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How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is the best-selling gaming console of this era, if you love video games, we find it hard to believe that you haven’t got the Nintendo switch yet. In this article we’ll discover how to add friends on Nintendo Switch.

After the success of the first Nintendo 3DS, they knew they have to launch something even better, and that’s how Nintendo launched its Switch console in 2017. And well, that was another huge success for the brand. 

It has everything a video gamer would want, in fact, the best part is that it rules both worlds. You can use this Nintendo Switch console as a video game console and connect it to your TV at home, and you can also disconnect it and hand-held it.

This means you don’t have to wait to be home and turn your TV on every time you want to play a video game. 

With this Nintendo Switch, you can play your favorite game anywhere you want! Now, that’s hard to beat right! 

There are so many great features that this Nintendo Switch has to offer but the users are still unaware of them.

Such as, most people have no idea that you can even add your friends to it and play with them.

Yes, you heard it right, you can play Nintendo Switch with your friends, well, and the question here is that How to add friends on Nintendo Switch? Well, that’s a pretty simple process. 

Let’s take a look; 

How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch 

We know that video games are made for fun, but what makes them even more fun is playing them with your friends. Not only does that increase the spirit of competition in you but also adds a lot of fun and excitement to it. 

And we are glad that Nintendo Switch understands that, you can add your friends to Nintendo Switch and not only play with them but can also talk to them using audio messages.

However, many players are not aware of how to add friends on switch, but not to worry anymore because we will tell you everything you need to know about adding your friends on Nintendo Switch. 

So, first things first, you can add friends on Switch using two methods;

You can send your friends a request to add you to their network by using their friend’s code.

Or you can accept the requests they sent you using your friend’s code. Moreover, you can also search for random friends on Nintendo Switch using Bluetooth. 

The Friend’s Code 

The friend’s code is a special 12-digit code assigned to every player once they sign up and create a profile on Nintendo Switch. This code becomes your player identity when someone wants to join your network.

The code starts with SW followed by a series of numbers, and every player has a different code so you can never mix up. 

This code is shown on your profile page or you can even view it on your ‘Add friends’ page. All you need to do is share this code with your friends or get their codes and simply enter them on your ‘add friends’ page, and there you go you will get the tab asking for an option to send a request.

Once you and your friend have accepted each other’s requests you are now connected and can play together on the Nintendo Switch. 

Also, if anyone sends you a friend request, that request will be directed under the menu of ‘received friend requests’ on your ‘Add friends’ page.

You can go down that menu and take a look at all the people who have added you as a friend and accept the requests you want. 

How to Add Friends on Switch through Bluetooth 

Nintendo Switch Consoles come with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect with people locally, and you can even search and add friends through it.

You can simply send and accept requests of the people sitting near you just by turning your Bluetooth on. There’s no need for a friend’s code. 

Just gather all your friends with their Nintendo Switch consoles at your place and ask them to turn on their Bluetooth, you all will be able to see each other devices on the menu and you can simply add each other without any hassle. 

However, to accept and send the friend request you need to make sure that your Nintendo device is connected with Wifi.

Otherwise, the request will be temporarily saved as a draft on your device and the action will be taken once your device is connected to the Wifi.  

People You Have Played With

When you have a random game on your Nintendo Switch, you are more likely to connect with anyone around the globe for a match. However, sometimes you even start to like the player based on their game strategies and would want to play with them more often. And if it is left on Nintendo there are near to zero chances that you will get connected with a player you have played before again. 

Well, there is a simple solution to that, just add them to your friend list and play with them any time you want. Go through your ‘add friends’ menu and you will have an option for ‘people you have played with’, open that tab, and you will get the list of all the people you have played with until now on your Nintendo Switch. 

Find the person you want to add to your list and send them a friend request. And there, as soon as they accept your request, you can connect and play with them all you want! 

Friend Suggestions

You must have seen the friend suggestions you receive on Facebook or Instagram, they are helpful right, they help you find friends who you might would know based on your existing friends. This suggestion box makes it very easy to find new friends on social media. 

What if we tell you that can happen on Nintendo Switch as well. You can get friend suggestions based on your existing friends and also of people you have added on other Nintendo Smart apps, and even on your Facebook or Twitter. 

Yes, you can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts on your Nintendo Switch and connect with your friends. Go on the ‘Friend Suggestion’ tab, and follow the instructions on the screen to link your social media accounts. And once done, you can easily add your social media friends on Nintendo Switch. 

Beware of Scammers 

You need to make sure that even though adding new people on Nintendo Switch sounds all fun and exciting there is a good chance that you might end up adding the wrong people and end up getting hacked. 

This is why we always recommend that only add people you know, and make sure to keep changing your friend’s code every now and then so that no wrong person can reach you. Moreover, make sure to keep a look at what people are adding you and who you are adding, and the minute you find something suspicious make sure to change your settings. 

This can be done in the User Settings menu on your profile, and here you can remove friends, change your friend’s code, unlink your social media, and even manage your privacy and blocking settings. You need to make sure that you have strong privacy settings so that your game is safe from all the scammers and hackers. 

You definitely don’t want all your scores and points to be hacked, right! 

The Bottom Line 

Now you have a complete idea of how you can add your friends on Nintendo Switch, so, without wasting any more time get on your console and add your friends right now to enjoy all the multiplayer games Nintendo Switch has to offer.

You can either compete with them or even team up with them and compete with someone else on the internet. It’s all on you! But the good news is that you have your friends on board now! 

Moreover, the best part is that you can even communicate with your friends using the audio messages on your Nintendo Switch, so, now whether you want to catch up with your friends or tell them about your game, instead of calling them on phone you can talk to them on Nintendo Switch.

It does two things at the same time, you can talk all you want and you can also play as much as you like. Fun, right! 

So don’t wait up and start playing with your friends! But there is a catch, well, if you and your friend are looking forward to playing any online game on your Switch, you need to make sure that both of you have purchased the Nintendo Online Subscription. Otherwise, you will not have access to online games.

This was all from our side, we are sure now you will have even more love for your Nintendo switch console than before, because well, playing with friends makes everything better, right! Go Get ready for that competition you have been wanting for so long!

Lindsay Born
Lindsay Born
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