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Everything About Miss Mulatto Parents


Who are Miss Mulatto parents? Well, Alyssa Michelle Stephens, known by her stage name Miss Mulatto, is a renowned American rapper who first grabbed the public’s attention by winning the inaugural season of Lifetime’s The Rap Game. As the winner, she received a contract offer from the notable producer Jermaine Dupri to join his record label, So So Def Records. However, she surprised many when she turned down the offer due to unsatisfactory financial terms.

As an independent artist, Mulatto made waves in the industry with her debut mixtape in 2016. She continued this momentum, releasing three additional mixtapes before her breakthrough single, Bitch from da Souf, in 2019. The success of this single caught the attention of RCA Records, who offered her a contract. Mulatto accepted the offer in March 2020 and subsequently released her debut album, Queen of Da Souf, several months later in August.

This article will explore Mulatto’s familial background, her personal life, and her unfortunate run-in with the law.

Miss Mulatto Parents, Early Life and Background

Born on December 22, 1998, in Columbus, Ohio, Mulatto spent her formative years in Clayton County. It was during her time at Lovejoy High School in Clayton that she began to develop her passion for rapping. Unfortunately, due to her mixed-race parentage — a black father and a white mother — she was a target for bullies during her school years.

Parental Support for Mulatto’s Rap Career

Mulatto’s father, Shayne Stephens, and mother, Misti Pitts, are the proud parents of this young artist. Despite coming from a family deeply involved in drag racing, Mulatto had her sights set on a very different path. Her father initially invested considerable resources into shaping her as a junior drag racer. However, upon expressing her desire to pursue rap, her father, though initially surprised, chose to support her ambitions. He leveraged his connections within the music industry, from his car rental business, to help Mulatto establish her career.

Despite her parents’ familiarity with the challenges of the music industry, they chose to empower Mulatto to make her own decisions regarding her career path.

Mulatto’s Relationship History

Before venturing into a romantic relationship, Mulatto and Bandit Gang Marco were close friends for several years. Their two-year relationship ended just days before she was to release a mixtape featuring a verse from Marco. Although she contemplated removing his contribution following their breakup, she chose to keep it, valuing their professional relationship over their personal differences.

Despite her focus on her career, Mulatto does not exclude the possibility of dating another artist in the future. To aid her career, she admitted to starting dating rumors intentionally, like when she uploaded a picture of herself with Quando Rondo right before the release of her mixtape.

Mulatto’s Legal Issues

In 2019, Mulatto faced a significant setback when she was arrested and charged with felony theft. Despite her sister’s insistence that there was a misunderstanding, Mulatto spent an additional day in jail due to a system failure at the station. Following her release, it was revealed that the arrest was a case of mistaken identity. Despite the ordeal, Mulatto turned the negative experience into a positive one by creating a popular song about the incident.

Miss Mulatto Parents, Dad Initially Wanted Her in Drag Racing

22nd December 1998 marked the birth of Mulatto, the child of a black father (Shayne Stephens) and white mother (Misti Pitts), into a family with a strong drag racing tradition. Despite her father’s initial hopes of her joining the family’s drag racing lineage; he ultimately became a strong supporter of her rap dreams. Mulatto shared with DJ Vlad how her father invested heavily in her racing career, but she had other interests. Although initially taken aback by Mulatto’s switch to rap, Stephens offered his support, leveraging his connections in the music industry from renting his cars for video shoots.

Mulatto, in an interview with AJC.com, said her father informed her of both the benefits and drawbacks of the music industry, but he let her make the ultimate decision.

Mulatto Considered Removing Bandit Gang Marco From Mixtape After Breakup

Prior to their romantic involvement, Mulatto and Marco were friends for a number of years. Their two-year relationship ended just three days before Mulatto’s 2018 mixtape release, which included one of Marco’s verses. Mulatto shared with DJ Smallz Eyes that she thought about removing Marco’s contribution, but decided against it, as she wanted her personal life to not interfere with their professional careers.

At present, Mulatto’s focus is her career, though she does not rule out dating in the industry. She mentioned to DJ Smallz Eyez that she would even intentionally start dating rumors to help her career, such as when she posted a photo of herself with Quando Rondo prior to a mixtape release to generate buzz.

Mulatto Penned a Song Against The Police Post Her Wrongful Arrest

In May 2019, Mulatto was mistakenly arrested on felony theft charges. Although her competitors used this incident to tarnish her, and despite facing systemic issues like a crashed booking and release system leading to an extra day in jail, Mulatto did not let this experience break her. After her release, she discovered the arrest was due to a case of mistaken identity. In an interview with Fader, Mulatto expressed her frustration with the wrongful incarceration, legal fees, and missed opportunities, not to mention being labeled a thief. Turning the negative into a positive, she channeled her experience into creating a successful song.

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