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How Did Blippi Die?


For nearly a decade, kids have been captivated by the educational adventures of Blippi. Since its debut in 2014, the Blippi show has expanded to live performances, merchandise, and even international broadcasts.

Viewers noticed something different: a new face, Clayton Grimm, joined the show as Blippi alongside the original actor, Stevin John.

So, how did blippi die? Why did a new actor step into the beloved role? Dive in to discover the reasons behind the change and what’s next for the Blippi show!

Did Stevin John Leave Blippi?

Nope, Stevin John is still very much Blippi! What’s changed is that a second actor, Clayton Grimm, has joined the fun to play Blippi alongside Stevin John.

So why bring in another Blippi? Well, in 2021, the same year Grimm made his debut, Stevin John and his wife shared the happy news that they were expecting a baby.

Grimm also revealed that Stevin John wanted to share the workload as he continued to churn out more awesome content for the Blippi brand.

Now, Blippi fans get to enjoy double the fun with two actors bringing the beloved character to life in different episodes!

Who Is The New Actor For Blippi?

Meet Clayton Grimm, the new face of Blippi, joining the beloved original actor and creator Stevin John, who will also continue to delight fans as Blippi.

Clayton is no stranger to the stage, having showcased his talent in New York and internationally. He even donned the iconic red suit as The Flash in the stage production of DC’s Justice League.

Grimm’s journey as Blippi began in 2019 with Blippi the Musical live show. His captivating performance led to an exciting opportunity in 2020 when the original Blippi show invited him to continue the adventure alongside Stevin John.

Get ready for double the fun and learning with Blippi’s dynamic duo!

Audience Reaction To The New Blippi Actor

Parents and children alike were taken aback by the sudden change in Blippi’s actor. Social media platforms like Twitter (now X) and Facebook buzzed with parents sharing stories of their little ones noticing the swap and feeling unsettled by it.

While some parents mentioned that their kids didn’t notice or weren’t particularly bothered, the prevailing sentiment was that introducing a second actor for Blippi while the original actor is still active felt odd.

As one parent put it, “I wish Blippi could just introduce us to his ‘friend,’ and maybe he could wear the same outfit, just in different colors.”

More Casting Controversy for the Blippi Live Show

Many parents were upset when a new actor was introduced for the Blippi streaming show. But the controversy isn’t new. Back in 2020, parents discovered that Stevin John wouldn’t be performing as Blippi during the touring live show, sparking a wave of frustration.

The Blippi the Musical live show premiered in January 2020, with tickets going on sale in late 2019. Eager parents rushed to buy tickets, shelling out as much as $250 for a set of four. They were excited, anticipating Stevin John as the beloved Blippi.

However, they were in for a surprise. Instead of John, Clayton Grimm, who would later become the second actor for Blippi on the streaming show, took the stage as the character. The unexpected casting change left many feeling deceived and sparked a significant uproar among the show’s fans.

When parents who had already secured their tickets discovered a different actor would be performing, they were livid. One mother told Inside Edition she felt “bamboozled” by the switch. “It’s like going to see the Rolling Stones and finding out a Mick Jagger impersonator is performing instead,” she lamented.

While many children’s live shows feature masked or full-body suit characters where the actor’s identity doesn’t matter, Blippi is different. As a human character with a distinct face and voice, Blippi is the actor.

Adding fuel to the fire, many parents felt the casting change was hidden in the fine print of third-party ticket websites, leaving them unaware before finalizing their purchases.

To make matters even worse, there was an option for a meet-and-greet for an additional fee. Many parents felt this was downright fraudulent since they wouldn’t be meeting the “real” Blippi.

The Impact of the New Blippi Actor on the Show

Despite some controversy and confusion over the years regarding the casting of Blippi, the beloved character and his brand continue to thrive. Since its debut in 2014, the Blippi channel has amassed over 15 billion views and boasts 18.4 million subscribers globally.

Even with the introduction of a second actor causing a stir in 2021, the show’s success hasn’t wavered. That same year, Blippi expanded to the UK via Virgin Media and launched Blippi Wonders, a new animated series on YouTube.

The excitement didn’t stop there—streaming giant Netflix acquired the rights to the original Blippi programming, while Amazon Prime commissioned a fresh, original show titled Blippi’s Treehouse. The Blippi brand is clearly unstoppable, continuously captivating audiences worldwide!

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