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How To Tag Someone In Youtube Comments


Tagging is a common way to share content. You’re scrolling through your newsfeed, and you see a meme. Chances are you will tag your friends so they can laugh with you. You would tag them by mentioning their username under the post. Tagging is a common feature across all social media sites, except for YouTube.

Things work a little differently here. Let’s find out how to tag someone in youtube comments.     

Can I directly mention someone in the YouTube comments?

You cannot tag someone by mentioning their username. Every comment has a reply button. You will see the tagged name highlighted in blue. We have mentioned how to tag someone in youtube comments.

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How to tag your friends in the comment section using Mac or Pc?

We’ll walk you through the process of tagging someone on YouTube in the following steps. You must be logged into your YouTube account to tag another user.

Step 1: Go to YouTube’s website.
Step 2: Click on any video of your choice.
Step 3: Find the comment you want to reply.
Step 4: Click on Reply. You can find the reply button under the comment.
Step 5: Type your comment.
Step 6: Click on Reply.

Now you know how to tag someone in YouTube comments.

How to tag someone in YouTube comment section using a phone?

Note: This works for Andriod and IOS devices.

Step 1: Open the YouTube app.
Step 2: Click on any video of your choice.
Step 3: Select the comment you want to reply.
Step 4: Type in whatever you like.
Step 5: Hit the arrow icon located on the right side.

Who can tag me in YouTube comments?

Anyone can tag you in a YouTube comment if their account is not blocked or suspended.

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What is YouTube Live Chat?

Millions of people watch YouTube every day. Users now want to interact with their favorite YouTubers. YouTube also offers live streaming to all of its users in good standing.

The live chat box appears to the right of the video as soon as the live stream starts. The messages will be deleted once the live stream stops. You can still watch the live stream without the chat.

On YouTube, there are two different live chats

In one, messages that violate community guidelines are removed or filtered.

In the other kind, no messages are filtered.

How can I tag a user on Youtube in the video title and description?

In addition to tagging someone, you can include their name in the title or the description of your video. A notification will via email be sent. Furthermore, their subscribers will see the video in their recommendations.

Before mentioning someone in the title or description of your video, keep the following in mind:

-The number of subscribers for your channel and the channel you want to mention must exceed 1000.
-This feature is available exclusively on the desktop. It is not accessible through mobile devices.
-You are free to mention as many channels as you wish, provided that the entire text fits inside the title or description boxes’ character limits.

It is simple to mention other channels in the video’s title or description. When creating or editing the title or description of your video in the Youtube Studio, simply type the “@” sign followed by the channel name you want to mention, without a space. You can choose from a drop-down list of suggested usernames that will appear.

How to tag someone in Live YouTube Chat?

You can mention people in a YouTube live chat if you join one. The person should be present in the live stream simultaneously. Otherwise, you can not tag them. Use the @ symbol to tag someone in a YouTube live chat. A list of the live chat participants appears after typing @.

What happens if my comment gets reported?

When you report or flag a video, it is sent to the YouTube moderators for a thorough evaluation. During this review, the moderators determine whether the content of the video violates any of the rules. Per violating community guidelines, the comment gets deleted.

Can you stay anonymous while reporting a YouTube comment?

Yes, YouTube respects privacy. Reporting a comment is anonymous, so other users can’t tell who made the report. Upon reporting a comment, it does not immediately disappear.

YouTubers blocking comments

The most frequent cause of not being able to leave a comment on a YouTube video is that the video’s creator has disabled the comments option on one or more of their videos. To avoid unwanted messages or spam, the video producer may choose to disable comments if the video contains any controversial content.

Additionally, if the video is for children, comments are default disabled. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) mandates that users identify whether a new video is intended for children or adults when they upload it.

Can a YouTuber stop me from commenting?

It’s possible that the video creator disabled your account if you had previously left abusive or threatening comments in the comment section. If you are blocked, you can see their videos but not comment on them. If the creator has provided their email address, you can send them a message asking them to reconsider unblocking you if you believe you were blocked wrongly. However, they alone will decide whether to grant you back your rights. The YouTube management has no say in this.

Additionally, if your comment indicates spamming, you can be prohibited from leaving additional comments. It occurs if you post links to other websites, make the same comment more than once, or leave a comment before watching a specific amount of the video.

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