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Gjin Lipa – Age, Wiki, Bio, & Gjin Lipa Height


You clicked on this article, it only means you are somewhat a Dua lipa fan and are utterly curious to know about her whole family.

Well, I can’t say that I don’t understand your curiosity, because it is Dua Lipa also called the best British woman.

So lets cater to your curiosity, Gjin Lipa is younger Brother of Dua lipa. And when i say young, I really mean young. He is 16 years old.

Cutest and coolest teenager.

Birth of Gjin Lipa

Gjin Lipa was born on 30th December 2006, This date is not available on the internet, but according to Dua lipa’s instagram, Gjin Lipa’s birthday is celebrated on 30th December.

The iconic British singer, posted A cute little photo dump of her pictures with her brother on his 14th birthday, captioning “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GJIN! I wish I was as cool as you at 14” expressing her utmost love and care for her brother Dua lipa further wrote “I love you so much and I hope all your dreams come true”. Gjin Lipa has two beautiful and caring elder sisters, Rina Lipa and Dua Lipa.

Education of Gjin Lipa

A 16 year old should be in high school? Most probably. However there is no personal information regarding his education available on the internet.

Gjin lipa is insta famous

He has much of his recognition through his pop star diva sister Dua Lipa, nevertheless 16 year old Gjin Lipa has 205k followers.

He gained spotlight after Dua lipa brought her siblings on stage at BRIT awards ceremony. Dua Lipa received the best British female award and Best break through in 2018 BRIT awards ceremony. Being her first time getting earning a BRIT, Dua Lipa was nervous, the singer told in an interview “I had no speech prepared, I got up, hugged my siblings and told them ‘you guys are coming with me’ “

He got good looks, so as far as I can see, I think he will be the handsome, boy crush of future.

And the following year, 2019, at her second BRITs Award ceremony Dua Lipa’s whole family was present at the ceremony along with 14 year old and much cuter Gjin Lipa sitting right beside his celebrity sister, block buster singer, and oh so handsome, Dukagjin Lipa: Dua Lipa’s father.

Gjin Lipa Height

He is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Gjin Lipa has quite dapper street style and like most youngsters he also loves video games. In fact airya gaming sent Gjin Lipa a gaming suitcase as a gift. Perks of having a  celebrity sibling and a cool personality of your own, I guess. Gjin Lipa is a half Albanina and half british Muslim.

Lets talk about Gjin Lipa’s sister Dua Lipa a little bit..

Dua Lipa

Is a British singer and songwriter born in london (22 August, 199). She is known for her pop vocals. She was the young pop artist that the industry needed and so she received many accolades quite early on her career journey.

Dua Lipa’s ethnicity is kosovo Albanian and belongs from A muslim heritage. Her Father, Dukagjin Lipa, is a business man and her mother is Anesa. Her family has a very beautiful and rich heritage, filled with culture and amazing history.  

In one her interviews she mentioned that “Albanian is my first language” at her home, they all speak in Albanian. Both of her grandfathers were historians and her dad was a musician in a kosovo band called Oda. Therefore you can say, growing up she had that music influence around her. Her had used to play his own song compositions and as well as songs of his  favourite artists.

She received her primary education in london, where her extra curriculars included playing and learning cello. In fact, Dua lipa was also told by one of her teachers that she can’t sing?! Well, the teacher was most definitely wrong. I hope she knows that. Because now Dua Lipa is a sensation. She is not only a good singer but she is a loved singer. She is loved everywhere she goes.

When she was 9 years old her family moved back to albania, Kosovo. There she completed her middle school and decided to pursue music.

Her music career however started from London. When she was just 15 years old, she moved back to london, completed her Alevels, joined her previous theatre school to learn music part time and started uploading her songs, mainly song covers on sound cloud and Youtube.

Her first break through.

After signing a contract with tap management in 2013, Dua lipa continued to struggle and work hard for her dream while financially supporting herself as a waitress.

Fast forwarding to a year later, 2014, Dua lipa signed a deal with Warner Bros. records. This was after she co wrote and sang her song “hotter than hell”. Since then, her career has taken off. A year later she released her first single “new love”. Her third single “be the one” was a European Success.


Year after year, she only grew. Her song writing is also quite applauded and appreciated by her co workers. Saying, that Dua Lipa doesn’t need many writing sessions for producing a banger song with her writing team.

She has released many hit songs throughout her career. Her latest album is future nostalgia that she released mid pandemic.

She has received five BRITs award out of thirteen nominations, one American Music Award out of 6 nominations, one MTV award, one iheart Radio Music Award out of 8 nominations. Not only this Dua lipa has also been a recipient of  three grammy awards out of eight nominations.

Dua Lipa also made it to the World’s guinness record for highest ticket sales for live concert of a female artist in 2020. And unsurprisingly, the next year, 2021 she again made a world record by being the most listened female artist on spotify surpassing Ariana Grande.

Moreover, apart from being a international Artist and Dua lipa is also a super feminist Woman, who unapologetically stands for what’s morally and ethically right and actively protests against crimes, racism, sexism, and injustice through her social media. Her support for the right cause means a lot to communities that have no voice of their own.

She publicly called out Israeli government for being racist, and promoting terrorism by committing heinous acts of violence in Palestine. She raised her voice for  Sudanese conflict as well. With all the fame and wealth she earns, dua lipa also never fails to contribute and give back to society in whatever way she can.

Her father runs a foundation called sunny hill foundation for all those in need in Albania. Dua Lipa has reportedly made handsome amount of contributions as well as efforts to support the foundation and raise as much as funds as possible.

Dua Lipa Boyfriend

As of now Dua Lipa is reportedly single, however she dated anwar hadid, Gigi Hadid’s brother. They both began dating in 2019 but broke up in 2021.

Dua Lipa Podcast

The 24 year old singer, dua lipa, is quite passionate. Not just about her singing but her whole career. She has received a lot of judgements and opinions about her work, but being a strong woman, that she is, dua lipa has been able to overcome the background noise made by people who wanted to do nothing but make her journey difficult.

She believes in her music and more than that, her grounded personality allows her to do better. She believes that people can be of service to other people around them, it doesn’t matter in which way or what way, people can in fact be of service just by sharing their honest experiences.

Therefore she started a podcast amidst covid, in which invites people with all sorts of experiences and makes amazing conversation about the real experiences.

So that she can learn from them, and then with right information help and raise awareness.

The singer believes that social media doesn’t allow that. With the influx of information, she believes that everyone is just in hurry to support or protest against whatever is going on in air world by just sharing a post, without actually understanding the issues.

In her first season, one of her guests were Nadia murad who survived sexual assault by ISIS and Amal clooney who is a well one human rights lawyer.

For Dua lipa, these are the conversations that interest her and motivates her to properly work as an activist. She claims, that music is one side of her personality and being curious about what goes around in world is another side. But it makes her whole.

Dua Lipa herself belongs to a refugee family of Albania, therefore for her its easy to sympathise with war torn families and injustices that happen with refugees in or out of their country.

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