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How To Make Money Doing Nothing  


In a fast-paced world, becoming self-sufficient in terms of having extra cash has become the top-most key priority for working adults. And why wouldn’t it? With the global economy going through crises due to unexpected events, economic stability has become a far-fetched dream.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to rely on anyone to make ourselves financially stable when it can be done easily without doing less or nothing at all. That’s right there are more than five ways in which you can make money doing nothing.

So if you are looking to earn extra bucks in exchange for doing nothing, then this article is for you. Read on ahead as we reveal to you the sources regarding how to make money doing nothing as well how to make money doing nothing online.

1. Investment in Real Estate 

You must have heard about investing in real estate, either from your parents or other family relatives, but if you still have no clue then there is no need to worry as we attempt to explain how investment in real estate works and how it can benefit you. 

Investment in real estate is defined as a purchase of the property to earn additional income rather than using it for your residence purpose. There are two types of real estate investment:

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a) Residential investment: this type of investment involves offering your property for residency to others and charging them for the agreed amount by the end of the month. The residential investment can be done either in an apartment or single/ multiple housing units.    

b) Commercial investment: this type of investment on the other hand involves offering your owned property for commercial purposes. An example of commercial investment consists of warehouses, office buildings, and retail stores.

Though in comparison, investment in commercial real estate is more costly and time-consuming as other additional factors have to be taken into consideration before offering your estate for commercial purposes such as what type of venture buyer is managing. How profitable is it? Does the business have any legal standing? 

 Despite the legal documentation and procedures that the investor has to go through, numerous benefits come with investment in real estate such as 

 1. It is a stable and secure way to earn passive income, especially in long run. This in turn improves financial stability.  

 2. Unlike other forms of investments, real estate investment in property has the advantage of capital appreciation in long run. This means that over time, regardless of what economic conditions are, properties are known to attain an increase in value, particularly in those areas where housing is scarce.

2. House-sitter

Believe it or not, there is a job where you get paid to look after the house. This task of looking for and securing the house is called house sitter. The task of a house sitter is similar to that of a babysitter except in this case you will be responsible to look after the house and perform some basic tasks like cleaning, sorting out mail, watering plants, or feeding pets if they are left behind while homeowners are away.

This is another flexible way to earn quick money if you are running short on cash. And if you don’t mind performing basic cleaning, then looking after the house will be like a walk in a park. 

 3. Vending Machines 

If you are a frequent user of the vending machine, have you considered buying your machine and making money from it?

If you haven’t, you should think about it. According to a data survey, vending machines industry generates approximately about $23 billion in revenue in America on yearly basis.

Logically speaking, this type of earning is an ideal example of how to make money doing nothing as your vending machine will be collecting cash in exchange for offering goods to customers, so in other words, your presence won’t be necessary as all the transactions will be done by your machine itself.

However, before you take any further steps; you should do a bit of research on vending machines. Here are some pre-conditions that require your examination when setting up vending machine such as: 

1. Decide which goods you are willing to offer in your vending machine; it could be anything for example snacks, chocolates, beverages, or any specialty. However, this decision should be based mainly on where you intend to set your vending machine. If you choose to place a vending machine in a public place such as an airport then you might want to offer something else other than snacks like tech accessories, and travel pillows.  

2. Select a vendor who sells vending machines. You can easily find vending machines through an online search however it is recommended that you inspect the vending machine by yourself to check the features of a vending machine which you are interested in including bill functionality, snack/beverages combinations, touch screen interaction, etc. 

3. Choose a mode of finance to invest in a vending machine. Any machinery or physical capital, regardless of what they are, will require a bulk amount of finance.

Though the start-up capital of setting up the vending machine is not costly when compared with other businesses however it can cost up to a thousand dollars. So if you have inadequate funds to invest, you could solve this issue by opting for a short-term loan, provided that you have a good credit history and a secure source of income.

4. Proofreading

No matter how well the document is written, there is still a likelihood of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors that most writers overlook. To ensure that the document is free from all kinds of errors, there has been a demand for proofreaders.

Proofreading refers to examining the written text carefully to find and correct the errors in grammar, words, and sentences. If you are good in English or any language for that matter, you could monetize this skill by simply proofreading others’ documents and earning from it. 

5. Participate in Sleep Studies 

Have you ever heard the concept of earning while you dozed off? Sounds like a silly idea doesn’t it? But to some companies is not. Recently a handful of reputable research institutions and hospitals have been researching sleep and sleep-related disorders.

For their clinical trials, the researchers will pay people to sleep to study and observe the changes that take place during sleep. Becoming a test subject for sleep studies is an easy method of how to make money doing nothing since you are earning while sleeping, that’s almost the same as doing nothing at all. 

6. Earning Dividends 

Dividends are the proportion of profit you earn in exchange for investing in company equity’s by purchasing a share, thus making you a shareholder of the company. A shareholder is a person or a company who owns a share in a corporation which in turn makes them entitled to the company’s rights and benefits such as dividends.

In other words, when you purchase a share from any legal company, this will give you a right to earn profits as long you are willing to maintain shareholdings in the future. Becoming a shareholder of a company doesn’t require a person to work within a business premise since all the workings of a business are done by senior executives and managers.

7. Sell those items which you don’t use anymore 

There is another approach on how to make money doing nothing by selling those items which are of no use to you anymore. All of us have items that we consider junk, but there is a saying that goes by ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so why not take advantage of it?

Rather than letting those items go to waste, you can sell them to someone else who needs them and make money out of it. There is a culture of yard sales on the western side where people sell their second-hand items to others by setting up their stall either in a garage or their yard. 

8. Sell your Gift Cards 

You don’t necessarily have to utilize Gift Cards completely to reap the benefits from it when you can re-sell them to other people who might make good use of them.

If you have a bundle of gift cards just lying around that you have no intention to use in the future then sell them in exchange for a few bucks. Though the cash back you will earn will be less than the card value but at least it is better to make money from it than forgo the easy money-making opportunity. 

9. Earn money by watching TV

We were often told by our elders that watching TV is a complete waste of time when you could be doing other useful activities in your spare time. They do have a point as you are just staring at the TV set and consuming whatever is been shown on the screen.

But what if I tell you that you can earn money by simply watching TV? At present, there are a plentiful of private corporations that are paying people just to watch television to gather data about customer preferences, brand awareness, and product reviews. Here is the list of online websites where you can sign up and get paid to watch television: 

1. Inbox Dollars

2. Earnably 

3. Swagbucks

4. Kashkicks. 

10. Earn the money while browsing the internet 

Most of us spend our free time either web surfing or using social media. How about earning money from it? Many businesses pay people to surf the internet. Following is the list of websites where you can learn how to make money doing nothing online:

1. Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel: is an app owned by Neilson Company that is designed to observe and collect data regarding how people use the internet on daily basis in their digital gadgets. If you don’t mind your data being collected, then you can take advantage of it.

The app is free to download anywhere either on a computer or Smart Phone. The company will pay you fifty dollars just for downloading the app and additional rewards as you participate in surveys that come with it. 

2. Swagbucks: is another app that pays you for doing simple online tasks such as playing games, taking surveys, and watching videos. So if you like doing these activities in your leisure time then this app is a perfect way to earn quick cash or gift cards in your comfort.

3. Microsoft Rewards: You can make money easily from Microsoft by simply using the search engine of Microsoft known as Bing. To get Microsoft to pay you, just get yourself registered in Microsoft rewards and log in next time to earn rewards in the form of cash, a subscription to Xbox games, and gift cards. 

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