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How Much does a YouTuber with 500K Subscribers Make


How much does a youtuber with 500k subscribers make? If you have landed on this article you are probably looking ways to make money from YouTube. Well hang it tight then, you are going to explore all about making money from YouTube and specially if how much does a YouTuber with 500k subscriber make.

We will answer about how much typical YouTubers make, and if you are in luck having 500K subscribers that you’ll also get to know about how much does a YouTuber with 500k subscribers make.

Google usually pays out 67% of Adsense revenue, so for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays $67 to the content producer aka YouTuber.

The actual rate may vary depending on other advertising factors, usually between $0.1 to $0.35 per view, but considerably the average is around $0.18 per view or you can receive $18 per 1,000 views, which sums up to $3-$5 per 1,000 video views.

Quietly honestly, when it comes to earning your first dollar through YouTube is the hardest part then it just starts steadily multiplying.

You know that the more subscribers you would have on your channel, the more will see your ads and the more clicks you will receive on ads placed on your channel resulting in higher profits.

By this, there is a higher chance for brands to do a collaboration with you and offer sponsorship deals.

The more you are able to produce user-generated content the more you are likely to become a multi-channel network. Its like climbing stairs, and with every step you make double of what you earned previously.

Highest paid YouTubers

There is a significant number of YouTubers that are making a huge amount of money out of their content. To name some of them under 10 years, there is eight years old Ryan of Ryan’s World has estimated earnings to be $26 million from his channel.

There is one another channel y name Dude Perfect, has $21 millions in earnings, that channel belongs to 5 high school boys.

There is one another popular channel, PewDiePie has made $15.6 million earning, however, there share dropped a bit last year.

Skipping Ad impact on your channel

If your viewers are skipping ads, this could have negative impact on your earnings from YouTube, because it doesn’t count skipped ads in its calculations. Advertisers only pay you when someone watches their ad on your channel not when they are skipping it.

There is no rocket science in users not skipping ads, its just YouTubers hope that brands make compelling ads, they viewers should watch instead of just skipping it.

Lucky YouTubers having 500k subscribers

As an estimated calculation from top advertising gurus, if you are in luck having 500k subscribers then you’ll likely to get 200k views on a video, considering it really become an internet sensation.

With this number of subscribers, YouTube allows you to play ads on your video, may be in the start, middle or at the end from which the content producer will likely get $10 from a video, which isn’t bad.

Why its not pretty impressive to have 500k subscribers, when it comes to earnings? Undoubtedly, YouTube doesn’t merely pay for having subscribers on your channel but advertisers do.

Each time your audience view ads on your channel and luckily if the ad is compelling enough to grab the attention then you are likely to make commission from them.

It could be as low as $0.1 but yet it multiplies quite fast when a large number from your audience is clicking, and you are making money out of your channel.

There is one youngster probably eight-year-old kid who is making toy unpacking videos, however, he is lucky enough to make $26 million every year from his channel.

Perhaps, you are assuming that if he can do that, I can do it too, and trust me you are thinking right.

It always small in the beginning, but it gets big with your determination, hard-work, passion and yes a little portion of your luck.

Subscribers are significant; however, watch-time is all that matters

Its very fortunate that out of 37 million people trying their lucks on YouTube, only about 22,000 have more than 1 million subscribers, which makes 0.5% of the total number of content generators on YouTube, as appeared in Tubics, a statistic providing company.

how much does a youtuber with 500k subscribers make?

It has been seen that by far YouTubers having 50k-500k subscribers are considered to be fruitful makers and are considered to be in “working class”, a significant number of whom can live with their YouTube profit alone.

As a matter of fact, subscribers are an important element to your overall YouTube career health, but in 2020, a more useful metric was introduced by YouTube i.e. watch time.

If you have a lot of subscribers but they aren’t bothered to watch your complete videos, that means either they are not the right audience on your channel or you are not producing enough quality content for them to stay with you.

To get a more exact number of what makers are paid, you need to take a look at their “cost per mille,” also called cost per 1,000 impressions, or CPM.

Your CPM + Watch Time decides your compensation rate

When you are all set to partner with advertising platforms, then your income solely depends on your CPM and Watch Time.

CPM is the metric which tells you how much an advertiser is eager to promote their ad on your channel and watch time tells you how much audience is interested in your content.

How much does a youtuber with 500k subscribers make?

One of a top business magazine brings up a facts that CPM may fluctuate based on several factors of which geography, gender, interest are few.

Because a lot more factors are associated with your earning so it’s a bit critical for YouTubers, and sometimes uncontrollable, yet they typically fall between $2-$8 from a video with 1,000,000 views.

Average Salary of a YouTuber

Taking on average 1 view per subscriber to calculate Ad revenue (Includes ad views and clicks)

The average salary of a YouTuber with 1,000,000 subscribers is $7,000 per month and $95,000 a year.

$3,000 from Ad views + $3000 from Ad clicks = $6,000.

500k subscribers YouTube salary

On average, 500k YouTuber salary is $3,500 per month

$2,500 from ad views + $1,500 from Ad clicks = $4,000

The average salary of a YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers is $750 per month

$300 from ad views + $450 from Ad clicks = $750

An active YouTuber who upload videos quite often gets 1 view per subscriber.

YouTube calculate earnings through CPM or per 1000 views.

A YouTuber makes around $7.5 per 1000 views. It includes ad views and clicks on ads. The earnings are higher when the viewers watch the ad till the end or click on the ad. 

To truly bring in cash, you need to go past snaps

If you truly need to make dollars on YouTube, you actually need to be very good at producing content and should act smart to gain your viewer’s trust and attention on your channel.

And when it comes to content, you should find a niche and a topic that you will elaborate on your channel. It could be pranks, tech reviews, how to’s, funny videos, product unpacking, cooking, DIY and the list goes on.


There are people who are earning through social media, some are using Facebook, some have become instagramers, some are tweeting and some are youtubing. Its not really hard to start your channel on YouTube. All you need is to be determined about it, find a niche, relevant subject to start off with.

Nobody at once became big, they all struggled through the ups and downs and achieved milestones. The hardest part is making your first dollar. Once you are able to make it, hopefully it won’t take much time to get big.

We created this article to give you a comprehensive idea on how to become a YouTuber,how much does a YouTuber with 500k subscribers make or what is 500k subscribers YouTube salary.

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