‘Matt Pokora’, the word Pokora coming from the Polish language, meaning ‘humility’.

Matt Pokora now shortened to just M. Pokora participated in the French reality talent hunt show; Popstars. The show’s main aim was to form a boy or girl band from the winners. Matt along with Otis and Lionel won the competition and a boy band emerged, naming it Linkup.

Linkup performed well in the beginning, but it wasn’t lasting. Just after one year, it got disbanded.

M. Pokora then went solo. This time he succeeded. One after another, his singles were successful, topping the charts.

In addition to singles, M collaborated with other artists to produce albums. Ricky Martin and Zoxea were among those artists.

Christina and M first came across each other at a restaurant in France in the year 2017. They wouldn’t have conversed with each other if it weren’t for the manager of the eatery. The manager in question was of the opinion that music artists should talk with each other, regardless of different backgrounds.

Christina and M immediately clicked at the first interaction and from there onward started dating.

After dating for three years, the couple welcomed their first child on 20 January 2020. A son named Isaiah.

Isaiah has one step-sister; Violet Madison Nash, Christina’s daughter from her previous marriage. She’s ten years old.

Isaiah’s parents finally got married in Paris in December 2020. In a span of a few days, the Totas made an announcement on Instagram that they are going to become parents again.

And so, on 23rd April 2021, Isaiah got one more sibling; a baby brother named Kenna Tota.

Facts about Isaiah Tota

  • Isaiah Tota’s parents share the same birthdate.
  • Isaiah Tota’s zodiac is the earth sign; Capricorn.
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