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How Many Jobs are Available in Technology?


The technology job market is booming as companies transition to digitalization and there are more opportunities than ever before.

With a continued dearth of qualified talent, the unemployment rate in the tech marketplace has decreased and salaries have jumped significantly.

According to CompTIA’s latest Tech Jobs report, there are currently over 7 million jobs available in computer information technology alone.

As businesses continue to invest in new technological systems, it’s clear that demand for these positions is only going to increase. This article will explore how many jobs are available in technology and how you can take advantage of this growing industry.

Technology Jobs for a Digital First Environment

In an effort to keep pace with the rest of the world and ensure business continuity, employers began to seek out workers who are specialized in better integrating technology into their processes.

Now more than ever, there is increased demand for software developers, cybersecurity specialists, web developers, and data scientists to drive digital transformation.

As a result, businesses need to prioritize hiring these types of technology-savvy professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic put this reality of a digitally focused environment into perspective that has led to drastic changes in the job market.

More than ever before, employers are actively looking for candidates who understand how technology can fill gaps and drive innovation within a company.

Investing in technology jobs will help companies steer themselves towards success during this times and beyond it in the new digital first age.

Career Development in a Shifting Tech Sector

Technology is advancing rapidly and is poised to cause drastic job displacement in the near future.

With this wave of disruption, career development plans that incorporate digital training have become essential not only for those wishing to fill current tech labor shortages, but also for those preparing themselves to take on future jobs.

By offering people access to certification programs and credentials online, job seekers are able to obtain new skills and bolster their resumes, while simultaneously increasing the talent pool available to employers looking for qualified candidates. This makes online tech training an important part of our quickly-shifting job market.

Expanding Long-Term Career Paths

To meet the ever-evolving demands of the job market, Cengage Group provides instructor-facilitated online education and training that focuses on tech-savviness.

With our ed2go courses, learners have the option to pick and choose from an array of programs such as CompTIA Certification Training, Full Stack Software Developer Training, Introduction to Python Programming and Web Design Professional.

Not only do these courses offer learners flexibility in terms of their learning pace and budget, but they also offer skill upgrading opportunities – this is certainly beneficial for employees who want to expand their career pathways.

As a prime example of how well Cengage Group’s ed2go courses succeed in offering career expansion opportunities, John E., an assessor at his company discovered several necessary updates both in terms of content and technology through our Full Stack Software Developer Training course.

In no time, he was able to update his company’s website allowing him to further his career prospects by demonstrating skills which are otherwise rarely taught outside the corporate setting. This case best exemplifies the positive impact that our online academy has on people’s long-term career paths.

Remaining Relevant for Available Technology Jobs

As the world rapidly shifts into digital workflows, remaining relevant and competitive within applicable technology jobs can be difficult if skills are not updated on a regular basis.

Reskilling and upskilling ensure that individuals have the knowledge and qualifications they need to remain viable in current job markets.

Unfortunately, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), approximately 31 percent of employees in the U.S. workforce lack either no or limited digital skills, which has led different industries like construction, transportation, health, and manufacturing to lag behind other countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan, Germany, Italy and Taiwan when it comes to digital workforce skills.

Fortunately, though updating one’s skills will still require effort from individuals in order for them to stay relevant for available technology jobs.

Career Goals Focused on Digital Proficiency

To support those individuals who are looking to develop a career path focused on digital proficiency, Cengage Group is proud to offer solutions that bridge partnerships between higher ed institutions, online learning channels and employers.

We strive to provide employees and job seekers with the ability to ‘upskill’ quickly and efficiently in order to keep up with industry changes and modern technology advancements, thereby maintaining competitiveness in the workforce.

We also acknowledge that many people are reevaluating their careers, hence why we at Cengage Group continue to search for new opportunities for meaningful job development so that our customers can gain real value from their employment.


In conclusion, the technology job market is growing rapidly and it’s important for individuals to stay competitive in order to remain relevant.

Cengage Group provides instructor-facilitated online education and training that focuses on tech-savviness, giving learners flexibility when it comes to their learning pace and budget.

Through our ed2go courses, employees can upgrade their skills which will help them expand their career pathways while also staying up-to-date with industry changes and modern technology advancements.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be sure to obtain the knowledge necessary for success within the ever changing IT job market.

Aiman Aamir
Aiman Aamir
Aiman Aamir has written for a variety of publications, including some of the known magazines. Her work has been praised for its engaging and informative content, as well as its unique perspective on the world of fashion, lifestyle, marketing and innovation. Whether she is writing about the latest runway shows, models, travel destinations or latest digital trends, Aiman always delivers insightful and well-researched articles that resonate with her audience.


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