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How Tall Is Jared Padalecki


If you are not familiar with this name, then you couldn’t be more wrong; because you have seen him starring in a dozen of the famous American television shows. Even if this hint is not clear enough, then don’t feel curious for the following article got you covered.

Jared Padalecki is the prominent American national television and film actor. Though he has acted in more than twenty shows and films, he is mainly remembered for the roles he has played in two hit American TV shows: Gilmore Girls and Supernatural.

In Gilmore Girls, Jared Padalecki played the fictional character of Dean Forester where he acted as love interest of Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) for five seasons (2000-2005). While the Gilmore Girls did give Jared a considerable amount of fame and popularity; his acting career however took a huge leap when he took a lead role for the well-known fantasy drama series “Supernatural”. In Supernatural, Jared starred as Sam Winchester, who was the protagonist in a said show where he fought the paranormal creatures and investigated the unusual/unexplained incidents.

How tall is Jared Padalecki

If you have watched the Supernatural, without doubt you must be curious about how tall is Jared Padalecki, when he (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) appeared side by side. Sure you can make a wild guess about how tall Jared Padalecki is, but according to his bio, his current height is 193 cm or 1.93 meters, which is 6ft 4 inches; which makes him relatively tall when compared with other co-stars he has worked with, like in Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) is 170 cm (5ft, 7 inches), while Jensen Ackles is 186cm (6ft, 2 inches).

Now that we know how tall Jared Padalecki is, let’s continue this article which briefly describes his background, his acting career and personal life.

Background and Early life

Jared Padalecki was born in 19th July 1982 to Gerald Padalecki and Sherri Padalecki in San Antonio, Texas. Gerald Padalecki worked as tax accountant, while his wife Sherri Padalecki taught English at school. Jared Padalecki is the middle child of the Padaleckis; he has older brother Jeff Padalecki and younger sister Megan Padalecki.

In 1999, Jared Padalecki completed his high school education from James Madison High School. His original plans were to go for higher studies in University of Texas, but after winning the Fox’s broadcasting’s Claims to Fame Competition, he changed his mind and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Acting Career

Before working for American TV shows, back then Jared did played a minor role for a Hollywood movie “A Little Inside”. After next year in 2000, Jared Padalecki joined the American Comedy show “Gilmore Girls” for five seasons. While working for sitcom series, Jared simultaneously appeared as guest roles in other TV series as well which were “ER” and “A Ring of Endless Light”.

Jared Padalecki didn’t limit his acting to TV shows only; instead with the passing of years he was casted in seven Hollywood films which consisted of New York minute, The House of Wax, Flight of Phoenix, Friday The 13th, Cry Wolf, and Christmas Cottage.

But what made Jared Padalecki a huge celebrity is when he landed a leading role for American Fantasy Horror show, Supernatural in 2005. Originally the creator of the show Eric Kripke intended to complete the show in five seasons, but the genre of fantasy horror , plotline and Jared Padalecki’s and Jensen Ackles’s outstanding role of Winchester brothers gained the massive popularity that the show was further expanded to fifteen seasons, hence earning a place among the longest-running American TV series.

After Supernatural came to end in 2021, Jared Padalecki is now currently playing a lead role for new American crime action television show named “Walker”.


Because of his outstanding acting, Jared Padalecki has earned a number of rewards and has been selected for quite a lot of nominations. In 2007, Jared was rewarded with the Best Male Performance for his role in Science Fiction TV episode “Born under Bad Sign”. In next year, he received a Constellation Award and recognition for his performance in Supernatural.

In addition to this, Jared Padalecki has been awarded with People Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards for performing brilliantly in Supernatural.

Net Worth of Jared Padalecki

The current net worth of Jared Padalecki is estimated to be $15 million. In supernatural, Jared earned $125,000 per episode. Along with his acting career, Jared has also started some side business: in 2019 he co-founded plant -based nutrition company Mantra Labs with entrepreneur Paul Janowitz.

Social Work

When it comes to Social Work, Jared Padalecki is very active. Jared himself has struggled with depression, which motivated him to get personally involved in a good cause. In 2015, Jared founded a campaign Always Keep Fighting whose main goal is to help those who are suffering from depression, addictions and suicidal thoughts.

Personal Life

Jared Padalecki is married to American actress Genevieve Cortese. Interestedly they both have acted together in Supernatural in season four in 2009. During and after the season, the couple started seeing each other. In 2010, Jared proposed to Genevieve in front of their adored painting “Joan of Arc” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. At 27th February 2010, the couple tied the knot at the Genevieve’s hometown Sun Valley, Idaho.

The couple has three children, two sons and one daughter: Thomas Colton Padalecki, Austin Shepherd Padalecki and Odette Elliot Padalecki.

Facts about Jared Padalecki

  1. During his schooling years, Jared did taking acting classes when he was twelve years old.
  2. Not only he appears smart in TV series, but in real life, he is smart. In his academic years, he has won National Forensic League. In year 2000, he was placed as a candidate for Presidential Scholars Programs.
  3. His parents have interesting ancestry. His father, Gerald Padalecki is polish while his mother Sherri Padalecki is a combination of German, Scottish, French and English descent.
  4. He almost got selected for Superman as Clark Kent. Unfortunately the film didn’t manifest.
  5. Jared Padalecki uses and teaches sign language to his children.
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