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How Much Money Does TikTok Pay For 1 Million Views?


How much money does TikTok Pay for 1 million views? Wondering how much people earn from making videos on tiktok? The videos that look so simple, but In reality they do require creativity and hard work. So if you are someone who is just interested in knowing how much do tiktokers earn?

Or how much does TikTok pay per view? Or you could be someone who is planning to become a tiktoker, whoever you are, this article will help you out.

While TikTok is still relatively new social media platform or an entertainment platform but its unique. The creators really looked at a gap in entertainment/media industry and bridged the gap by creating an app that only caters to videos shorter than 1 min.

What I mean by this is? Did you notice how on instagram we were only allowed to post videos if they were of 1 minute at least. But tiktok came and anybody could now be a video creator. I won’t say videographer because that’s different. You me or anyone can make snaps and combine them effortlessly through the app and create fun videos.

Anyway,  this new kid on the block is surpassing giants like instagram, google and facebook already by becoming the most popular internet site in 2021.

Let’s dive right into it.

How much money does TikTok Pay for 1 million views?

Reportedly through its TikTok creator’s Fund TikTok pays its creators 0.02 dollars to 0.04 dollars for every 1000 views. If we do the math, you being a creator with 500,000 views will get $15 and with A million views on TikTok you will earn, 40-50 dollars, this is how much money does tiktok pay for  million views

This sounds stupid and underpaid doesn’t it? Especially if we compare it with YouTube. But the thing is, its much easier to go viral on TikTok than it is on YouTube.

People also ask how much does youTube pay per view? Well that’s a question that you shouldn’t be asking because nobody pays based on per view. You need 1000 views to earn 2-4 cents. So if you really want to be a successful tiktoker focus on your content first and money will follow.

If you are dedicated and you post videos daily. You can even post up to four video per day, one of those videos will get viral. TikTok’s algorithm supports its creators if the videos align with its community guidelines and its mission statement; “spread joy through creativity”.

And once you go Viral, you will automatically gain many followers. And once you gain followers and at least A million views you can earn much more depending upon your creativity, dedication and audience, there are many other ways you can make a living from TikTok.  

Some of these ways are;

Become a TikTok Influencer- How much money can you make as a TikToker and how much do Brands pay for promotion on TikTok?

You are good at makeup? A comedian? Singer? Lifestyle blogger? Maybe you are someone who knits well, maybe you are an entrepreneur, a teacher. Whatever you are you can showcase your talent through TikTok and then collaborate with your favourite brands.

If your promote their content, brand may pay you between 200 dollars to 20,000 dollars for promotional videos on Tiktok.

However there are tiktokers who charge up to whopping 500,000 dollars for one video as well. Brands like loreal, Nike, Dunkin donuts, pay influencers to endorse their brand and products. Charlie D amelio, one of the highest paid tiktoker with a following in millions has collaborated with such big brands, she even became a brand ambassador for dunkin Donuts.

Monetise your Tiktok By using affiliate links in your bio or your captions in order to promote some product.

Make money through TikTok live streams.

Yesss! TikTok live streams not only help your TikTok account grow but they also help your Bank Account grow.

So first lets direct our attention to the elephant in the room..

Exactly how many Followers on TikTok do you need to go live?

The answer: at least 1000 followers and you need to be older than 16 to enable the feature.

How does it work?

Its simple, you do a live video, your audience interacts and sends you gift also known as coins. Yes! TikTok has a feature where your followers can send you coins in order to support your channel and once you have enough coins or gifts you can redeem them as cash through PayPal from Your Tiktok account.

TikTok introduced this feature for its users first. For instance you as a user can buy up to 10,000 of these coins for as cheap as 1.39 dollars per 100 coins you buy. Then the users can send these coins as donations to their favourite tikToker.

Some of the most famous live categories are Q&A, Gaming, Daily life, Fashion and talents.

Channel your inner blogger/influencer and go live right now. Maybe it’s your time to tell people about your skincare routine or something.

Sell your merchandise

If you are already an influencer, I am sure you know you can sell your own merchandise (merch). If you don’t then, well you know now. You can create your merch that endorses your identity. If your audience really likes you and your merch suits their fashion taste they will definitely buy a tshirt that represents you or your work.

How much tiktok pay for 100,000 followers?

For 1000 views TikTok pays two-four cents. But for 100,000 followers, depending upon your view, which are probably above 100k on average, you can potentially earn from 200 to 1000 dollars per month.

TikTok doesn’t not pay based on the number of followers. It is all in the views.

The more views you get the more engagement you will receive. The more engagement you receive, just as much brand endorsements you can do. And tiktok creators fund will pay you according to your views.

So while you are creating content make sure to create something that your audience likes and most importantly TikTok likes.

By that I mean, any content that doesn’t align with TikTok’s community guidelines chances are that either your video will get blocked or your whole profile will get shut down.

How much does tiktok pay per view?

How much does tiktok pay per view? Well theres no provided math on how much does tiktok pay per view. However like we mentioned above, TikTok Creator’s fund pays two to four cents per 1000 views. And for 1 million views you can earn forty to fifty Dollars.

All you need to know about  TikTok creator’s Fund?

 tiktok launched a program for its creators called TikTok Creators fund which enables creators to make money through every single video they post on tiktok.

The fund was launched on 1st September 2020 by TikTok to support its creators. Tiktok essentially wanted to add value not just by content but also in the community their Platform has. By paying them back for their efforts and making TikTok popular around the world.

TikTok creator’s Fund is a feature that is still not available in 150 countries TikTok is currently available in. But it is available in United states of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and some more Scandinavian countries. 

The Company has Invested one billion dollars in United States and fifty four million Pounds in United Kingdom as well as other parts of Europe.

Why did TikTok Introduced Creators Fund.

TikTok has been in this money making business  for several years now, but this year the company took an initiative to pay back its users for bringing  value to their app and platform. For that reason apparently  tiktok decided to initially invest 200 million dollars in creators fund for United states audience which has now reached to 1 billion US dollars, and for all other European countries, the company invested 54 million pounds. That’s a huge amount.

And I guess enough for now. However slowly but surely this fund will grow as TikTok grows much larger. Because so many personal brands have been built up till now on TikTok that have also been monetised. Tiktok has become essential for businesses and their marketing strategy. So this fund that belongs to creators alone is going to get bigger as more people join and it makes its own space in the world that is dictated by internet.

Tiktok’s motive behind launching this fruitful  program was in company’s exact words “to encourage those who dream of using their voices and creativity to spark inspirational careers”

This is what makes you eligible for Tiktok Creators Fund

You cannot start earning through creators fund right of the bat. Yes. That’s a reality. You will have to invest your time and energy and get your creative juices flowing to create videos and post them up to the point where you gain ten thousand (10,000) followers. That’s when you can unlock your creator’s fund feature.

Along with 10,000 followers you need you also need ten thousand (10k) video views in past thirty days.

And not only this, your content shouldn’t be a product of plagiarism (mind that, its not only shallow thing to do but also makes you a copy cat that nobody likes). how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views

Like we mentioned above, the creators fund is only available in few countries. So if you are an American, British, german, Italian or french or Parisian, then you are definitely lucky enough to activate your creators fund and should do as soon as possible.

What type of content do creators on TikTok make?

creators on tiktok usually create short clips or videos that are related to daily lifestyle videos, vlogs, comedy, hacks and tricks, or the most famous tiktok lip syncing videos where users lip sync to different sounds, make up transition videos, and dance videos on popular songs. These videos are often created and go viral in a matter of days. how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views

Mostly the videos are shorter than even 15 seconds. This the  unique selling point of tiktok. It bridged the gap in market by providing an app that allows you to create videos in less than 5 mins plus the video can be less 1 min long. Which further appealed the audience whose attention span is already decreasing as the time passes.

How to go viral on TikTok?

Opened your for you page and saw that first video with 1 Million likes and then you scrolled down further you see a lifestyle vlog with fifteen thousand likes, you scroll snd scroll and on an average you see videos that have 10k plus likes. Now you are thinking how? What makes these videos stand out? Why do people like them so much? What is wrong with your videos?

Going viral on tiktok is quite easy, yes. But its also depends on a lot of factors. And most of the time it happens when you are not expecting it to even get 10 likes.

That doesn’t mean you need to create average content but it means you need to be vigilant about your audience and what they like.

While there is no rule book you need to follow to go viral on TikTok but there are some factors that may affect the popularity of your videos. how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views

1. Know and understand Your Audience

You will find a lot of different people on this platform. People who have different interests likes and dislikes. Therefore it’s important to know which type of audience you want to target with your content and what type of content they like. how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views

For Instance, if you notice your fun college vlogs on TikTok are getting a lot more likes than your home ones, it may be an indicator that you should invest more time creating university or college vlogs.

The more you take care of your audience’s preferences the more engagement you will receive it will also increase your chances of showing For You Page or Discover page — which can increase your chances of going viral.

2. follow the trends.

Yes they are important. Don’t miss them trends, they can make you go viral. Now that definitely doesn’t mean you have to hop on to every bandwagon, but don’t ignore them completely either. Make videos on trending music. Observe what comes on your for you page more often. Look into the discover page and see whats trending. What is tikTok supporting these days. This increases your profile visits as well as your visibility on for you page.

3- Promote your TikToks on Instagram and Facebook or even on twitter.

Yes. Exploit the power of social media platforms and make yourself visible through each and every one of them. Don’t hesitate. If you believe in yourself then show your creativity to the world. This makes more people reach to your profile and increases your TikTok profile visits.

4- interact with your audience

This is very important. If people start commenting on your tiktok, reply to them. Engage with your audience. Let them know you are listening and you care. If they compliment your work tell them thank you for supporting you. This makes your audience like you even more. You gotta be nice. If they see you as a potential friend and not an arrogant celebrity they will follow you and be your loyal audience. 

5- Keep your videos short.

We all know if we can have information and enjoyment within a few seconds, we would never go far a video that’s even a minute long.

So try to keep your videos short and eye catching. An average user has a attention span of shorter than that of goldfish. Not kidding. Most of us now have an attention span of 8 seconds. That’s tiny. So don’t create videos that are not catchy and long. That will make you lose interest of your audience.

6- people like humor

Make your videos relatable and funny. Even if your content is related to some hardcore information. Find ways to make it relatable and interesting. Sprinkle a little bit of humour. People love to spend time on their phones. And what they want is never ending dopamine (a happy hormone) all inside their brain. So they love watching people who make them laugh.

You don’t have to be a comedian to do that. You can post anything, maybe something funny you or someone in your family did. Maybe a joke your brother told. Anything that’s relatable and light hearted. how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views

7- make use of hashtags.

Hashtags help people find your video. So use trending hashtags and important hashtags that can help your audience find your video.

If you are reading this then it means you either don’t have an attention span of a goldfish or you skipped to the last part. But whatever it is, thank you for giving me your precious time.

To wrap this article how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views up..

How much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views?

Tiktok pays 2-4 cents per 1000 views. Which means 20-40

Dollars for a million views

How much money does TikTok Pay for 1 million views and per view?

TikTok pays 2-4 cents per 1000 views. There is no given stat on per view. But you can do the math if you want to.

How to go viral on tiktok?

Read the article above under this heading for better understanding.

  • But here are some ways
  • Interact with audience
  • Make funny videos
  • Keep your videos short
  • Use hashtags
  • Make yourself visible on other social media platforms through your content on tiktok.
  • Follow the trends
  • Know your audience.

We hope now you know how much money does tiktok pay for 1 million views and really its easy to make money on tiktok.

Kate Brown
Kate Brown
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