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Hannah Quinlivan Parents, Spouse, Children & More


Hannah Quinlivan, also acknowledged by the name Kun Ling, is an actress and model with Taiwanese-Australian roots. She was born on August 12, 1993, in Taiwan to an Australian father and a Taiwanese-Korean mother and graduated from Juang Jing Vocational High School. Her career kickstarted with Blackie’s Teenage Club in 2008, followed by her acting debut in “Ti Amo Chocolate” in 2012.

Her first appearance in a film was in “Step Back to Glory” (2013) in an unofficial student role. Further, she featured in various roles in “Amour et Pâtisserie”, “Moon River”, “The Lying Game”, “Heart of Steel” and “Twa-Tiu-Tiann”. In November 2014, she confirmed her relationship with Jay Chou, a singer and actor. They had been dating since 2010 and got married in January 2015. Their wedding was planned by Sarah Haywood and occurred in Selby Abbey, North Yorkshire. They have two children Hathaway (born July 2015) and Romeo (born June 2017). Just three days after her second childbirth, she auditioned for the film “Skyscraper” which was released in 2018.

Hannah is married to Jay Chou, and they have two children.

Born and brought up in Taipei, Taiwan, Hannah is of Australian, Taiwanese, and Korean descent. She got married to Jay Chou in January 2015 and became a mother in July 2015. She is best known for her work in the Taiwanese film and TV industries and has made appearances in several Chinese music videos. She married Jay Chou in North Yorkshire’s Selby Abbey after nearly five years of dating and a year of engagement. A notable mention is her work with Vanness Wu in the series “Ti Amo Chocolate”. She was expecting her first child with Jay Chou in April 2015.

How old is Hannah Quinlivan?

Hannah Quinlivan was born on August 12, 1993, in Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan, making her 28 years old as of 2022. Yet, she was raised in New South Wales, Australia. Her mother is of Chinese-Korean descent while her father is Australian. At one of the renowned fashion weeks, she came out as a transgender woman. Hannah’s parents are Violet Wu and Patrick Quinlivan. She has a half-brother and half-sister, whose names remain undisclosed. Quinlivan attended Juang Jing Vocational High School before moving on to the New York Film Festival to further her understanding of acting and filmmaking.

When did Hannah Quinlivan begin her career?

Hannah Quinlivan entered the acting world in 2012, portraying Peng Kaili in the comedy TV series “Ti Amo Chocolate”. She played Zhang Ruoxi in the film “Step Back to Glory” the following year. In 2014, she appeared as a passenger in the drama series “The Lying Game”.

Who is Hannah Quinlivan’s spouse?

Hannah Quinlivan began dating actor and singer Jay Chou in 2011. After a few years together, they decided to marry in 2015. Details of their love story are scarce online. They welcomed their first child, Hathaway, in 2015, and their son, Romeo, two years later. The couple’s marriage appears to be going strong, with no rumors of separation. Details about Hannah’s previous relationships before Jay are not available.

How tall is Hannah Quinlivan?

The actress stands 5 feet 3 inches tall. She maintains a slim physique, weighing in at 45kg. With black eyes and hair, and a fair complexion, she possesses an undeniably attractive appearance. The 28-year-old actress is known to frequently dye her hair, accentuating her looks. Rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery have circulated, but no confirmation has been provided.

What is the net worth of Hannah Quinlivan?

Through her acting career, Hannah Quinlivan has accumulated significant wealth. Her acting career, spanning many years, has generated a substantial income. Additionally, she earns a decent income from sponsored posts on her Instagram account and her modeling career.

How active is Hannah Quinlivan on social media?

Hannah Quinlivan enjoys a large following on Instagram, with 2.5 million followers. She frequently updates her profile with new posts. She also has a Facebook page with 1.3 million followers. However, she does not have a presence on other platforms like YouTube and Twitter. In her leisure time, Hannah enjoys modeling for photo shoots and dancing.

Love Story of Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan: 5 Key Highlights

The renowned King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, has had several romantic associations, including the likes of Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou. However, it was the Taiwanese-Australian model, Hannah Quinlivan, who ultimately became his life partner. They tied the knot in Yorkshire, England, with their relationship only made public in the preceding year, despite dating for four years.

Let’s delve deeper into their enchanting love story:

  1. The Origin

The details about how Chou and Quinlivan first met are somewhat vague. Chou’s close friend and choreographer, Ice Cream, claims he was the one who introduced them. Quinlivan was reportedly working part-time at a fashion boutique, Phantaci, partially owned by Chou when they first crossed paths.

  1. The Romance Blossoms

As reported by NetEase, Quinlivan was close enough to Chou to attend his party for Michel Gondry. While Chou didn’t depart from the club with her, she exited in a car from his company JVR music. They were later spotted arriving in the same car. She was also seen visiting him on a film set, where he introduced her as his girlfriend.

  1. Winning Over Chou’s Mother

Chou humorously mentioned in an interview that his mother seems to favor Quinlivan over him. During an outing to Kuala Lumpur, she spent ample time with Chou’s mother as he was preoccupied.

  1. The Couple’s Compatibility

In pre-wedding interviews, Chou stated that they rarely argue. Despite the 14-year age gap, he said they share a similar mental age. They do have disagreements over movie choices, but she always consults him before watching a new movie. In terms of their wedding, Quinlivan made all the decisions.

  1. The Proposal

Chou reportedly proposed to Quinlivan not in Hyde Park, as rumored, but somewhere in England. He knelt down and proposed amidst a display of fireworks, moving her to tears.

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