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How Many Likes On TikTok To Get Paid?


If you have clicked on this article then it means you are either someone who is beginning to build a career on TikTok, is passionate about videos and influencer market, or you are just curious that how do these people earn millions by posting videos?

For whatever reason you are here, it doesn’t matter, it’s the age of information and you should know how internet works and how these social media platform work and whether or not Likes are needed to get paid on TikTok.

Just like YouTube, instagram, facebook or any other social media platform, TikTok too doesn’t pay on the basis of likes you get.

It is all in the views. Depending upon the amount of views you get on your video and on your account, TikTok will pay you.

Now that we have answered your most asked question “how many likes are needed to get paid on TikTok?” Lets move on to how to get paid on TikTok.

But first let me tell you some promising statistics related to TikTok so if you are not a user yet, you should know its potential and become one, or if you are someone who is looking to earn through TikTok, the statistics will help you analyse the app better.

TikTok statistics 2022

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Available in more than 150 countries, TikTok has been downloaded more than 200 million times in United States of America alone.

Monthly active users of TikTok are 1.4 billion. Moreover on an Average a user opens TikTok 8 times a day. The app like every other social media platform has become addicting. But the uniqueness of TikTok lies in its simplest UX design (user experience) which allows users to navigate through the app and create content as fast as possible.

This uniqueness makes TikTok the most used app (after YouTube) by people of age group 4-14 year olds.

New Studies have shown that children of age four to fifteen spend 90 minutes on TikTok per day.

The newYork times Reported that TikTok engagement and users have been rapidly increasing since the start of pandemic.

Reportedly TikTok is paying 500 dollars to influencers in order to get them to join their app and start creating content. This strategy did boost TikTok creator marketplace a lot.

The growing TikTok creator market place makes TikTok part of digital marketing strategy for brands and various businesses. The app has become essential for brands to market their products on this platform.

Why? Because the audience here is growing rapidly. The engagement is sky rocketing each year. Its easier to get viral on TikTok because the algorithm supports creators much more than other social media apps. So even if you have less follower count an average TikTok user is able to get more views. And like we said, views are important.

What type of content do creators on TikTok make?

Well, TikTok is essentially an app that had filled the gap in entertainment market by letting people create videos as short as 1 min, which meant that now people could just see 1 min videos and quickly get on with their day. Except that reality is much different. You end-up spending hours on TikTok while your brain gets tricked by watching shorter videos. However in today’s digitised world, these 1 min videos that can provide entertainment as well as information are much appreciated. Therefore creators on TikTok usually create short clips or videos that are related to daily lifestyle videos, vlogs, comedy, hacks and tricks, or the most famous TikTok lip syncing videos where users lip sync to different sounds, make transition videos, and dance videos on popular songs. These videos are often created and go viral in a matter of days.

How to earn money from TikTok? And Can you earn money from TikTok?

The straight forward answer is: Yes of course you can make money from TikTok but how to earn that money? This question doesn’t have a straight forward or a simple answer to it.

There is not a single way to make money from TikTok there are many ways. And this may sound generic, but its true that before you are able to earn money on any platform, you first need influence. And you create that influence by gaining followers, likes and views through your content. Once you have a proper audience big or small, you can start earning.

There are many ways through which you can earn money on TikTok. But before that lets take a look at how much does TikTok pay and the highest paid TikTok creators of 2022

Many people already know these ways, and have made TikTok their full time job earning loads of money every year.

How much does TikTok pay?

There are several ways to get paid on TikTok (read below) but TikTok directly pays its creator 0.02 to 0.04 dollars per 1000 views.

Now this may look like severely underpaid, but remember the easiest chance you have of making your video go viral is on TikTok alone.

If any video goes viral, it sure will be on TikTok first. Therefore if you are consistently creating content, in fact the algorithm even allows you to post 4-5 times a day, so if you follow that and create videos that follow TikTok community guidelines and fulfil their vision of spreading joy and creativity you can soon start getting millions of views.

The amount above is not specific. Based on your engagement and demographics TikTok may pay you higher than that average amount of 2-4 cents.

In 2021 launched something Called TikTok Creator’s fund. This feature enables a creator to earn directly from the TikTok. Which means that TikTok will pay you for creating content on its platform.

The program is not like YouTube’s Adsense which pays you based on the number of ad views you get on videos, but it simply shares some of its income with you for creating content on their platform.

You can withdraw money from TikTok creator’s fund as soon as you stack up 10 dollars.

What is TikTok creator’s fund?

On September 1st 2020 TikTok launched a program for its creators called TikTok Creators fund which enable creators to make money off of every single video they post on TikTok.

Why did it create such a program?

Well TikTok has been making money for several years now, but this year the company decided to pay back its users to bring value to their app and platform. Therefore TikTok decided to initially invest 200 million dollars creators fund for United states audience which has now reached to 1 billion US dollars, and for united states and all the other European countries, the company invested 54 million pounds. That’s massive, and now you know how many likes on tiktok to get paid

And This fund belongs to its creators alone.

Which means if you match creators fund credibility criteria you can now earn directly from TikTok and make a career.

TikTok’s motive behind launching this massive program was in company’s exact words “to encourage those who dream of using their voices and creativity to spark inspirational careers”

Who can join the TikTok creator’s fund.

What is the eligibility criteria for TikTok creator fund?

According to the company, creators who are based in UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy or USA can monetise their account by switching to pro account and signing up for TikTok Creators fund.

  • You should have at least 1000 followers on TikTok
  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • You must have at least 10,000 video views in past month
  • You should be creating authentic content which is your own and not copied of some other creator. And most importantly your content should follow TikTok guidelines and fulfilling TikTok mission of ‘spreading joy’ with creativity.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you should not be a d graded creator on tuktok, which essentially means that your creator history should be clear of any past repeated guideline violations, no account bans by the company otherwise it would get much more difficult for you to get approved for TikTok Creators fund.

So if you match this official criteria you are good to go and start earning. Unfortunately the creators fund is still unavailable in many countries, however reportedly, The TikTok Creator’s Fund will be available in Canada and Australia hopefully later in 2022.

If you don’t belong to these countries don’t be disappointed, keep building your profile because you can still earn money from TikTok through other ways. Which are mentioned below.

Besides, who knows? Maybe your country is next in list for creators fund?

If your country has a good amount of audience that uses TikTok, then TikTok will definitely invest in you as well. Its just the question of when! And we hope its soon, how many likes on tiktok to get paid.

Who are the highest paid TikTok creators?

TikTok like any other social media platform is not a joke when it comes to money. When we say that you can build a career out of it, we really mean it. Internet is not just a technology that’s evolving by time, internet is the future of this world. It is the way of life.

Like Garyvee  said “‘Social media’ is the slang term for ‘current state of the internet’ you have to understand and take advantage of this last decade of current state of internet”

He further said that brands are building daily on TikTok who are going to monetise for next decade and while you laugh at someone who is spending hours in kitchen making videos.  you will miss on so many great things and opportunities if you keep ‘grossly underestimating’ the current state of internet.

With that being said, lets look at highest paid TikTokers:

Disclaimer: these TikTokers have been aggressively creating content everyday from past 1-2 years or so on average. And these creators have been earning from TikTok from brand endorsements, collaborations and partnerships as well as TikTok creators fund.

According to Forbes report of 2021 the top creators of Platform (excluding celebrities who were famous before TikTok) all and all squashed over $55.5M in 2021 which was tremendous 200% increase from last year.

Forbes annual highest paid TikToker list revealed

Number 1: Charlie D’ Amelio earning 17.5M dollars

Number 2: Dixie D’ Amelio earning 10 million Dollars

Number 3: Addison Rae earning 8.5 million Dollars

Number 4: Josh Richards earning 5 Million Dollars and Bella Porch earning 5 million dollars

Number 5: kris collins earning 4.75 million dollars

It’s true that their income does not come only from TikTok Creator’s fund. Like we said there are multiple other ways and strategies to earn money from TikTok. So without further ado lets jump right into these ways so that you can be one of these highest paid creators as well, now you got how many likes on TikTok to get paid.

How to start earning from TikTok

We have already mentioned that in order to start earning from TikTok one of the ways is to get paid directly from TikTok. And for that you will need to register yourself for TikTok creators fund program through the app. It’s pretty simple! If you are confused you can check the steps out from TikTok’s official Website as well.

In Order to start earning from TikTok through creators fund or through brand collaborations, It’s pretty obvious that you first need an account and you need to discover that creative bone in you to start earning and you will get the answer about how many likes to get paid on TikTok.

To be very honest, you don’t have to be Picasso level of creative or Van Gogh or Christopher Nolan who is an expert Film director. You just need to be able to have some sort of likeness or passion for making videos. Or expressing your talent through videos.  They can be any type of videos. You could be a cook making creative tutorials or a dancer or just a lifetyle vlogger, a comedian, you can be anything. And while being creative you will need to be consistent. Consistency is needed more than hard work in order to build anything be it your career on TikTok or your relationship.

You wanna be earning those millions of dollars? Well start creating content and be consistent with it. Gradually your profile will grow, you will have an audience who follows you for your work, you will have influence and once you reach that level, you can get your TikTok monetised by activating creators fund for by collaborating with brands. Don’t ask how many likes are to get paid on TikTok instead focus on your content so that you gain views. Because TikTok pays you based on your views. With views you will eventually get likes. And brands only collaborate with influencers and content creators that have a following who engages and viewers who from even outside follower list.

Strategies to earn from TikTok

  1. Collaborations with brands

If you have a large following or even if you are a nano content creator on TikTok (this applies to any other social media platform) you can collaborate with brands that you think would be interested in your audience. Collaboration is basically like a two way relationship. Where a brand or a business sees potential in your audience and your influence over that audience to market their desired Products and create brand awareness and you get paid by the business for marketing their product by creating content related to it, plus, if the it’s a reputed brand you get to associate your name with them. Which also helps you in gaining more following and more collaborations with other businesses as well.

  • You can also play Ads on your TikTok videos, so that with the amount of views you get, you will not only get paid by TikTok creators fund but also by ad views.
  • Sell your Merchandise (merch) this is one of the most common ways to earn money. Once an influencer has good following and fame they start selling products that endorse their name and their identity. And you would be amazed by actually how many people who are true followers of these content creators love to buy their products.
  • You can also earn through TikTok gifting feature.

This feature essentially allows your viewers to maybe send you a donation if they like your content and want to support your channel. Or they might send you gift cards that you can also trade in for money.

How many likes on TikTok to get paid???

Views decide everything. How much you get paid, how much influence you have as a creator, and how many collaborations you get to have with businesses and brands. You earn directly from views only how many likes on tiktok to get paid.

Likes do not decide your income. However getting likes does indicate that the audience on TikTok appreciates your content and this can boost your engagement and follower count. Which eventually increases your profile views.

And luckily its easier to get views on TikTok as long as you are creating content that is creative and aligns with TikTok’s mission, which is to spread joy and creativity.

To summaries this article, TikTok pays 2-4 cents per 1000 views. Which means 20-40 dollars per million views. In order to earn this money, you need to have 10000 followers and 10000 views over your profile in previous month. There are a lot of other ways to earn money on TikTok, such as brand endorsements and advertisements.

I hope this was helpful! And I hope whatever you are doing you do great at it and you will know now how many likes on Tiktok to get paid.

Kate Brown
Kate Brown
I am a writer and journalist based in New York. Since the start of my career, I have been in Content Marketing and have proven record by featuring businesses, products and technology on various news outlets like Forbes, entrepreneur.com, magzica.com, inc.com, businessinsider.com


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