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Gina Sasso – Wife Of Late Comedian Thomas Mikal Ford


Gina Sasso is an entrepreneur and businesswoman from the United States, best known for her marriage to late actor and comedian Thomas Mikal Ford. Together, they were married for nearly eleven years before splitting up eventually.

They have two children together who they share custody of in their post-divorce life. Through her work as a successful businesswoman, Gina has made a name for herself that stands apart from her former husband’s fame. Let’s take a closer look at the story behind this inspiring woman!

Gina Sasso Bio

Despite her relatively low profile, it would be a mistake to underestimate Gina Sasso. A career-oriented woman with five years of experience in Stanley Black and Decker under her belt, she is the director of customer service at Thule Group.

With her average height and body weight, Gina has an undeniable beauty and poise rarely seen among members of the corporate world — qualities that must certainly contribute to her success.

Whether by choice or necessity following the divorce of ex-husband Thomas Mikal Ford (who she is notoriously not to be confused with), Gina’s public presence may be relatively low-key but her professional life speaks volumes about her drive and ambition.

It’s worth it to take a peek at Gina’s LinkedIn page if only to marvel at what is possible when ambition meets femme fatale finesse.

Gina Sasso Life

Growing up in Kingston was both an exciting and difficult experience for Gina Sasso. Even though she never revealed the names of her parents, she could always count on them for unconditional love and support.

After two years of dating and falling deeply in love, Gina Sasso married Thomas Mikal Ford, now known as Tommy Ford, in April 1997. This fateful meeting between Gina and Thomas began all the way back to when they met in Los Angeles while she was on a work trip.

They quickly became enamored with one another, but eventually those days would come to an end as the two divorced a few years later.

Despite the challenging circumstances her family faced, being raised in Jamaica was a formative experience that shaped who she is today. And, backed by a strong support system, Sasso took each problem life threw at her one step at a time and tackled it head-on.

Gina has come out the other side triumphant and embracing her newfound singledom with appreciation and wholehearted vigor. She is no longer defined by her relationship status but for her celebrated actions and deep satisfaction as an independent woman.

Although she is not a very tall woman with black hair and dark brown eyes, Gina Sasso stands out with her optimism and strength of character.

Relationship Status

The road for Gina Sasso Ford and her partner hit a bump when the two went from celebrating their marriage at the Rio Hotel &Resort to settling their divorce in September 2014.

The bond shared between these two brought two cherubic children, Thomas and Madison Ford, into their lives before they sadly had to call it quits. After 17 years of companionship, their relationship seemed on track until the struggles became too much to bear, prompting the couple to eventually part ways in pursuit of individual happiness.

Gina Sasso’s ex-husband, Thomas, had a tumultuous relationship with his new girlfriend Viviane De Sosa Beattie. Viviane took the issue to the courts and accused Thomas of being abusive during their relationship.

This lead to international headlines and caused a media frenzy around the two. Eventually, it became the main reason for their breakup before Thomas suddenly passed away due to an abdominal aneurysm in October 2016.

He died at only 52 years old in a hospital located in the Atlanta region. The tragedy left Sasso heartbroken as she grappled with the loss of her former spouse.

Professional Career

With a distinguished professional career and reputation as a celebrity ex-wife, Gina leads a comfortable life in Miami, Florida. Her hard work in the sales and marketing industry has turned her into an expert in her field, and as a result, she founded her own agency.

Being a Democrat, she is passionate about issues that deal with public purpose and encourages others to become involved. Gina is a great example of being successful even after experiencing difficult times.

Gina Sasso Net Worth

Gina Sasso is no stranger to success, having gained notoriety as Thomas Mikal Ford’s ex-wife and for her own professional career. She has worked hard to build an impressive financial portfolio, and today she boasts an estimated net worth of between $500 thousand and $1 million.

Gina owes her success to her perseverance in business endeavors, primarily sales and marketing. All told, there’s no denying that Ms. Sasso is a wise investor whose hard work has paid off.

Social Media Accounts

Instead of joining the world of social media, Gina Sasso instead chooses to live her life away from any type of public spotlight. By doing so, she is able to stay true to her desire for privacy and protect her personal life from being shared with the world.

Unlike many of her peers, Gina has never logged onto any form of social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

This is something Gina believes in and follows through with – evidenced by the lack of presence she has on these sites even today – making it a matter of principle for her to stay out of what is now seen as the mainstream.

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