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How Many Followers On TikTok To Go Live – A Complete Guide


One may ask, why is live streaming important? After all, producing a live stream can be rather time-consuming. But bear with us. No matter how many followers on tiktok to go live, live streaming offers real advantages.

Firstly, it effectively targets audiences in every corner of the world. It is crucial for content creators and businesses who depend on building a notable online presence.

Going live offers a brand-new platform for connecting with current and potential clients and customers. Creating a corporate webcast can increase engagement, foster trust among your audience, and improve the perception of your business.

If millennials and Gen Zers are your target market, TikTok should be your go-to social media tool for self and brand promotion. TikTok has an exponentially massive reach and penetration among Gen Z, with 800 million active users.

Marketers and influencers have a wealth of chances, thanks to TikTok. Live videos, which other platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram offer, were one area where it fell short. Let’s see how many followers on tiktok to go live.

What is TikTok live?

So, what is TikTok live? It is pretty self-explanatory the name suggests.

When you live-stream on the app for the entirety of your followers, it is called TikTok Live. TikTok is famous for short videos that we all know and love. The Live feature is a fresh alternative to that. It offers creators the option to engage with their followers on a more personal level and go beyond what is popular on TikTok.

It gives the audience to view a raw, unedited version of their favorite content creator. Going live is a foolproof way to get intimate with your followers. As a result, it will make them feel closer to you.

When was Tiktok Live launched?

TikTok came out with its Live feature in 2019, allowing content producers to stream content in real-time through the app.

Reasons why you should live stream

The live feature can be a powerful tool to amass your online growth. An influencer’s job may include looking tip-top for the camera 24/7. But your audience needs content that they can relate to. Livestreaming offers you the advantage of a one-on-one conversation with your followers and helps establish an intimate connection.

Live streaming was one of the most prominent trends observed post-pandemic.
Social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter, have modified their algorithms to favor live streaming. It has led to encouraging individuals and companies to live stream more frequently.

1) Is television being replaced?

Digital marketer and entrepreneur Niel Patel claim that live streaming has replaced television. Or it may be on its way to becoming the new television. End-users prefer to stream content using a portable device such as a mobile or a laptop.

2) More outreach

The fact that platforms favor live content is one of the ways live streaming can help you reach more people. On Facebook, live streaming increases the likelihood that your followers will see it in their newsfeeds than sharing an image or a video afterward. Like many other platforms, YouTube will emphasize live video in its search results.

3) Increased exposure

You can produce more leads for your company or gain more followers for your brand with more exposure. It’s also simpler to encourage users to discover and share live videos on social media. Whenever you start a live stream, your followers are immediately notified!

4) A cheap marketing tool

Live streaming is a terrific way to expand your audience because it is affordable. There are many efficient ways to reach individuals in the world of marketing, but the majority demand substantial expenses. Live streaming, in contrast, may be made on a tight budget and still produce excellent results.

5) A fast-growing industry

One of the industries with the quickest growth is online streaming. In 2021, the live streaming market almost hit a million dollars in revenue. By 2028, its estimated value will exceed 4  billion dollars.

How to go live on Tiktok?

Now, you may be wondering how one accesses the live feature. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Live streaming on the TikTok application is an excellent place to start if you’ve ever wondered how to get viral on the platform. Going live is a foolproof way to grow your audience, establish connections with them, and increase traffic to your account.

TikTok community guidelines

There are some community guidelines TikTok has set to control cyberbullying. Some of them are as follows:

-racist content toward communities
-violent acts directed towards humans or animals
-acts that involve homicide
– any behavior that violates the law
– fraud, scams, and money laundering
-human trafficking
-suicidal acts

Make sure you stick to these guildies while going live. In case of violation of these rules, people can report you.

How many followers to go on TikTok live

To access TikTok Live, you must have at least 1,000 followers. To go live, you must at least be 16 years and above.

You must be 18 years or older to send and receive presents. Gifts are virtual contributions by your viewers during a live stream that can be exchanged for money.

Why can’t I go live on TikTok?
To go live, your follower count must be 1000 or above. This is how many followers to go on tiktok live.

Can I go live without 1000 followers?

The short answer is no. There is no way you can host a live stream without being 16 or having 1000 followers. Your account is not eligible to have the Live feature. However, you can join someone else’s live stream if they invite you.

How long is a TikTok live?

TikTok has not set a time duration for going live. It is really up to you. However,  consider a few things regarding the length of your live stream.  Make sure it is not too long because your followers will get bored. Most of them will click off the video. Don’t keep a live too short. Your audience will be left with lots of answers.

Ideally, the perfect period is around 30 minutes to an hour. Come up with interactive ideas so your followers can participate too.

Step 1: Open the app, sign in to your TikTok account, and tap the “+” symbol.
Step 2:At the bottom of your screen, you will find the Live option. It is located right next to templates.
Step 3: Simply hit the red “go live” button when you are ready to go live. TikTok starts a 3-second timer before going live.
And that’s it! You’re now live on TikTok! Once you are live, use different camera effects, filter comments, reply to viewers and switch the camera.

How to end livestream on TikTok?

To stop recording your video, click the X in the upper-left corner of the screen. Make sure you enjoy it.

How to watch live streams on Tiktok?

If you want to watch a fellow content creator’s live stream, here’s how to do so. We have divided the process into a few easy steps.

Step 1: Log in to the TikTok app on your device.
Step 2: Tap the “Notification” button next to the “+” icon.
Step 3: You will be directed to TikTok’s Notification Page. The “Top Lives” option is located at the top of the screen here.
Step 4: Click the Watch button next to the Top Lives button. Random live videos will start playing on your phone.
Step 5: You can browse “Top Lives” and view videos based on your interests. You can do this by selecting “Top Lives” on the Notifications page, which will direct you to the “top live video gallery.” Select any live stream you want to watch by clicking it from the list as you browse.

How long are live replays available?

Live replays are available for 90 days only.

Content ideas for going live

It is a no-brainer that going live is a relatively easy-breezy approach to expanding your audience and keeping them engaged. However, it can be exhausting to constantly create new video content. You may think of a few successful video ideas, but what happens if you hit a creative block?

You must continue to produce content as an individual or a brand since consistency is essential to your online success. We have listed down a couple of live streaming content suggestions for you.  With the help of this list, you won’t have to worry about running out of ideas to continue producing content.

These ideas will assist you in connecting with and developing relationships with your audience.

1) Do an impromptu Q/A session. Seize this opportunity, to be honest with your followers. Show them a little sneak peek about your inside life. Let your personality shine through. After getting a little personal with your audience, they will feel more inclined towards you.

2) Do a live unboxing and review a product. This idea will work wonders if you are someone who is a makeup guru or uploads tech-related content. People are always on the hunt for new products. You can get them to buy and try new products if they trust your expertise. Make sure to promote authentic products.

3) Host a get ready with me. This idea can be low maintenance yet very engaging too. You can sit down, do your makeup and converse with your audience. Make sure the conversation flows smoothly. Otherwise, it will feel forced.

4) Host a giveaway. By giving incentives, you may increase engagement and encourage viewers to share your live video.

5) If you’re working on a project, film a little behind the scenes for your followers. People are always curious about what goes on backstage.

6) Teach your audience a technique that you use uniquely from what other people do. Maybe you have your method for writing or organizing. Find areas where you and your audience can bond over.

7) Give a brief live demonstration of a tool you use. Do you have a regular tool that helps you while editing or writing?  Give a live instructional to your followers about it.  they’ll appreciate your effort and might pick up something new.

8)Give a live demonstration of a  product or service. A live demonstration increases sales and fosters trust.

9) Share knowledge that shows your expertise.

10) Host interviews with fellow tiktokers to increase your fan base.

All these concepts for live streaming video can assist you in connecting with, expanding, and reaching your audience. You will have clients and supporters for life once you earn their trust and they feel like they know you.

Best time to go live

Time is key. Especially when going live. Keep an eye on your follower insights to know when people are active.

To view the analytics, you must upgrade your account to Business Suite.

How to find your analytics is as follows:

1) Check out your profile.

2) Press Business Suite.

3)Click on Followers once you’re on the Analytics Page.

The demographics of your followers, including their gender, top countries, and the days and hours they are most active, will then be summarised for you.

The information provided above will help you be aware of the ideal times to go live and how to harness audience knowledge to do so.

Earn money by going live

Hosting a live stream can also earn you money. Your followers can send you Diamonds which can be traded for money. Users must be at least 18 years old to use LIVE Gifts. Keep in mind to abide by the Community Guidelines.

Bottom Line on TikTok Live

A great approach to engage with your community, grow an audience, and increase traffic to your website is to go live on TikTok. The simplicity of it is the best part! All you have to do is speak in front of the camera without any editing. Having a friend join you in your live stream will help you overcome any initial shyness you might experience. So what are you waiting for? Stream your first live today!

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