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How to Start a Career in Cyber Security – The 101 Guide


How to Start a Career in Cyber Security? Are you looking for a career that is fast-growing and full of potential? Then look no further than cyber security.

With the continuous rise in digitization, more and more organizations are turning to cyber security professionals to protect their data from malicious attacks. So if you’re interested in taking on this challenge, read on!

This article will provide all the information you need to know about how to start a career in cyber security—from types of jobs available and salaries associated with them, to ways you can get your foot in the door.

Why Choose Cyber Security?

Choosing a career in cyber security is an ideal choice, especially with job titles routinely appearing on lists of the best career options. This field offers low unemployment rates, compelling job descriptions and the potential for high financial returns.

Cyber security professionals are continually evaluating current threats, developing new strategies and improving network designs; this career offers those who choose it an opportunity to remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

The scope for career growth within cyber security is expansive and can provide a lasting career that pays competively and allows one to contribute in meaningful ways.

There is no better time than now to join the ever-growing domain of cyber security.

High employment rates

Cyber security is a valuable and sought-after skill, so if you’re looking to pursue it as your career, rest assured that there are plenty of available positions out there.

This is mainly due to the persistent threat posed by data breaches, which require high-level cooperation among industry professionals.

The best part? Cyber security unemployment rate has been at 0% since 2016, meaning that job security is nothing to worry about.

With the requisite preparation and qualifications, you can make yourself an attractive applicant for many cyber security roles and give yourself a winning chance at staying employed in this field for years to come.

Versatile career paths

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cyber security, there are plenty of paths you can take depending on your interests.

If problem solving and strategic thinking moves you then the role of a cyber security architect can be an ideal fit. Prefer to lead others and help secure systems?

A career as a chief information security officer could be for you. And these aren’t the only job roles available – many more offer a range of new challenges such as security analyst, engineer, consultant, information security analyst and even software developer.

Each presents its own opportunities that can shape the future of cyber security. So if your looking to start a career in this field or make the leap from another industry, there’s always something that fits with what you want from your work life.

Competitive salary

Being a cyber security professional is no easy task. It requires the highest levels of competence in computer programming, engineering, and tech troubleshooting.

It is the responsibility of these professionals to work tirelessly to protect the data and personal information of any organization from malicious online threats. Without their skillset, businesses would be at an increased risk of cybercrime and financial loss.

With such an critical responsibility on their shoulders, it should come as no surprise that cyber security professionals earn an estimated average salary of $76,808 per year in the United States.

This reflects appreciation for their indispensable role within companies worldwide, and further highlights why their contributions are vital to the overall success of any business.

Job satisfaction

It’s no surprise that job satisfaction in cyber security is high. After all, a career in the field allows you to develop key skills and hone your expertise in areas such as data analytics and coding.

On top of this, it presents an opportunity to protect organizations from the ever-evolving world of cyber threats while providing financial benefits.

According to a workforce study conducted in the US, 71% of respondents reported being satisfied with their job, with 36% remarking they were very satisfied.

Furthermore, 84% of those surveyed also stated that they feel their current experience and knowledge puts them at the right level within their career track – making cyber security a great choice for anyone looking for longevity and success in their profession.

Cyber Security Job OutlookHow to Start a Career in Cyber Security

Cyber security is a field with a continually growing demand for professionals, and its future looks promising.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that cyber security occupations will experience an exponential 31% job growth rate between 2019 and 2029 – significantly higher than the average job growth rate for all other occupations.

As technology advances, so too does the need for experienced and knowledgeable cyber security workers, making it an excellent career choice for those looking to get involved in this ever-evolving field.

How to Get Into Cyber Security?How to Start a Career in Cyber Security

  • Get a degree
  • Enroll in online cyber security courses
  • Get numerous cyber security certifications
  • Develop the cyber security skills
  • Get practical experience

What Can You Do with a Background in Cyber Security?

Cyber security professionals are becoming increasingly valuable in all industries as threats of cyber crime continue to rise. Those with a background in cyber security will have no shortage of job opportunities available, such as

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Security Management Specialist
  • Cyber Crime Analyst
  • Cyber Security Software Developer
  • Cyber Security Architect
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

These roles can be found in

  • Finance Departments
  • Law Enforcement Departments
  • Healthcare Departments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Agencies

With the need for secure online environments growing rapidly, employers across multiple sectors are actively seeking professionals with knowledge and experience related to cyber security – making now the perfect time to consider a career in this field.

How to Start a Career in Cyber Security – Final Thoughts

A career in cyber security is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a lasting impact while also enjoying job satisfaction and financial rewards.

With the demand for skilled professionals growing exponentially, now is the perfect time to start your journey.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already established in this field, there are plenty of opportunities available at various organizations across multiple sectors – from finance departments to government agencies.

By following our advice on how to get into cyber security and honing your skills with certifications, degrees, and practical experience, you can be sure that you will have no shortage of exciting options when it comes to advancing your career.

Aiman Aamir
Aiman Aamir
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