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Greatest Russian Actors!


When it comes to acting, Russia has its fair share of big stars. Whether it’s on the stage or the screen, Russian actors have been making a name for themselves all over the world. But who are the greatest Russian actors of all time? And what makes them so special? In this article, we take a long, hard look at some of the biggest names in Russian acting, and what it is that sets them apart.

Greatest Russian Actors

  1. Ivan Mosjoukine

Let’s start with one of the earliest and most important influences on Russian cinema, Ivan Mosjoukine. Known for his magnetic presence on screen, Mosjoukine was a stage actor who gained international acclaim in the silent film era of the 1910s and 1920s. He starred in some of the most significant films of the era, including “The Burning Crucible” and “The House on Trubnaya.” Mosjoukine was known for his expressive eyes and charismatic acting style, which made him one of the foremost figures in the Russian art scene.

  1. Konstantin Stanislavski

Speaking of stage acting, few names carry as much weight in the world of theatre as Konstantin Stanislavski. Stanislavski was a Russian actor and director who developed a method of acting that focuses on emotional authenticity and realistic performances. His “System” has been used by actors all over the world, and has had a tremendous impact on modern theatre. Stanislavski himself was also a talented actor, known for his performances as Khlestakov in “The Government Inspector” and as Prince Myshkin in “The Idiot.”

  1. Vladimir Vysotsky

Moving on to more modern times, we come to Vladimir Vysotsky. Vysotsky was a famous Russian singer, songwriter, and actor who rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s. His music was often political in nature, expressing dissent and challenging Soviet authority. As an actor, Vysotsky was known for his naturalistic style and intense performances. He starred in many films throughout his career, including the classic “The Vertical” and the gritty crime drama “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed.”

  1. Andrei Tarkovsky

No discussion of Russian cinema would be complete without mentioning the work of Andrei Tarkovsky. Tarkovsky was a filmmaker and screenwriter whose work is deeply poetic and philosophical. His films often explore questions of human existence and spirituality, with a strong emphasis on visuals and sound. Some of his most famous films include “Solaris,” “Stalker,” and “Andrei Rublev.” Tarkovsky’s influence can be seen in the work of many modern directors, and his legacy continues to inspire filmmakers today.

  1. Maksim Matveyev

Finally, we come to a more recent addition to the list of great Russian actors: Maksim Matveyev. Matveyev is a talented film and theatre actor who has won critical acclaim for his work on stage and screen. Some of his notable film roles include “The Admiral” and “The Edge,” while his theatre work includes performances in “Hamlet” and “The Seagull.” Matveyev is known for his range as an actor, and his ability to inhabit complex characters with ease.


Russian acting has a rich history, with countless talented performers leaving their mark on the world of theatre and cinema. From the early silent film era to the modern day, Russian actors have demonstrated a unique approach to their craft, drawing audiences in with their emotional authenticity and magnetic screen presence. The names on this list represent only a fraction of the great Russian actors out there, but they serve as a testament to the incredible talent that has emerged from this country over the years. Whether you’re a fan of classic cinema or more contemporary works, these actors are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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