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Is Bryan Slaton Wife a Shorty?


Meet Sharmen, Bryan Slaton wife, who was born Bryan Lee Slaton on February 2, 1978. Slaton is an American politician and former pastor. His educational journey took him to Ouachita Baptist University where he earned a BA in youth ministry and speech communication. His thirst for knowledge led him to the University of North Texas, where he further acquired a degree in accounting.

Slaton also holds a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His dedication to the ministry saw him serve as a youth and family minister for a total of 13 years.

As a member of the Republican Party, Slaton held the position of representative for the 2nd District in the Texas House of Representatives from 2021 to 2023.

In March 2021, he proposed a bill aiming to criminalize abortion, proposing that women and physicians involved in abortions could face the death penalty. The bill drew attention for not including exceptions for instances of rape or incest, only allowing for exceptions in the case of ectopic pregnancies posing a risk to the woman’s life.

I have just filed HB 4129. This bill aims to BAN erotic performances, including drag shows, around children. >

The State is responsible for protecting children from sexual exploitation, and I believe HB 4129 is the most decisive bill to prevent the equalization of children through these performances. #txlege pic.twitter.com/XrpRNuZarI— Bryan Slaton (@BryanforHD2) March 8, 2023

Fast forward to June 2022, Slaton announced on social media his plans to introduce a bill in the 2023 legislative session prohibiting minors from attending drag shows in Texas.

For those unfamiliar, drag shows are a type of entertainment where performers, or drag artists, impersonate the opposite sex. These performances can take place in various venues, like bars or nightclubs, and can range from adult-oriented burlesque acts to family-friendly events featuring storytimes and sing-alongs.

During an interview, Slaton expressed his belief that “Children should not be exposed to sex and sexualization. We need to allow them to enjoy their childhood and address these topics when they are nearing adulthood”.

In a move that attracted nationwide attention, Slaton proposed the “Texas Independence Referendum Act” or TEXIT in March 2023. This bill proposes a referendum to explore the possibility of Texas seceding from the United States.

The landmark 1869 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Texas v. White, established that no state could independently withdraw from the United States.

Besides his roles as a former clergyman and politician, Bryan Slaton also served in his family enterprise, Slaton Financial Services.

An unexpected turn of events occurred in May 2023 when the Texas state representative, Slaton, relinquished his House seat on May 8. This drastic decision followed an inquiry that found he had provided alcohol to a 19-year-old assistant and had sexual relations with her while she was under the influence of alcohol at his residence.

Slaton stepped down merely two days after a Texas House committee determined he had violated numerous regulations due to an inappropriate relationship with the young woman, who was not in a position to effectively consent given her status as his employee.

The findings of the committee report indicate that Slaton invited the teenage assistant to his residence on March 31, offered her a number of rum and coke drinks until she became inebriated, and then had a sexual encounter with her.

In their report, the bipartisan committee—comprising three Republicans and two Democrats—unanimously proposed that Slaton be ejected from the House.

Following this, the Texas state House voted unanimously on Tuesday, May 9, to remove the lawmaker, who had been charged with sexual misconduct, from his position, a day after he stepped down.

Bryan Slaton Wife: An Introduction to Sharmen

Bryan Slaton wife, the erstwhile preacher, tied the knot with his current and second wife, Sharmen, in 2017. The timeline of their relationship before marriage remains vague, but it is stated that they have been companions for a substantial duration.

In a twist of events, Sharmen filed for a divorce in April 2022 but later retracted it in November 2022. She has been a pillar of support for Slaton throughout his political journey, playing a crucial role in his ascent in Texan politics.

Sharmen has chosen to stay out of the public eye, and hence her birth date, age, and profession are not available for public knowledge at the time of reporting.

Texas Representative Bryan Slaton Resigns Over Involvement with Young Aide

Following allegations of inappropriate relations with a 19-year-old staff member, Texas Representative Bryan Slaton stepped down from his post on Monday. The decision came in the wake of an investigative committee’s conclusion that Slaton had violated several regulations through providing alcohol to and engaging in sexual activity with an underage staff member.

Serving his second term for the Royse City district, located northeast of Dallas, Slaton, a Republican, had quickly carved out a reputation as a radical conservative. He was known for presenting or backing legislation aimed at banning drag shows and opposing transgender rights.

Slaton’s resignation letter, addressed to Governor Greg Abbott, did not acknowledge the accusations against him. Instead, he emphasized his dedication to the constituents of House District 2, who had elected him twice to represent them. He stated his decision to step down was to ensure continued representation for his constituents by a new representative.

Despite his resignation, Slaton was notably absent from the Capitol on Monday.

Investigative Committee Report Leads to Resignation of Texas Representative

Slaton’s resignation came just before a scheduled vote by Texas House members to oust him based on the General Investigating Committee’s recommendation. The committee had published a comprehensive 16-page report on Saturday detailing Slaton’s actions around the end of March or the beginning of April, where he allegedly engaged in sexual activity with the young staff member in his apartment in Austin. The committee stated that the staff member could not have given effective consent due to Slaton’s primary authority over her.

On Monday, the leader of the investigative committee, Rep. Andrew Murr, confirmed that he would proceed with Tuesday’s vote to expel Slaton. Despite Slaton’s resignation, Texas law dictates that he remains in office until a new representative is elected and sworn in for Texas House District 2.

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