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Ike Turner Jr: Untold Facts About Ike Turner’s Son


Ike Turner Jr. is a name that many recognize but few know much about. Ike was the son of Ike Turner, the legendary blues musician and one-time husband of Tina Turner.

Ike Junior had an unconventional upbringing that included being pulled out of school at a young age to work for his father’s band and growing up with his father’s tumultuous relationships with women.

Despite this, Ike Junior has gone on to lead an interesting life and make a name for himself in both music and film production. Here are some untold facts about Ike Turner Jr., from his difficult childhood to his current successes as an adult.

Who is Ike Turner Jr.’s Mother? 

Ike Turner, notorious for his notoriously tumultuous relationships, reportedly married a total of over four times throughout his life. He first exchanged vows with Edna Dean Stewart in 1948 at the tender age of 16.

Sadly, their marriage only lasted so long before Ike wed Velma Davis and then Rosa Lee Sane after her. Ike went on to marry a total of 6 women in his lifetime, including Lorraine Taylor whom he is said to have known relatively briefly; it is unclear precisely when they married but what we do know is that their relationship unfortunately did not go the distance either and ended in divorce shortly after.

Ike and Lorraine’s union was blessed with two beautiful children, Ike Jr among them.

Ike Turner Jr. Has A Brother – Michael Turner

Ike Turner Jr. had the added benefit of growing up with his biological brother, Michael Turner, and although their father was often distracted by drug addiction, Ike used that time to explore and develop a passion for music – something Ike’s brother was also concerned about.

During an interview with Daily mail recently, Ike discussed his brother’s current condition in a convalescent home in Southern California in need of medical support and expressed relief that he is doing great.

Ike has often spoken out about the lack of proper parenting from their mother and father, telling stories of raising from housekeepers instead of his own parents.

His Father Hit Him with a Pistol

Ike Turner Jr. never had a good relationship with his father Ike Turner Sr. Ike Sr. was a busy man, having to run his own recording studio as well as go on tour to make money. Ike Jr., at just 13 years old, was pulled out of school to help his father in both of these pursuits.

Ike Jr. recounts that his father made him count their earnings from the tours until his hands were grey, signifying how important Ike Sr. treated the money that came in from these shows and tours. 

The animosity between Ike Sr. and Ike Jr.’s mother Tina further compounded Ike Jr.’s difficult relationship with his father shortly after their separation, when Ike Jr., then working as Tina’s sound engineer, refused to stop working with her which led Ike Sr., in a moment of rage, to hit him multiple times over the head with a nickel-plated pistol.

Ike Turner Jr’s Dad Was Arrested Multiple Times

Ike Turner Jr.’s father Ike had a knack for getting himself into trouble. Before the age of 30 Ike had avoided drugs and alcohol, but this all changed in 1974 when he was arrested for using illegal blue boxes at Bolic Sound Studio.

Ike was sentenced to 30 days in jail after a SWAT team found 7 grams of cocaine as well as a live hand grenade. He was arrested again in 1981, this time accusing a newspaper delivery man, and just two years later he sold $16,000 worth of cocaine and was set free on a $5,000 bond.

Ike continued to find himself on the wrong side of the law, being charged with driving under the influence of cocaine, resulting in yet another jail sentence.

Turner Jr’s Dad Died of Cocaine Overdose

Ike Turner Jr.’s father Ike Turner Sr. had no involvement with drugs until the age of 30, but later began using cocaine heavily. His drug use caused multiple arrests and was widely reported in the media at the time.

Before Ike Sr.’s death, he was diagnosed with emphysema and was found dead from an overdose on December 12th, 2007 at his home in California. He was 76 years old when he died, and according to the autopsy report, had been taking Seroquel, an atypical antipsychotic medicine.

Ike Turner Jr is an Actor and Musician

Ike Turner Jr. is an actor and musician who comes from a long line of musical heritage. As a child Ike assisted his parents, Ike and Tina Turner, on the road while they performed in concerts around the world.

This experience allowed Ike to gain a deep understanding of various musical instruments and composition techniques. Seeking to continue his career in music Ike released Hard Labor, an album of his own original compositions, in 1987.

Ike’s unique blend of traditional R&B sounds along with modern production styles have made him one of the more interesting artists within the industry today.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Ike Turner Jr. has managed to keep his personal life completely under wraps despite his success in the music industry.

It is unknown whether or not he is in a relationship and if he does have a girlfriend, he keeps her well away from both the public eye and social media. His lack of presence on social media further shows how much privacy he values in his life.

Ike Turner Jr. Net Worth

Ike Turner Jr. has accumulated quite a good sum from his career and currently, his net worth stands at $500,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth. It is reported that Ike Turner Sr., Ike’s father, spent around $11 Million on cocaine.

Since Ike Jr. has not shared all of his income sources, it is hard to know what his true premises are. Other than that, Ike’s stepmother Tina has amassed a net worth of around $250 Million, and she often provides financial assistance when her children encounter difficulties.

Although the exact details of Ike’s possessions remain a mystery, it is suspected that he owns several high-end cars and properties around the country.

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