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Is Instagram down Today? Users Report Accounts Suspension


Your account has been suspended! Imagine the horror you go through when you see this message displayed per opening Instagram. On 4th October 2022, several users reported mass account suspensions taking place. The notification stated that after 30 days, the account gets permanently deleted. Twitter got flooded with the hashtag Instagram down, which sparked panic worldwide. Imagine enjoying scrolling through reels, and the app just crashes for no reason. 

Did it happen to you too? If yes, don’t worry. You are in the same boat as thousands of other people. Numerous users stated that their accounts have been locked, suspended, or deleted without a solid reason. It is not the first time Instagram down is a problem.

What went wrong?

People took to Twitter to say that Instagram was not working for them. Initially, no one knew what caused this problem. Twitter users shared screenshots of their accounts getting suspended for no reason. Despite violating no guidelines, people faced suspension of their accounts, and some could not access the app. To put the cherry on top, when people entered the code for verification, it showed them a loading error. The Facebook-owned company was facing a global crisis yet once again.

Like any other problem, netizens bombarded Twitter showing their frustration. Why were Facebook and Instagram down?

When did users start facing this problem?

This problem occurred after the recent IOS and Android update. Many people experienced their accounts crashing or being suspended after receiving the update. Instagram down 10/4 was likely the cause of some bugs or technical issues. The most surprising part is people who followed community guidelines to a tea still received messages of suspension. Let’s see why  Instagram down happened.

Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, lost three million followers, along with other celebrities. Even Instagram’s official account lost over a million followers.

What caused the problem?

The culprit behind this was a bug. The bug caused the temporary suspension, crashing, and a loss in follower count. Although bug issues are nothing to worry about, it still causes annoyance, especially with outages like this one on a global level. So sit down and relax! It is just a technical fault that Instagram will take care of. Your account is not banned or deleted.

Instagram Comms took it to Twitter to acknowledge the issue and began working on it.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, even tweeted sorry to apologize for the inconveniences faced by the blackout.

It was a busy day at the Meta headquarters. Instagram down was a problem already. Multiple people noticed minor crashes in the messaging app Whatsapp too.

The issue lasted for two hours. Later Meta confirmed it was due to configuration changes on the backbone routers.  

When did it get solved?

The problem continued for another eight to ten hours. Instagram fixed the bug rapidly, and things were back to normal. People could access their accounts like before, the follower count returned to the original, and the app ran smoothly.

Even Ronaldo recovered the three million followers he lost.

How many users were affected by the outage?

Although we don’t have an accurate report, DownDetector is a website that offers real-time statistics. You can check them out. It provides real-time insight into the number of problems reported per day. But according to a rough estimation, more than 7000 people faced the outage. Were you one of them too?

How often does Instagram crash?

The world is no stranger to frequent Instagram crashes, usually due to bug errors. But a global-level outage is quite rare that even affecting celebrities. Blackouts like these are not necessarily a thing to worry about, but we still recommend keeping a backup for your photos just to be safe.

How long did the outage last?

It lasted around 8 to 10 hours.

Why do accounts get suspended?

Let’s look at a few reasons why some users face suspension. The most common reason is violating community guidelines or pretending to be someone else. Theseguildines forbid content that promotes indecency and sexual activity, graphic violence, self-harm, theft of intellectual property, spam, hate speech, bullying, and other forms of abuse. If your account gets reported multiple times, it leads to permanent termination.

How long do accounts remain suspended?

Upon branching community guidelines, suspension can last for 24 to 48 hours.

How to unsuspend my account

What if my account gets suspended without violating guidelines? You can file a complaint at the Help Centre and explain why your account faced unfair suspension. Instagram will look into it and return your account.

Is Instagram down today 2022?

Fear not!  Instagram is working smoothly today. You are not likely to be the victim of technical issues, but if you are facing some, you may contact their help center to figure out the problem.

Kate Brown
Kate Brown
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